Art galleries in NYC to visit

There is no doubt that not one other city on this planet captures the attention of the world as New York City. There is just something about this concrete jungle that makes it a magnet for pretty much everyone. People from all religions, races, and creeds came to this city from every corner of our world and it just never stopped. In this mixing pot, they invented and reinvented what means to be an American, and many of our nation’s culture originates from there. If you are a newcomer to the never-ending party called NYC, you ought to experience this culture. And what better way is there to do so than to visit numerous art galleries in NYC?

Where else could you see the extravagance of one’s mind projected onto the real world for all to see? What city on this planet attracts artists of all kinds as much as New York City? None. If you just moved to NYC you are standing on the epicenter of American culture and life.

New York City – the capital of culture

Having just moved here for a long haul (found a long term storage New York and some responsible, reliable movers) you probably want to experience New York. Now, we don’t have to tell you just how much this city is represented in today’s pop culture. Everyone wants to be a part of this. After all, if you make it in New York, you make it anywhere, right?

New York City - the capital of culture
Center of the worlds collective consciousness

But is it truly such an important and vibrant place? Is it truly the world’s capital of culture? Or is it just hype? After all, why should art galleries in NYC be any different than those in Shanghai, Singapore, London, Paris, Moscow or Rome? After all, they are all the cities with a longer existence than New York and are also part of culturally rich countries. Why would NYC be special?

What separates NYC from all of them is its multiculturality. NYC isn’t just the greatest city in the world – it is the world. All of it! It has a unique microcosmos because of such vas amounts of people from literary every culture on the planet. Statue of Liberty holds a torch that showed its way, through the centuries, to millions of people, all seeking better lives with freedom and opportunity to succeed and be themselves. This is why New York City is so special. It is an amalgamation of all of these different peoples. On its streets, you can hear practically any language on Earth. Its restaurants serve food from any cuisine. Its music plays traditional notes from Siberia to the Amazon.

With this power of diversity, New York was a center that powered almost every cultural revolution, invention or renaissance in American history. Jazz, Harlem renaissance, hip hop – nothing would be the same without NYC.

Best art galleries in NYC

Therefore, now that your Brooklyn movers have relocated you to the biggest of NYC boroughs, we think its time you should consider soaking up all of this culture. And yes, just walking the streets certainly gives you the vibe you need, but we mean a more direct route to culture.

Why not visit art galleries in NYC? They are an excellent way to keep up with the newest developments in culture and visual art.  Therefore, without further ado, let’s proceed to some of our favorite galleries in NYC!

Best art galleries in NYC
What are the best galleries in NYC? Let’s find out!

1. Christie’s

If you just used long distance movers New York to move from some other big city, you might recognize the Christies famous galleries. These art galleries are present all around the world. In NYC you will find them at 20 Rockefeller Plaza. They offer a magnificent display of art. And, if the budget permits it, you can buy some as well on their famous auctions!

2. Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery

And just after you hired fine art movers New York to pick up whatever you bought at the auction, proceed to the newest exhibition on 505 West, 24th Street. There you will find Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery. With an amazing track record of breathtaking exhibitions, we are sure that you will not regret it.

3. 47 Canal

If you are not yet in NYC, be sure to visit the re-opening of 47 Canal art gallery. IT will open with an exhibition by Janiva Ellis. This wonderful place is located on 291 Grand, 2nd floor and will work on Tuesdays.

5. Anton Kern Gallery

Looking for some simplistic yet deep art? Open Monday-Friday, on 16 East 55th Street, you will find the Anton Kern Gallery. Be sure to visits is permanent installation (sculptures). It is truly breathtaking.

Be prepared for a gallery experience

If you saw what city department of culture has to offer you will realize that there are a lot more art galleries in NYC and for that matter a lot more events in general. We highly encourage you to attend these. And for future reference, we want you to know what state of mind you should be in when visiting cultural or art events.

  • Be open-minded. Seems obvious but you have to be openminded. If you are easily offended or feel strongly about the subject matter, avoid it.
  • Be patient. Some times when visiting art galleries in NYC it will take time for the meaning to kick in.
  • Be adventurous. No reason to go to one place all the time. Be adventurous and try more galleries.
Art is reality made manifest through another’s person’s eyes… it takes some effort to approach it in the right way

While galleries are open, art is private by its own nature. It is an intimate moment between you and work of someone’s mind, so most importantly, be respectful.

In conclusion

To sum things up. New York is truly a city of wonders, and art galleries in NYC are definitely something you should not miss. We compiled our favorites but you should definitely research more. We hope you find many other wonderful galleries!

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