How to move your plants?

Nothing makes one home look more warm and welcoming than houseplants. And, if you are a plant lover like we are, then your home is probably drowning in them! Plants are living and breathing organisms that require special care… we can even think of them as parts of our families! So, when the time comes to relocate your home from one place to the other, you will need to learn how to move your plants without putting them at risk.

Fortunately, everything that interests you about plant relocation can be found right in this guide. So, if you want to learn more about this topic, make sure to keep reading!

Is it a good idea to move your plants with you?

So, you have decided to relocate your household and now you have started to prepare for the move. This is the right time to ask yourself whether it will be a good idea to move your plants with you. Truth is, almost all reliable interstate movers New York will advise you not to do this. After all, plants are very delicate.

An indoor plant you will need to take care of if you decide to move your plants
Plants need to be handled with extra care if you decide to relocate them to the new home.

It is possible to relocate plants safely but opt for this only if you are moving locally. If you are planning to relocate over long distances, it would be best to ask some of your family members or friends to take them to their homes. No matter how much you love your plants, it is better to give them to someone else instead of relocating them with you and putting them at risk.

Simple tips that will help you move your plants with ease

Below, you will find some simple tips for moving plants. Our advice is to let your local movers New York handle your belongings while you take care of your houseplants.

  • Prep your plants. You should start preparing your plants for the move a couple of weeks before the big date. Remove their dead leaves, cut their branches if it is necessary, and give them a good prune. You should remove dust and kill weeds a couple of days before the move.
  • Re-pot in plastic. In order to move your plants easily, take them out of their heavy pots. You will carry them much easier if they are placed in plastic pots.
  • Give them the right amount of water. You should water your plants a few days before the move. On the day of the relocation, their soil needs to be wet so make sure to give them the right amount of water.
  • Keep them at the right temperature. There are so many plants that can’t survive moving from warm place to a colder one. And this will happen if you decide to move them during the winter. So, to make this transition easier for them, make sure to place them in your car and set up the temperature that suits them the most.
living room with plants
Your plants deserve only the best

There you have it – these are the most important tips you will want to follow if you decide to move your plants. In case you have some questions regarding your relocation, feel free to ask us. We will gladly answer all of them!

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