5 Ways to reuse your moving boxes

Your move must have been exhausting and stressful. Hopefully, the best moving company you chose made things a bit easier for you. Finally, you are done, and you may ease back into a normal life in your new home. Still, even though everything is over, there are a few loose ends to tie before you return to life as it was. One of such ends is the question – what do you do with all the moving boxes you used? Well, fortunately, there are some cool ways for you to recycle and reuse your moving boxes!

It would be a shame to just throw them away, so why not find some cool ways to make the most of your boxes. Trust us, there are tons of ways for you to reuse your moving boxes. We just have to get a bit creative. On the other hand, if you are not the type of person to bother yourself with such trivialities, you could always see if anyone who is moving in the proximity could use them. But, depending on what your hobbies are, you should make the most of it.

The most popular ways to reuse your moving boxes

We are going to give you five solid ideas on what you could do about your moving boxes after the move. These ideas could be used as they are, or they could spark some creativity and give you a totally different idea. Still, it would be a shame to just get rid of them! So here are our five ideas on how to reuse your moving boxes.

Boxes are an incredible garage tool

If you love spending all your free time in a garage, boxes that are left from your local relocation are an incredibly cool tool you could use. One of the best ways I found I could use a moving box is to flatten it entirely and use it as a tool to cover floor surfaces. This can be, furthermore, used in several ways. First, you could cover the floor around your working station where pieces of metal could drop and hit the ground. If you are welding, it could serve as a protective layer for your garage floor. Lastly, you could simply use it as something to lay on when you have to get under your car and work on it.

If you want to reuse your moving boxes, the best way would be to make protective ground layers in your workshop.
One of the best ways to use your boxes is to make protection layers in your workshop.

All of these uses are very simple. They are practical. And I know many people who could make the most of such ways of using cardboard boxes. If nothing, it will save you money in the long run since it will protect almost all the surfaces in your garage. An additional way you could use them as a carpet would be to place either very dirty or very heavy items on it. After this you would most likely end up throwing it away, but still. It will serve the purpose of protecting your garage floors, and we all know the ways in which you could ruin them.

Use the primary purpose of a box – storage

If you have many things that you need to store, what better tool than the actual boxes. This could be used for an infinite amount of items you wish to store. From tools to toys, or items that you will not use for a while. All of these items need a proper home, and what better home than a box. For instance, if we go back to the garage, there must be a ton of power tools that you do not use every day. If so, what better way to use a box than to store the said tools. Also, if you have winter clothes that you will not use during the summer, boxes would be the right choice. Stuff everything into a box, and stuff the boxes into a closet. It will save space and allow you to pack more items. And that is always good news, right?

Use them as flower pots

If you have some plants that need more dirt than the regular flower pot, why not use an old moving box? The first idea is that the paper will get destroyed because of water. However, this is not true if you grab some items to make the inside resistant to water.

A perfect way to use your boxes is to make gardening tools out of them.
Turn your boxes into a gardening tool.

This can be whatever, from plastic bags to different layers of plastic. Either way, you could get your bonsai and keep it in the dirt, in the box, throughout the growing phase.

Find a way to donate the boxes

If you have no possible use for a box, the good thing would be to go up on CraigsList and potentially donate the moving boxes. You could make an add that you have a bunch of moving boxes that you have no use for, and you will always be able to find someone who would gladly take them off your hands. You would not only get rid of the boxes, but you will have the sense where you were able to help someone who needed them. On the other hand, if you want to sell them, you could even get a few bucks for them! Not bad for a day’s work!

Reuse your moving boxes to give your cats a good time!

It may sound silly, but us cat owners know exactly what I am talking about. There is not a thing in the world that cats love more than a box. So, why not spend an afternoon with a creative project of creating a new playground for your little furry friends.

One of the cool ways to reuse your moving boxes is to make toys for your cats if you have them.
Your cats thank you.

God knows they will appreciate it a bunch! You could cut them up and make some tunnels. Or you could make hiding places for your cats! And that is both a useful and fun way to reuse your moving boxes.

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