Guide for packing your household like a pro

There is no relocation performed without the packing and unpacking process. It is arguably the most tedious and tiresome part of the moving preparation. You’ll need to acquire a lot of packing materials and to shuffle through everything you possess. Although, it can be highly beneficial to pack yourself. You will know the contents of your boxes and you’ll be sure that everything is safely packed. But if you want to pack yourself but you are not sure how to do it, we will help. Today, we are packing your household. Let’s get right to it.

Packing supplies you can use when packing your household

As you already know, there is no packing without a bunch of packing materials. There are a few essential ones we will list, and a few ways to obtain them.

  • Moving boxes – Each moving endeavor begins with a pile of moving boxes. You can obtain your moving boxes Staten Island at your local retailer or buy them from a moving company. Just make sure that you buy different sizes. You’ll probably need small, medium, and large.
  • Plastic bins – These are highly useful but a bit more expensive. Although, plastic bins are made of a stronger material and they can be used for years to come. They are good for storing items that you use regularly, like children’s toys. Or to store something for a longer period in your garage or the attic.
  • Cushion – Items that can serve as a cushion you already have around your house. Those are old towels, sheets, rags, any kind of cloth. Simply place them inside the box to tuck in your fragile items.
  • Other essential materials – Here you can use packing paper or crumpled newspaper. Then we have packing tape to strengthen the box. Also, you’ll need a box cutter or scissors, but be sure to keep them out of the harm’s way.
  • Extra safety – A bit more expensive materials that will provide the extra safety are corner pads, Styrofoam, packing peanuts, and bubble wrap. Consider those as well while packing your household.
  • Moving services – Finally, if all we mentioned gave you a headache, consider purchasing one of the moving services New York. Moving companies can pack and unpack you safely and affordable.

Packing your kitchen

The kitchen is probably the most time consuming and the delicate part when packing your household. There is a lot of glass, metal, and sharp objects you need to take care of. Follow these steps to pack your kitchen like a pro. Let’s start with fragile items. Secure your boxes with one of the cushion solutions we mentioned. Then, tuck in your glassware using a dish pack cells. You’ll need to fill the gaps with the crumpled paper to avoid the collision. Most of the damages are made simply when items hit each other. Do the same thing with your ceramics and all breakable dishes you have.

Pay special attention while packing your fragile items

Next step is the sharp objects. Wrap them with the towel or use the improvised cardboard sheath. Dedicate a box only for this kind of items that you will carry over to avoid anyone else being exposed to harm. Finally, kitchen appliances. You should remove all the batteries and utility cords. If not possible, secured utility cords by taping them to the unit. Use the original boxes, or find an appropriate size for your toaster, microwave, etc. Do not forget to drain the liquids and dry them off.

How to pack your clothes

Your clothing should be relatively easy to pack. You shouldn’t spend all those boxes on your clothes since you will need far too many for this occasion. Start by stuffing all the suitcases and luggage. Try to get your hands on the wardrobe boxes if possible. Also, use garbage bags and similar plastic bags. You can simply stuff most of your clothing inside and carry over. Then, you should consider vacuum bags since they are highly lucrative. Just use your vacuum cleaner to suck out the air and you are good to go. And for your valuable attires, use protective bags and hangers.

Most of your clothing can be packed in an hour or two. One smart way some people do is to take a huge sheet, lay down a bunch of clothes and wrap all for sides in the center and tie in a knot. This way you got a bundle that is easy to carry and it saved a lot of space. Do not stress about how it looks, what matters is if it is efficient. And it is proven that it is.

Seal your boxes like a pro

One of the things you should avoid is the items that protrude out of the box. This is bad for many reasons. Items can break, stick to the sleeves of your movers, tear down the box, etc. Not to mention that some items can go missing if your boxes are half-open. Therefore, seal your boxes tight. Cover the items with the protective sheet or paper and close the box. Use the several layers of packing tape to seal the box. Check if everything is tight and you are good to go. Boxes that are sealed this way are also easier for carrying since they are stackable. Also, it is easier to place them inside the moving truck. Like stacking Legos.

Label everything

Label each box you have. This is useful in many situations. You’ll know the contents, and you can move them straight away to the designated area of your new home. Also, while carrying and loading the moving truck, you will know which box can be used as a foundation, and which need to go on top. Mark the ones that contain fragile items using the markers of various colors and with the capital words “Fragile”. And for the boxes that contain various items, tape a small checklist so you’ll know where to look for certain items.

Packing your household won't go without a proper packing materials
Seal your boxes and label everything

Do not overstuff your moving boxes

It is essential that you do not make your boxes to heavy. Keep them around 30-40 lbs. and for boxes with fragile items, even less. No matter if you are using cardboard boxes or plastic bins. If they are too heavy, it will be much harder to handle it. Cardboard can snap and break under pressure, especially if you are moving while raining or snowing. Furthermore, think about the moving injuries caused to your back. Back strain is the most common injury while performing hard labor, and it can all come from boxes that are too heavy. Packing your moving boxes properly is the essential part when packing your household.

Packing your household is almost done, but what about the big items?

When we say big items, we think of mattresses, larger appliances, frames, etc. Most of those items need to be wrapped in a plastic cover to prevent the damage. Also, you should disassemble everything you can to make the smaller packages. For example, your bed frame is the most annoying item. Just do not forget to keep all the screws secured in a bag, you’ll need them later. But if you are not sure about how to handle confusing and robust items, consider hiring someone else to do it for you. There is no better moment to hire professional movers.

Moving truck
Consider hiring a professional moving company to handle your relocation

Also, you should cover the decluttering and downsizing process. While packing your household, check what items you do not need anymore. You can throw some of them away, or gift to your friends and neighbors. Another way is to sell them, donate, recycle, or store for later use. Last option is amazing at times since you can decide later what to do. Therefore, find yourself a climate controlled storage Staten Island NY. It is affordable and highly useful.

Those were the basic things you can do while packing your household. There are a lot of options that you will find appealing and most are flexible and applicable to anyone. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will pack more efficiently. We wish you the safest relocation possible.

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