How to organize a long-distance move

Whether you are going to move cross country, or interstate even international, there are a lot of things you have to think about. You need to plan every single detail to the end. This is the place where you can find out how to organize a long-distance move, no matter where you decide to go. Is it demanding? Yes, it is. But not impossible. We can do it together!

Tips to organize a long-distance move

Constate the number of things

Check every room in the house, bathroom, and kitchen. Make an inventory list of things within every room.  Then you will approximately see how to organize packing.

 Organize long-distance move - a graphic of a loaded moving truck
Organize long-distance move in a proper way!

Respect order of packing

Try to percept what things are substantial to you, what you will need first when you arrive at your new home. Furniture in the spare rooms, toys in the playroom, things from attic and basement are the first to go and you will begin packing them first because you’ll need them the least in the first week of your move. Generally, essentials are things in the bathrooms, kitchen and living room, considering the frequency of their everyday use. You must pack TV, computers, laptops, Sony PlayStation, refrigerator, washing and drying machine, cables and other technics in a unique way. You have to mark them with ‘CAREFULL FRAGILE’.

Acquire adequate boxes

Quality of the boxes for moving your things need to be very high because you plan to organize a long-distance move. You need to take a long journey before you reach your new home. The boxes need to hold. Now is the time to think about the giveaway of things that you no longer need. Sell them or donate them to the people that need them.

Start labeling

Label your boxes. Pack your things in each room in a way that boxes with fragile things come above massive, unbreakable things.

Set deadline

Define a deadline for your move and time schedule for moving activities.

a calendar
Time is money!

Be prepare for the costs

Calculate your costs and be aware of your budget. The costs can variate. If you decide to arrange the services of moving companies, you need to be aware that it can cost more, but you will save time and nerves. In the process of long-distance moving that is one of the most important things. Every dollar counts but have in mind ‘paying cost less’. Be effective!

Find storage

Inspect your furniture for insects and termites before you start packing. Because the move can take a few days, even weeks. If the furniture is infested, insects can multiply until you reach your new address and destroy your wooden closets and tables. Therefore,  we can offer climate-controlled storage Staten Island NY, which is a necessity in a long-distance move. Why us? Because we can offer you long term and short term storage, depending on your needs. Don’t think twice. Be proactive and think about the consequences. You don’t need to get yourself in a situation that you have a new home and devasted furniture. Nobody likes that chanceful cost.

Shifting the boxes

When you are done packing and labeling the boxes, you will need to start thinking about how you are going to insert them in the moving trucks which stand at your porch. You can summon your friends, neighbors and all the people of goodwill to help you to load boxes in the moving truck. But they are not going to be pleased to lift that kind of weight. Instead, we provide services of loading and unloading moving boxes and furniture for you. When you finish the move, you can sell the boxes or even decide to recycle them. Think about your environment!

The right moving company

Then again, you can organize a long-distance move in a more sophisticated way. Choosing a long-distance moving company, that will be reliable and trustworthy is the best thing to do. Don’t forget, it’s got to be licensed! There are many long-distance moving companies, but not every company is at your service 24 hours a day. Doing the research, you will surely realize why are we top-ranked as a moving company. We can give you the best value for your money.

movers carrying boxes
Hire movers to help you

The big plan for the move

We will present you the ‘big plan’ for moving household or business that includes:

  • Calculation of your estimate costs
  • Sufficient manpower
  • Adequate and clean moving trucks
  • Insurance for your belongings
  • Boxes are the right size and quality
  • Storage for your entire transport
  • Organization of the move in short notice
  • Analysis of the distance and the condition of the roads to your new home
  • The certainty that your things will be transported to the exact location
  • Punctuality; respecting the deadline that you set for a move
  • Every arrangement is written in the contract

Relocating your business

If you are planning to expand your business or simply to relocate because the new market has a bigger demand, call us! Our movers know to manage every situation that might happen along the way. There will be no surprises for them. They can give you professional advice on how to organize the long-distance move of your business. We can give you commercial movers NY to do the whole process for you. You can rely on them for everything. Place yourselves in their hands!

Remember – good organization means half work done

A long-distance move that is properly planned and prepared can ensure you more relax moving. So whether you want to move your business or your household, the starting base will be a good organization. We dedicate our work on helping you to go through the move from the first to the last and every element. Nothing will be neglected. Contact us and get a free estimate. It’s easy, you just need to fill a simple form and submit. We will organize a long-distance move. For us, during the move, you and your things will be in the focus.

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