How to pack your fragile items

What’s the very first thought that comes to your mind when thinking about relocating? Long strolls down the windy, cobbled streets of your new neighborhood? Being spoilt for choice due to a wide array of next-door amenities? The coziness of your new home? Ample people are a bundle of nerves owing to a vicious circle of exhausting moving chores. The mere thought of doing them makes us on edge. Needless to say, choosing the suitable storage and considering reasons to hire professional movers is no picnic. However, what can be especially troublesome is how to pack your fragile items. Having to deal with it gives you the jitters. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Adopting appropriate packing strategies ensures carrying a stress-free moving. To achieve that, here are some tips and tricks on how to excel in fragile items packing.

Think outside the box

One of the most challenging moving chores is how to pack your fragile items. As handling them requires extra caution, make sure you’ve had enough packing supplies. What you want to achieve is keeping them intact. To do so, get different types of packing materials. Fragile objects are extremely delicate. Therefore, you need something soft to cover them while relocating. Think outside the box.

Packing fragile items is stressful
Pack your fragile items like a pro

You can benefit from using pieces of clothes you no longer wear. They have to be enough tender to safeguard your items. Make sure to wrap your possessions in your old hoodies thus immobilizing the items. That’s a good rule of thumb. After all, you should bear the bumps on the road in mind. The last thing you want is a pile of shattered glass in a moving box.

Find suitable containers

Sometimes cardboard moving boxes are not the most appropriate packing aid. They can be either too big or too rough. Moreover, they’re not entirely safe since harsh weather conditions can ruin them. That’s why you need to come up with a back-up plan. Think of other containers that might come in handy.

Do you know how to pack your fragile items?
The typical containers might not be good enough to pack your fragile items so turn to the alternatives

To pack your fragile items make plastics your moving buddy

To illustrate, feel free to use alternative containers to keep your belongings safe. The plastic ones, for instance, are resistant to water, moisture, and heat. In addition, you can make use of larger storage space they provide. Given the number of the fragile items we need to relocate, it’s necessary to provide ourselves with ample storage space. Correspondingly, you need to be aware of the benefits of renting storage space.

Better safe than sorry

Moving fragile objects is daunting. You need to be wary not to pack them together with items that could scratch them. You’re hence ill-advised to put the fragile items next to heavy belongings. If you do, you put the delicate ones at risk. On top of it, if you don’t have moving insurance coverage, and your possessions get damaged when transported or shipped, there’s nothing you can do about it.

The best way to avoid moving fragile items ill-effects is to organize your items. First and foremost, sort them prior to the moving day. Make a packing scheme to figure out what possessions you can pack together. Put everything else in a few separated containers. Place the expensive china set between woolen sweaters. They will act as a protective shield in case of a collision. This should do the trick.

Overpacking is a no go

Have you ever heard of ‘less is more’ saying? Well, it’s been used worldwide because it makes sense. Less is definitely more when it comes to moving. This is of paramount importance in case of packing fragile items. One of the ways of how to pack clothes for moving is to put as many as you possibly can in a box to tighten the belt. Doing the opposite with delicate items, however, goes a long way.

Overpacking inevitably leads to getting your possessions broken. Is that what you have in mind when pondering relocation? The answer is, naturally, no. For this reason, don’t store too many fragile objects in the same box. Nothing good can come out of it. Being economical in terms of the number of moving boxes makes you penny-wise. Still, resist the urge to cut down on those boxes you actually need.

Make use of the newspaper

The ever-growing Internet popularity has outshined the traditional media. It brings their very existence into question. On second thought, this might not be the case. In fact, a newspaper is highly practical. Not for reading, though, but for relocating. Have you ever considered how beneficial it is for fragile items packing? In brief, the newspaper is very convenient when transporting your delicate objects. It is a weight off your mind, isn’t it? Wrap your

  • glasses
  • cups and mugs
  • plates
  • silverware
  • vases

in thick newspaper layers so as to create a protective barrier. If you want to pack your fragile items properly, get extra protection by using packing foam or packing peanuts to reduce friction. In addition to this, the newspaper will make your items scratch-free. As a result, you’ll enjoy using them over and over again in your new home.

Make use of the newspaper to pack your fragile items
Reading is not the only purpose of the newspaper

If you’re interested in fragile items packing, odds are the moving day is just around the corner. Correspondingly, you need to develop a variety of strategies on how to tackle this challenge. Some of them have to do with the packing supplies and unusual materials you should be using. Clothes and newspaper, for example. Next, think about the packing organization. Obviously, overpacking is out of the question. So is joining the bulky and fragile items together. Also, doing due diligence is making sure you’ve chosen the right container. Namely, the one made of plastics. After covering all the bases in relation to packing, you’re good to go. Fragile items packing has just become a piece of cake, don’t you think?

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