Big NYC moving day mistakes to avoid

As you probably already know, preparing the relocation is one of the most important things you’ll have to do in order to move with ease. If you’ve carefully read our blog, then we’re sure you know how to organize every step of the move. However, having a seamlessly organized move won’t guarantee you a successful relocation. Apart from this, you’ll also need to learn what the most common moving day mistakes are so that you can avoid them at any cost! We wanted to help you out and that’s why we’ve prepared a guide regarding this topic. Keep reading and you’ll learn all about it!

The importance of knowing which moving day mistakes there are and how to avoid them

If you think that if you prepare for the move properly nothing can go wrong on the day of the move, we have to disappoint you. Even a simple mistake could put the entire relocation in danger. This is why it’s so important to learn about moving mistakes. Learn from other people’s mistakes! By doing this, you’ll know how to react in different situations during the move and, most importantly, you won’t be making mistakes. Thus, you’ll have a hassle-free move and you’ll relocate everything you own with ease.

Man writing down the most common moving day mistakes
Write down the most common moving mistakes and ways to avoid them.

So, what are the most common moving day mistakes?

As you can see, you’ll need to find some time and learn about the most common relocation mistakes so that you don’t make them during your move. Fortunately, just by reading our guide you’ll be able to identify these mistakes and you’ll also learn how to avoid them. So buckle up! It’s time for the top 5 moving day mistakes.

1. Packing on the day of the relocation

There’s nothing worse than having to pack on the day of the big move! Moving is stressful enough, so don’t make it even more stressful! This is why starting to pack for the move way ahead of time is of the utmost importance! In case you think that you don’t have the time to pack all of your possessions, take into consideration hiring a reliable moving company New York. This way, your movers will help you pack while you deal with other chores. And, al of your items will be inside moving boxes on the day of your relocation.

2. Forgetting to pack an essentials box

Whether you are moving over long distances or just a couple of blocks away, you’ll want to pack an essentials box. This is the box in which you’ll pack all of the items that you’ll need during the first days in your new home. Keep in mind that if you think about buying a home in NYC, you’ll need to pack more in essentials box. New homes are empty and in most cases unfurnished so you’ll have to pack more than toiletries, food, and bedsheets. The items that you want to place in this box should be packed last but make sure you don’t forget about them!

3. Letting kids and pets to ream free

Do you know what to do with kids and pets on moving day? Even though there are many answers to this question, we can tell you what you shouldn’t do with them. Letting your kids and pets roam free while you deal with movers is a big NO! We understand that you don’t have the time to entertain your kids and pets during the big move. However, you can make this day less boring for your kids and calmer for your pets. Here are some of the suggestions on what you should do with kids and pets on the day of the move.

A girl and a dog
Keep the most important parts of your family away from the moving chaos.
  • If you have young children, find a babysitter or ask your parents to keep an eye on them.
  • Even pets can have a pet sitter! Relocations can raise your pets’ anxiety levels. This is why you should think about taking them to a pet sitter or to your family and friends.
  • If your kids are old enough, include them in the relocation process! Assign to each of them a task or two. The youngest can help you label moving boxes with their drawings, while the older ones can declutter and pack their rooms.
  • Find the quietest room in your home and place your pet there. Keep it away from the movers and the noise. This way, they won’t feel the moving stress.
  • Come up with some cool games that you can play with your kids during the big move. You can give them some old moving boxes and let them make a maze or castle out of the cardboard.

4. Not going through the moving checklist once again

There is one more thing you’ll need to take care of before your local movers New York arrive. You should get up early and go through the moving checklist once again. Take a look at it to make sure you’ve crossed out every task that you wrote down. In case you’ve forgotten something, don’t start to panic! You’ll have enough time to take care of it while movers relocate your belongings.

5. Trying to lift an item that’s too heavy

Have you ever tried to load a moving truck? Keep in mind that this isn’t as simple as it sounds! After all, you’ll be loading it with heavy boxes and furniture so you should learn the proper lifting technique. However, even if you do know it, this doesn’t mean you should try to lift everything on your own. By doing this, you’ll be both risking injury and damaging your belongings.

Man carrying boxes
Know your capabilities and don’t put your health at risk while trying to lift heavy boxes.

Avoid moving day mistakes for a hassle-free relocation

So, can you see yourself making some of the moving day mistakes that are listed above? Whatever your answer might be, we’re sure that you won’t be making them now that you’ve read our guide. Follow our tips and you’ll have the best possible moving experience with no problems along the way. Verrazano Moving and Storage has got your back! 

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