Hiring a moving broker – pros and cons

Moving companies generally have a lot of work. That is not at all strange. Americans move a lot and a lot of companies have sprung up to be a supply to such demands. But, with a sea of moving companies, this leaves you, a customer, overwhelmed. How should you pick the right company? Do you have enough time to go through all the information? Check licenses, compare costs, as for estimates, etc… It is quite demanding and time-consuming process… and that’s why there is a demand for it too. If you wish for somebody else to deal with all of this, you should be hiring a moving broker!

But how do you pick one of those? What comes with this? Is the price worth it, are they knowledgeable enough, reliable enough…  It’s the same problem all over again. One must simply ask oneself if the pros of hiring a moving broker are greater than the cons!

Well, for those who ask just that we made this little post explaining the general pros and cons of hiring a broker.

What does hiring a moving broker mean?

So what does hiring a moving broker mean? What are moving brokers exactly? Are the brokers just another name for movers, like Staten island movers? No, brokers are there to mediate (obviously) a deal between you and the movers. The middlemen of the moving industry.

Hiring a moving broker - a graphic of a house and two people
What does hiring a moving broker mean?

They are the ones that you turn to when you are ina big city like New York and simply don’t want to deal with all the possible…

  • scams – Hiring a moving broker is a good way to know that the people moving you are certified and licensed and are not some ill-wishing individuals
  • time-wasting searches -Brokers are, simply put, faster and more convenient. They will do the job you would need weeks for in a very short time by biding your price to moving companies they have regular contact with.
  • overload of choice- Brokers are great at simplifying the choice by boiling it down.

So, you can see the appeal. But of course, they do not come without any strings attached. They are not a perfect solution and will have some cons as well. Those cons, on which we will talk in more detail down this post, is why many opt to simply do the job themselves… So, let’s say that the pros and cons table simply doesn’t paint a pretty picture for you and you want to do it yourself – pick you own mover. Well, we have some advice for you before we return to the main topic.

Picking the right movers

It matters not if you are searching for local or long distance movers New York, the rules are the same. There are some simple things to check before committing to a mover. They should be highly professional, both on the phone/online and in person. No hidden cost and especially no blank agreements. Oh, and be sure to check the reviews. And not just the visual representation of 1-5 stars. You should read for details!

Pros and Cons:

So if you don’t want to go on yelp and read through hundreds of reviews of moving companies, you will probably want to be hiring a moving broker. With that in mind, let’s list out the pros and cons of hiring moving brokers.

Pro – Knowledgeable

Let’s say you are searching for long term storage New York… Where do you even start? Well, why not start with the broker?

Pro - Knowledgeable
They are competent!

Having experience in the moving industry brokers are assured to find the most reliable and affordable options for you, especially when it comes to more obscure moving and storage needs. 

Con – Cost

Hiring a moving broker means that they will find you the best, and honestly cheapest New York short term storage you could ever wish for. Hurray then! How could finding the cheapest possible option be in any shape or form badly for your wallet?

Well, you also need to pay for them. Truth is that, while they do find the lowest bidder, they also have to make some money for themselves, meaning you still end up paying more.

Con - Cost
Hiring a broker can really influence up your budget!

Furthermore, should there be any damage to your possessions, they are not responsible. Actually, they might be, but they will do anything and everything in their power to make sure that it is the movers that have to handle all the repercussions. The movers will most likely do the same. This goes especially if you had some special requests.

Pro – They are really good at what they do – save you the stress

Moving brokers are really good at picking moving companies. They will find the most optimal of all the solutions and will, in the process, save you a lot of time and stress. It is not that they are competent, even though they obviously are or they would be out of the job. It is that they will do something so timeconsuming that you should better be doing something else more productive anyway and be happy they are dealing with it.

Cost – They don’t do the actual job themselves

And that’s the one con that breaks the deal for many people. They are not movers. Yes, it is obvious, but think about what that means. They are not there when your things are packed. They don’t have the trucks the movers use for transportation.

Brokers are simply not there, and it makes people feel uneasy. It inserts uncertainty into the question of who is responsible for your things if they break or get lost. For many, this is reason enough to go directly to brokers, but it is different from individual to individual.

In conclusion

To sum things up. Is hiring a moving broker worth it for you? Well… is it? It only depends on your priorities. We listed the general pros and cons of their services. Now it is up to you to weight the scales and decide.

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