How to meet new neighbors in NYC

Moving requires so much of your time, money, and effort that sometimes just thinking about it will make your head spin. Even more so if your relocation takes place in New York City. Big Apple is a huge city and can sometimes seem intimidating. But if the hard part is almost over, and you’ve got everything planned and figured out, you can start thinking about what comes after your relocation. How will you get used to the new environment? Is it going to be difficult to feel at home again? And finally, will it be difficult to meet new neighbors in NYC? It doesn’t have to be. Keep reading and you’ll find out some useful advice on how to get to know the people from your NYC neighborhood.

New York City street
You’ll enjoy living in New York City

Be friendly and polite from day one so you can meet new neighbors in NYC

Kindness doesn’t cost a thing. So try to be friendly and polite to your neighbors from day one. You don’t even have to wait to move in and settle down. You can smile and say hello while carrying in your moving boxes NYC. If you seem outgoing and approachable, you’ll most likely meet new neighbors in NYC with ease. You can make time to start a small talk or just to casually mention that you are about to move in your new home. Your new neighbors might offer to show you around and even invite you over for a cup of coffee. Being friendly and outgoing will take you a long way.

people jogging in NYC street
If you start jogging, you’ll be able to meet a lot of people.

Leave your home as often as you can and spend time outside

If you think about it long enough, it definitely makes sense. You’ll never meet new neighbors in NYC if you stay inside. People that you want to meet are not inside your home, they are outside. So try to find reasons to go and spend as much time as you can outside, at least during the first couple of weeks after moving to New York City. If you are not too outdoorsy, we have a few suggestions on how to spend more time outside:

  • Get a dog. Seriously, if you haven’t got a pet already, perhaps it’s time to find one. A dog will help you get used to your new home and it’s always nice to have a furry companion by your side. Also, a dog will help you to get to know other dog owners from your new neighborhood. It will definitely give you a reason to go outside more often.
  • Start jogging. Any sort of work out routine will do wonders for your physical and mental state. But there is another perk of jogging – meeting other people who run. It’s easy to start a conversation with someone you share at least one common interest with. So do yourself a favor and meet new neighbors in NYC by working out outdoors.
  • Take regular walks. This one might seem like the least effort, but it is actually quite the opposite. It is more often than not extremely difficult to make yourself get up and go for a walk. But if you make the effort, you’ll quickly realize you can get to know the neighborhood and many of your neighbors this way.

Offer to help out whenever you see a neighbor in need

You probably know how important it is to have the help and support from the people close to you. This rule applies to neighbors as well. After residential movers NY help you relocate to your new home, make sure you do your best to always be there to offer help to a neighbor in need. This means any kind of assistance really. Perhaps you have an elderly next-door neighbor that might appreciate if you offer to buy stuff for them when you do your weekly grocery shopping. Or you have a neighbor that needs a babysitter now and then. You’ll quickly realize that being helpful and open towards people is a great way to meet new neighbors in NYC.

a busy street
Your neighborhood might be the place where you’ll find new friends

In order to meet new neighbors in NYC, you can join a local club

It’s always a good idea to meet people through some useful activities. After all the moving stress, you’ll surely enjoy it. Sure you can meet people while jogging, but if you are not outdoorsy, you might want to find some other way to meet new neighbors in NYC. The Big Apple is an enormous city that could easily leave you feeling lonely and left out. But not if you join a local book club, for example. This will give you the opportunity to meet a lot of new people that live in your neighborhood, and you’ll have a lot to talk about from day one. It’s doesn’t necessarily need to be a book club, it can be any sort of group activity that involves local people. You’ll feel satisfied and meet new people at the same time.

In the end, meeting new people is quite easy for some – rather difficult for others. It depends on your personality traits. But whether you are an introvert or an outgoing individual, if you want to meet new neighbors in NYC after moving here, you should make an effort to be approachable. Why? It’s nice to be nice. And your neighbors will appreciate a friendly and smiling face. It’s always easier to get to know someone who seems friendly and helpful from the very beginning. So give it your best shot and don’t worry. New Yorkers are generally very open and outgoing.

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