How to make moving enjoyable

Moving is considered to be an inherently stress-inducing thing… and not for the lack of good reason. Despite it being a project many of us will do sometimes even dozens of time in our lives it still, none the less, represents a process which disrupts the life routine. It presents changes in climate, scenery, and contacts, as well as the loss of daily schedule you are used to as the move day draws nearer. But how to avoid this? How to make moving enjoyable?

Is there even a way to do it? Can a serious thing like moving to a new place, together with your family, pets, and possession be done in a fun way? There is a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. Can you handle them and still have fun?

Game to make moving enjoyable

Look, as human beings, we are not programmed to love boring yet important tasks. Especially if a lot is on the line and we are stressed out. We seek enjoyment and a clear “score”. When you transport your packed possessions for a short term storage 10312 you don’t necessarily fell the same kind of joy as after just winning an excitingly brilliant game of chess or completing a new quest in a Fallot 4 game.

What we are aiming here is the fact that moving by-it-self is not that fun for most people, but that games are fun! So why not turn moving into a game?

Game to make moving enjoyable
Moving isn’t meant to be fun, but games inherently are. Why not combine the two?

When you think about it, it is not that hard. Just like games, you can easily separate moving into segments (levels). Your kitchen, kids room, living room, attics, etc are packed separately. Items that are packed are also easily Categorize into different elements, and they are easily turned into a game. Make a task for yourself that you will pack all the items under a certain weight. color the boxes or paint different symbols on them to make them part of a single level. Make points and objectives for yourself, and, after all, don’t play just by yourself. Involve your family or friends, especially if you are aiming to make moving enjoyable for the kids as well.

With elements such as these moving will be much more of a fun and exciting, and therefore, enjoyable experience.

Make a party out of it!

And if you are a making the process of preparing a house for interstate movers New York a game – why not have a multiplayer game? Ok, we will stop with the game references, and move to a more sociable event – parties! Really, why not? Yes, the moving will make your house a mess, but there is something with the boxes laying around and everything being make-do that will make a party for friends has a pretty satisfying aesthetic.

Make a party out of it!
Have some friends over!

Furthermore, the party can serve as a reward for them helping you pack yourself… making the moving easier, faster and therefore (and we know you will agree) much more enjoyable.

Plan out your new home

When you are doing a boorish task, focus on the why. Give it meaning! Focus on the end result? What will occur when you are finally prepared and long-distance movers New York takes you to your new location? You will have a brand new home to live in!

It is a rather nice thing to contemplate, you will no doubt agree. So when you do the moving, be sure to focus on the dream of a new life and a new home that awaits. Plan it in your head. Or better yet, plan it out on the floor plane. With kids, it’s even more fun!

Remember the music

Moving to New York is often depicted in the movies with some good music to illustrate the movement in the characters life. And for a good reason. New York has this vibe that keeps the whole city going 24/7. It never sleeps and is ever-productive.

So why not introduce a little bit of music into your life? No task is boring if you have accompanying music. From regular cleaning of dishes and decluttering to the complex packaging and moving of furniture, a good playlist will make it all much more of an enjoyable experience.

Start of easy

A physically hard part of the move is definitely the packing – the loading and unloading of the items. So take it slow! Start with the easiest items to pack. There is no reason to hurry. Furthermore, you can also start with the easiest room to pack. And do start on time, it is far easier to start on time and do it slow than to pack everything in a stress-induced frenzy right as the movers should arrive.

  • Make moving enjoyable by starting with the easiest rooms.
  • Begin with the lightest and smallest of objects
  • Don’t overdo it and take your time

In other words, there is no need to push yourself over the limit. You will finish everything on time one way or the other. Just start on time and take baby steps!

Know when to relax

And finally, all is well that ends well. Moving is arguably at its most enjoyable when it’s over. However, sometimes, when we are stressed out, it’s hard to notice when the reasons for stress went away. So be sure to keep an eye out for the finish line! There is absolutely no need to run for another mile if you just won a marathon!

Know when to relax
Know when to take a break and relax.

Call your friends and family. Meet new neighbors. Get yourself a housewarming party, or even a smaller one, while citing on unpacked boxes. In short – get rest!

In conclusion

To sum things up, there are a plethora of ways to make moving enjoyable. It really depends on what you find enjoyable. Do you find joy in a job well done? Are you kind of person that just can’t wait for it to be over? Do you like frequent brakes or like to win? There is a way for everyone, you just have to find the one that fits you the best!

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