Create a Halloween costume with leftover packing supplies

Have you just moved to a new home? Congratulations! We’re wishing you all the best in your new neighborhood! However, since you’ve just relocated, we assume that your home is drowning in leftover packing materials and this is probably bothering you. Well, fear not! We have an idea that will help you get rid of all of your leftover packing supplies! Since Halloween is just around the corner, you can create a Halloween costume with leftover packing supplies! And in case you’re not that crafty, we’ve prepared a guide that will inspire you and help you come up with the best costume idea. Sounds good? Then, make sure to keep reading!

What are the most common uses of leftover packing supplies?

One of the reasons why people don’t like the process of unpacking is because they don’t know what to do with leftover packing materials. After a crazy relocation, all you want to do is just relax in your new home and you can’t do that because all of your rooms are filled with moving boxes. So, what to do with all of them?

Two cats and a box
Leftover packing materials can be of use both for you and your pets

We’ll write a couple of suggestions for you on how to reuse these materials apart from creating a Halloween costume with leftover packing supplies.

  • There are so many creative remodeling ideas you can check out after your move. In case you decide to repaint your walls, you can use the leftover cardboard to protect your floors from the paint.
  • Leftover moving boxes can be used as storage space for your clothes, shoes, books.
  • You can give your leftover packing supplies to someone who’s getting ready to relocate.
  • In case you have kids, think about creating a maze or other toys¬†with them from your leftover packing supplies.
  • And, if you have a dog, a cat, or both of them, they’ll love their new bed made out of boxes. Just make sure to add a pillow or an old sweater to help them feel comfy.

Best ideas for Halloween costumes you can make out of leftover packing materials

So, these are some of the ideas for reusing your leftover moving boxes Staten Island after the move. However, they’re not as interesting as creating a Halloween costume with leftover packing supplies! This is can be a fun project for your whole family. So, gather all of them and decide which costumes you’re going to make. To help you out, we’ve prepared a couple of awesome ideas for Halloween costumes.


This is one of the simplest and easiest ideas for a costume that’s made out of leftover moving boxes. Cardboard boxes are perfect for making a classic robot costume! In short, all you have to do is cut one hole on each side of the box and a bigger hole at the bottom. This will be where your (or your kids’) arms and head will go through. Find a box that will go over your head and cut holes for your eyes and mouth. The next step is decorating the box to create the best robot look. There are no rules when it comes to painting and decorating! As soon as you master creating the classic robot, go for the challenging robot – try to make the one and only, Optimus Prime, out of cardboard boxes.

Legos and Minecraft characters

Legos and Minecraft are a huge hit among kids and adults in America. Almost every Halloween party has at least two or three Legos or Minecraft costumes. So, these costumes are quite popular and, more importantly, they’re easy to make! Actually, the process is very similar to the one we’ve described above. The most important parts of these costumes are cardboard boxes and your creativity. You’ll also need some paint, construction paper, glue gun, and colored tape.

If you want to create Halloween costume with leftover packing supplies, create a Lego costume
Lego costume is a fun and easy to make Halloween costume


Making a robot or Minecraft costume will probably be uninteresting to your little girls. Therefore, here’s an idea for a more “girly” costume. After moving with a reliable Manhattan moving company, you’ll be left with lots of moving boxes but there will also be lots of wrapping materials laying around your home. Use packing paper and other wrapping materials to create a unique ballerina’s tutu skirt. You can paint the paper, draw different shapes or even glue to the skirt flowers or stars made out of different materials. All that’s left is for you to find a cute pink top and some ballet flaps and your kid will be ready for Halloween!

SpongeBob SquarePants

One of the ways to help your children settle in a new home is by creating them a cool Halloween costume that will attract the attention of their peers. This might help them make new friendships after the move. So, if your kid is young, then creating a SpongeBob SquarePants costume will be a good choice. All you need for this costume is one big and sturdy box, paint, and some props. And don’t get us wrong, this is also a cool costume for adults. Who sais parents can’t have fun?

An awesome group Halloween costume you can make from leftover packing supplies

If you want to create a fun and interesting Hallowing costume with leftover packing supplies, this is the idea you’ll love! However, you’re going to need more than leftover moving boxes. You’ll need your friends because this is an idea for the group costume. Have you ever played Tetris when you were little? If so, now is your chance to play it in real life! You and all of your friends need to create individual Tetris pieces that also fit together with the other costumes in your group. Each piece should be colored in a different color. This is all you need for the most awesome Halloween costume!

Tetris game
A group Tetris costume will wow other people at the Halloween party

So, has our guide inspired you to create a Halloween costume with leftover packing supplies? In case you have other interesting ideas for a Halloween costume, let us know! Happy Halloween to everyone!

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