Great ideas for housewarming gifts to surprise new homeowners

Starting a new chapter in a new home is a big and brave thing to do. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a gift by your hand when you’re going to visit your new friend’s or neighbor’s home. And, there are no rules when it comes to what will you actually give to new homeowners. Therefore, it’s your choice whether you’ll give them something traditional, practical, or something more personal. Unfortunately, the time for buying presents is usually the time when we just can’t come up with a good idea on what to by. But, fear not! We’re here to help you and suggest a couple of ideas for housewarming gifts you can buy or make.

Rule to follow when choosing the housewarming gift

So, we have told you that there are no rules when it comes to buying gifts. However, there’s the one and only rule you should really have in mind when searching for housewarming presents. It’s very important to buy something that your family, friends or neighbors need in their new home, and not something you want to have. People are different, and, have different needs. Especially those who have just bought a home and spend a lot of their money. Therefore, your goal will be to find out what they need before you start your search for the perfect gift.

However, this is a bit harder when you want to surprise your new neighbors since you don’t know anything about them. But, there’s a way of finding out what they love, want, or need. For example, if they have hired piano movers Staten Island, it’s obvious they have a piano. So, you can get them a book about the most famous pianists, or a cool cd with famous piano songs.

A scent themed housewarming gift

When moving to a new home residential movers Staten Island, everyone declutters their home first. People get rid of the items they don’t want to use anymore in order to move as fewer items as possible. This is a great thing because they’ll have more room for the gifts you want to give them. One of the first ideas for housewarming gifts is definitely a scent themed gift. After all, who doesn’t want a home that smells like vanilla, chocolate or their favorite flower?

A scented candle and box of chocolate are one of the ideas for housewarming gift.
A scented candle and a box of chocolate is a great housewarming gift for your partner.

When we say scent themed gift, here’s what we have in mind:

  • Scented candles, and a lot of themĀ 
  • A bath and spa set
  • Aromatherapy diffusers
  • Interesting indoor plants
  • Lots of lavender in different forms for the after-move relaxation

Adding a pinch of color

If you want to make moving to Staten Island and adjusting to the new home simpler and faster for your loved ones, help them decorate it! You can do this by going for more decoration-friendly ideas for housewarming gifts. Don’t be afraid to add a pinch of color to their new home with your gift. New homes usually have blank, white walls. And let’s face it, who knows how much time will pass until the new homeowners decide to paint them! However, with the help of your gift (or gifts) the new place of your friends or family can be transformed with ease!

A grey living room with decorative pillowcases and a carpet.
A pinch of color can do wonders to the new home.

If you’re out of fresh ideas for housewarming gifts that are more decorative, keep reading. Below are listed only some these gifts that can make any home cozier and inviting.

  • Unique wall art pieces
  • Decorative pillows or pillowcases
  • Interesting plant pots or vases
  • Mirror with a cool frame
  • Colorful curtains

Practical housewarming gifts

One of the ways of meeting new neighbors is welcoming them to your street by stopping by and giving them a housewarming gift. This will probably be a great start of an even better friendship! So, we can all agree housewarming gifts are a great ice breaker!

People who are relocating have a lot on their mind. They are in a hurry, stressed, and sometimes even overwhelmed. In these situations, it might be best to give them gifts that are more practical. So, what’s practical? Well, things that people who have just moved can use immediately. For example:

  • A coffee maker – good coffee is just what people need after spending days relocating their belongings.
  • A food basket – preparing food in a new home means unpacking all of the boxes that have written “kitchen” on them. A food basket will be a lifesaver.
  • Gift card for dining out – Eating in a place that’s crowded with boxes is everything but pleasant. Therefore, a free dinner is a great gift for people who have just moved in.
  • Basic tool kit – emergencies might happen and there will be no time for going through each box in order to find a screwdriver. Your gift will be like a survival kit.
Person holding a box
For some people, practical gifts are the best ones.

DIY ideas for a housewarming gift

In case you’re feeling crafty, you can even make a present. There are lots of different DIY ideas for a housewarming gift! All you have to do is choose a craft project you like the most. If you really decide to do this, the ones who’ll get the DIY gift will be amazed! So what can you make? The choice is only yours! You can even make some of the things that we have already listed above. Making DIY housewarming gifts is what you should do if you want to give them to someone special – closest family members or friends. A DIY gift can be both personal and practical and that’s why you should try and make one if you have the time, nerves, and of course, skills.

So, what do you think about our ideas for housewarming gifts? In case you want to give us a couple of more ideas or tell us about the gifts you gave or got, feel free to comment. Let us know what you think is the best and the most useful present after moving in. Together, we’ll come up with the best ideas for housewarming gifts!

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