How to prepare your motorcycle for transport

As if moving wasn’t challenging enough, you usually have some side projects that have to go toe to toe with everything else. One such example is when you have to prepare your motorcycle for transport. As much as one would think that this is rather simple, there are things that, if overlooked, could bring harm to your two-wheel baby. This is why there are more than a few steps that you need to take in order to prepare your motorcycle for transport.

Of course, there are certain factors here that have a huge impact on how you go about doing this. Within this article, we will tackle the most obvious scenarios. First, we will kick-off with the easiest – short distance moving. Following this, we will cover city-to-city moving and finally, long distance moving.

There are several ways to prepare your motorcycle for transport
Make sure to take your time in preparation

One thing that we will briefly mention is cross-continental moving, but we will not get into too many details on this front considering the magnitude of such relocation and everything that goes along with it. Within these examples, we will tackle the most common challenges one could face. If you can anticipate these challenges, you can mitigate them before they even happen. So, without further ado, let’s talk about the ways to prepare your motorcycle for transport.

Ways to prepare your motorcycle for transport – Short Distance

Short distance moving is the easiest of the bunch. The reason for its simplicity is the fact that there are no preparations that you should do. Almost at all! This is the beautify of short distance relocations. There are a few things that you need to prepare, and you can pack vaguely since you will be moving just around the corner.

As far as preparing your motorcycle goes – you practically don’t have to do it. In these types of relocations you will most likely just drive your bike to your new home, It will most likely not be more than a 30-minute drive, depending on where you live. Since you will be able to transport it on your own, and since you won’t have to mount it on any trucks, there are no special preparations. What you could do, if you have the budget for it, is maintenance. Simply treat your rocket to some new oil and fluids, and check everything else so that it is ready for the upcoming season. Other than that you should be more than ok.

motorcycle engine close up
If you have no place to store your bike, you should consider storage

If you can’t access your new home, temporarily, and you need to proceed with your move you can consider a long term storage New York. This is great, not only as a temporary solution but as a permanent parking spot for your motorbike. Especially if you do not own a garage, winters can be harsh on a motorcycle left outside. The longer the period of rent – the better the price you will get.

Ways to prepare your motorcycle for transport – City-to-City & Long Distance

In these scenarios, the best thing you can do is rely on interstate movers New York. Motorcycles are expensive and you should not play around with something you are most likely not proficient with. We know for a fact that if something went wrong, and it got damaged, you would have a very hard time dealing with it. This is why sometimes its better to be safe than sorry.

Not only do you need to prepare your motorcycle for transport, but you also have to transport it as well. The best way to go about doing this is to have someone do it for you. If there is a team of professionals moving your motorcycle, they will know how to prepare it.

Still, there are some things that you can and should do in order to prepare your motorcycle for transport. If we consider that your motorcycle will be mounted inside of a truck (which would be a far better option), then there are certain steps you can take to make sure it all goes well. Again, if you decide not to do all these things, your professional movers will assist with everything.

#1 Take all the fluids out

The first thing you should to in order to prepare your motorcycle for transport is to take all the fluids out of it. There is no need for any of them to remain inside since the bike will not be driven. It will be stationary inside of your truck, in a fixed position.

Low on oil
Make sure to take all the fluids out

However, if some remain inside you are risking that the fluids could spill in case something happens. This is a hazard you can mitigate from the getgo.

#2 Fixate the motorcycle

Make sure that both wheels are fixed and cannot move in any direction. This should be done if the movers have a crane. If not, the motorcycle will be pushed into the truck which means this step should be delayed for once the motorcycle is inside.

#3 Secure all breakable parts of the motorcycle

This mostly includes all glass parts. You can simply secure them all by taking cardboard box paper and duct tape. Tightly fixate the cardboard box paper around all breakable and fragile parts. This will secure them to the best of your abilities. Your moving partners might have some additional equipment with which they could secure them further. The ride could end up being bumpy and thus you are risking breaking some fragile parts that are, consequentially very expensive.

Another way to mitigate all of this is to purchase moving insurance. This would ensure that everything is protected no matter what happens.

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