Decluttering your child’s bedroom – how to do it?

Do you have children? If so, we are sure there were times when you wish you could just lock up their rooms and never look at them again. And don’t worry – we all went through this! It might seem to you that it is almost impossible to teach your kids how to keep their rooms tidy. But, don’t lose your hope! We are here to help you with decluttering your child’s bedroom in the simplest possible manner! Therefore, if you want to finally get rid of that clutter and help your kids understand the importance of keeping their rooms tidy, read on!

Involve your child in the process of decluttering

When it comes to decluttering your child’s bedroom, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to take care of this task on your own. If your kids are old enough and healthy, there is no reason for “protecting them” and letting them create clutter every day while you clean.

Two girls picking up toys
Teach your kids to pick up their toys after playtime

In order to explain to them the importance of keeping home clean and tidy, you will need to involve them in decluttering! Remember how you have involved them in the process of relocation even though you hired reliable Brooklyn movers? Well, it is the same. Involving your kids in different parts of everyday life will help you raise strong, independent and successful individuals.

Do the easy stuff before decluttering your kid’s bedroom

Since you will be getting rid of the items your kid doesn’t use anymore, you will need to clean up the area first. In other words – take care of the trash first! Pick up all those crumpled pieces of paper from the floor and everything else that should be in a trash bin and not in your kid’s room. Once you take care of this, decluttering your child’s bedroom will be much easier.

Use a three-box method for decluttering your child’s bedroom

A three-box method is probably the simplest decluttering method. And the great thing is that after you show this method to your kids, they will be able to declutter their rooms properly and on their own!

So, for this method, you are going to need three boxes. If you don’t have them, you can create three separate piles. The first box/pile will be for the items you are going to keep, the second one for the items you are going to give, and the third one for the items you will throw away. Keep in mind that your kids probably won’t like the idea of getting rid of their old toys and clothes. This is why you should explain the importance of letting go of things. You can even rent some of the best long term storage New York is offering and place some of their belongings there.

Kid playing with toys
Get rid of the stuff your kid doesn’t use anymore

After decluttering your child’s bedroom, look up where you can donate clothing in NYC. You can always give to your family members the items from the “give away” box/pile. However, it is always better to help someone in need.

Help your kid keep the chaos away from their bedroom

Once you get rid of the clutter in your kids’ room, talk with them about the importance of keeping it clutter-free. Here is how you can make this task simpler for them:

  • Set a good example. You can’t expect your kids to have clean rooms if yours is full of clutter.
  • Follow some creative remodeling ideas to add extra storage space in your home.
  • Come up with different games that will make cleaning simple and fun.
  • Learn how to motivate your kids and give them awards for keeping their rooms clean.

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