Choosing the most affordable moving supplies

There are many ways in which you can save money on your move. First, you can pick a reliable moving company which will help you reduce all the risk of something going awry. With them, you will be able to plan out your move in advance and be ready for everything. Then, you should also try to find the most affordable moving supplies. Packing is often tiring and long, so people try to do it as soon as possible. But if you take a step back and examine it, you will be able to save a lot of money on it! In this article, learn all about how to find and choose the best packing supplies for your move!

Moving boxes are the staple of the most affordable moving supplies

Moving boxes are a necessity when you are moving – but they also have many different uses. For example, you will need them when using New York short term storage, or even to store things up in your home. This is why you should try to find the best boxes out there – but you can also try to balance their quality with your moving budget. Luckily, there are a lot of options to pick from – and a lot of things you can consider!

a man balancing boxes
The cost of the supplies vs. their quality is a balancing act.

First, think about what type of moving boxes you need. Usually, professionals recommend you use a variety of sizes. This way, you will not be packing all of your items into the same boxes – and you can divide and organize the weight well. For example, you will want to use small boxes for heavier items, while the bigger ones are for lighter stuff. No one will be able to move a large box full of books without some extra help – so refrain from it!

Then, you should think about cardboard quality. Depending on the distance of your move, your boxes can shift and jump around more or less. Moving down the street is not the same to moving to Staten Island (unless you are already in Staten Island, of course). This is why, for longer distances, you will want a sturdier, more durable cardboard. That way, even if the boxes start jumping around in the moving truck, damages will be far and few! Meanwhile, for a simple and short relocation, even thinner stuff will work – as long as they do not break during the transport.

Where can you find your cheap moving boxes?

Once you figure out that you cannot move without moving boxes, the question becomes – how to find them. There are many ways of getting them – but how do you find the most affordable moving supplies? Well, this is where the problem appears. You will be able to either find the boxes for free (or cheap), or you can rent or buy them for a bit more money. As the price of the boxes grows, so does the quality. It will be up to you to figure out exactly how high you can go – and how affordable you want them to be.

piles of money
As the price of the boxes grows – so does their quality.

For example, you can visit USPS’s website to find a variety of shipping supplies you can request for free. However, their quality might not be top-notch. Similarly, if you want to get cheaper boxes, you can look online. Many websites and Facebook groups give out used moving supplies, or sell them for a low cost. They already moved, so they do not really need the boxes anymore. You might even be able to find some here that are high-quality, but the chances for this are slim.

Your best bet to finding the most affordable moving supplies will be to talk to your moving company. They might have some very smart tips and clever solutions to offer you. What’s more, they might even have moving boxes of their own, which they include in their services. This way, you might not even need to look for the boxes – which is always a plus!

There are other affordable moving supplies too!

When it comes to the packing supplies other than the boxes, there is a lot to choose from! From bubble packs to packing peanuts and packing paper, you might be confused about what is there in the store! However, this isn’t hard to figure out. All you need to do is sit down and research a bit! Learn about different things each supply will provide, and the ways in which you can replace it.

bubble pack
You can replace bubble pack with your clothes!

Because, if you are looking for the most affordable moving supplies, you need not look further than what you already own! Many things in your home might serve as a perfect replacement! Of course, as it was with the boxes, the quality of these replacements will drop as the price does too. This is why we recommend you only use them on short trips. For a long distance move, we highly recommend professional packing supplies!

But when it comes to homemade replacements – all that they require is thinking outside of the box! For example, you can use suitcases and duffle bags instead of moving boxes. A lot of them are already sturdy – but you might not have too many of them. You can take out dresser drawers and use them in the same way! Just wrap them in plastic wrap for security! Garbage bags are also perfect for clothes – as long as they are clean, of course! And if you don’t want that, then you can use your own towels and socks as padding material for other items! There are many ways in which you can create the most affordable moving supplies this way – just use your creativity!

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