Adjusting to Staten Island lifestyle

What are the five boroughs of New York City? When you ask someone this question, usually the last answer then will give you is Staten Island. This is because, for some reason, this borough is often forgotten on the New York City maps in the minds of people. Here at Verrazano Moving, we believe this is a huge shame! The borough is actually an amazing place to live in – full of things and riches you can explore! However, it is true that it can be quite a change compared to the busy Manhattan or sprawling Queens. This is why in this article, we take a look at Staten Island lifestyle, and how you can better adjust to it after moving to the borough.

First, learn about Staten Island

The first thing you will want to discover is the facts about Staten Island. This might seem like a boring thing to a lot of people, but understanding Staten Island from a demographic, historical and geographical view is important. These lenses shape the Staten Island lifestyle and people living here. So, when moving to the borough, you will be well off by pulling the curtain back and seeing behind the name and what you might have heard about Staten Island.

Manhattan pier
Get to Staten Island through Manhattan pier!

The borough of Staten Island is a borough of New York City. It shares its borders with Richmond County in the state of New York. Staten Island sits in the southwest of the city. Contrary to the popular joke or belief, it is not part of the New Jersey state. As a matter of fact, the Arthus Kill and the Kill Van Kull separate the state from the borough. Similarly, New York Bay separates Staten Island from the rest of the city. The southern-most point in the state, South Point, can also be found in Staten Island.

Although it is the third-largest borough in the land area, with 58.5 square miles, it is the least populated one. The population estimates in 2018 put it at 476,179 people. However, this isn’t insignificant. If you were to rank each of the Big Apple’s boroughs as a separate city by population, Staten Island would take the 39th place!

Staten Island lifestyle means living at a crossroad

The borough’s unique position shapes the way people live here. As we already described, Staten Island is the southernmost point of the state of New York. What’s more, you can reach New Jersey state from Staten Island with ease as well. This makes Staten Island somewhat of a border place. Living here means you are living both close to New York (in New York City, to be correct) as well as New Jersey.

This makes Staten Island perfect for commuting to and from both states. If you want to get to New York City, all you need to do is to jump on the Staten Island ferry. You can also use buses – or you can call the ever-popular cab. The rides are also pretty short – the distance from Staten Island to Manhattan is under 20 miles! The distance between Staten Island and Jersey City is even shorter – clocking at around 5 miles! The main drawback of the neighborhood, though, is that there are no metro connections to NYC.

Staten Island ferry
The ferry ride will take you to Manhattan with ease!

However, the main reason why people are calling interstate movers New York and getting to Staten Island is that it is pretty cheap to live in. While you can spend your days in Manhattan trapped with horrible roommates, in Staten Island, you can finally be free of them! A one-bedroom apartment going for around $1,200 is a possible thing! What’s more, Staten Island lifestyle means living surrounded by greenery – so you can even get a yard with this deal! This is something almost impossible in the rest of New York, and it is one of the major draws of the borough.

Start living green in Staten Island!

Staten Island goes by another name. Many people call it the Borough of Parks – due to the number of them and the amount of greenery you will find inside. As a matter of fact, more than one-third of the borough’s landmass is parkland. This sets Staten Island apart from other boroughs of the city. It also makes it a perfect place for life if you get tired of the buzzing everyday noise of a big city.

How does this affect the Staten Island lifestyle? Well, within these parks, you can find a lot of hiking trails and bike paths that take you through amazing scenery. There is wild deer to see as well as miles and miles of beach you can visit! What this offers is a quiet and peaceful time for anyone needed it, and changes the way people in the borough spend their time.

beaches are a part of the Staten Island lifestyle
There are miles of beach you can spend time on!

The number of people living in the borough also influence the Staten Island lifestyle. Even though offers a cheaper New York City living, it is still less popular than other boroughs. This is why only fewer than 500,000 people live here, with others having millions in them! This makes making a reservation in Staten Island easy. Whether you are looking for a fun night out or a fancy restaurant dinner, things are much easier to arrange in the borough! The same goes for parking! You won’t lose too much sleep over it! An added perk is that there is no alternate-side parking in the borough!


To conclude, the Staten Island lifestyle offers many perks. The main one is that, unlike the rest of the boroughs, it offers a rest from the crowds and the noise. There are also many safe storage facilities Staten Island that you can use when moving, along with reliable movers like Verrazano Moving!

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