Benefits of renting a storage unit

Practically all of us will use a storage unit at least once in our lifetimes. Be it for decluttering our home or for simply making relocation easier, a storage unit can be of great help in many situations. But, are those all the ways in which you can use a storage unit? Of course not! Otherwise, there would be only a small number of people using them. There are many benefits of renting a storage unit that most people are not aware of. So, you better keep on reading and learn all the ways in which you can use a storage unit. That way you will know when to start looking for one.

Some benefits of renting a storage unit

People use storage units for many different reasons. Having secure storage away from home has many benefits and can be quite useful in many situations. Therefore, since we cannot list all of them, we will mention the most common ways in which people have benefits of renting a storage unit.

Handling a relocation

You can make most types of relocation much easier by renting a storage unit. Long distance, interstate, and international relocations are almost unimaginable without a storage unit. And, as any reliable mover can tell you, you can have benefits of renting a storage unit during a local relocation, if you use it correctly. Having a safe place to store your possessions means that you can have more freedom when scheduling your relocation.

This means that you can work with professional movers and schedule your relocation for a cheaper period. Moving during the late fall or winter can be much cheaper than moving during the summer. And, if you have to move out of your apartment in July, you can hardly schedule your relocation in December. That is if you do not have the benefits of renting a storage unit.

Decluttering your home

The most obvious of all the benefits of renting a storage unit is that you can declutter your home. Be it that you plan on remodeling or that you are selling it, decluttering your home is always a good idea. Having a clean home is not only good for your health but also good for your stress. Remodeling is often a long, dirty process that can ruin your carpets and furniture if you do not take care of them. It is often an easier, safer idea to simply put those items into storage units until the remodeling is over with.

Declutter your home
Declutter your home before you start remodeling it.

Running a business

Renting an office in New York can be quite expensive. That is why more and more people choose to move their businesses into a storage unit. By doing so you’ll be cutting the needless expenses that go on office rent. You will, therefore, be able to focus your funds on developing your business and yourself. Many businesses have been in fact saved by using the simple benefits of renting a storage unit. So, if you are a young entrepreneur who doesn’t like working at home, but doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a New York office, then renting a storage unit is the right call for you.

Minimalist lifestyle

New studies even show that living a minimalist lifestyle in a decluttered home can have tremendous benefits on your health. But, jumping into such a lifestyle may be too stressful. Well, that is where a storage unit might come in handy. You can start off by decluttering your home and then easing your way into minimalism. Soo you will find yourself enjoying the minimalist lifestyle, that so many New Yorkers seem to praise. And, hey, if you do not like it, you can simply move all of your stuff back from the storage unit.

One of the benefits of renting a storage unit
Trying out a minimalist lifestyle is one of the benefits of renting a storage unit.

Tips for renting a storage unit

Now that you realize some of the benefits of renting a storage unit, you need to know what goes into renting one. There are many different types of storage units, and you should carefully choose which ones suit you best. The better you are informed, the better you will be able to utilize your storage.


Packing is a vital part of any storage experience. What we always advise people is to carefully think about the way in which they will access their items. If they only plan on packing their items and then unpacking them after taking out of storage, then cardboard boxes are the way to go. If, on the other hand, the plan on repacking them multiple times, plastic is the best choice. Cardboard is not suited for multiple reuses.

If you open it up to many times it loses its integrity. You are much better of using plastic bins and not worrying about them ripping open. But, whatever packing container you choose, make sure to properly pad and wrap your items. It is up to you to protect your valuable items and help them survive storage.

Protect your fragile items
Make sure to protect your items properly before you put them into storage.


Sharing a storage unit can sometimes be a great idea. Many students choose to share the benefits of renting a storage unit while they go on a spring break or a semester abroad. After all, it is a great way to find cheap storage on Staten Island. But, before you start sharing one, make sure that you find the right person to share with. Not everyone is suited for storage sharing.

We’ve seen too many friendships broken up over fight regarding storage. Make sure to find someone who is reliable and trustworthy. Also, try to only share storage who use it for similar reasons as you do. Even though this may seem weird, trust us. Our experience has shown us that the best storage sharing experiences are between people who share the same reasons for storage.

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