How to speed up the moving process

One of the worst parts in regards to a moving process is the fact that it can last quite a while. Starting from day one, it is necessary to be as efficient as possible about it. Otherwise, you can have all kinds of problems spurring from the sheer fact that you did not prepare well for the move. Then, what do you think is the most common wish of the people who are moving? To speed up the moving process of course. How can you do this? Well, it is up to us to help you come up with the answer to your situation. After all, there are so many residential movers New York and all of them may have an idea of what the right thing to do in order to speed up the moving process is. However, their method may not be suitable for you. Find yours!

Why is it important to speed up the moving process?

As we have already said, moving is a process that usually lasts quite a while. In fact, any Manhattan moving company may recommend people to start their moving process on the very day when they find the place in which they are going to be moving to. Sometimes, moving can take up to six months to prepare and complete.

It is only up to you to speed up a moving

Bear in mind that after the movers have left, you will still have issues to deal with. Therefore, settling into your new home can take up to two additional weeks. Now it really sounds like it would be great to speed up the moving process as much as you can, right?

Well, let’s take a look at what you can do in order to minimize this process.

Speed up the moving process – the main guidelines

Before we get down into all of the details, we should take a look at the general overview of your options for speeding up the interstate moving process. Afterward, you will be able to have a clearer picture of what tools you can use to make this process as short as possible.

Following are the most common techniques that you can use in order to speed up the moving process:

  • Create a coherent moving plan
  • Start packing early
  • Prioritize
  • Declutter

Probably all of these sound pretty normal, right? If that was your thought, it was correct. Still, the devil is in the details. Therefore, let’s take a look at them now.

Create a coherent moving plan

The first thing that you need to make sure that you have ready is a coherent moving plan. 

Moving process, just like any other lasting process, requires careful planning. If you come up with a detailed plan and manage to stick to it, you are probably going to be able to shorten the moving process.

Plan well in order to speed up the moving process
Planning is key to quick moving

The most important thing about creating a detailed moving plan is to come up with a timeline. You should make sure to do your best to stick to that timeline. If you came up with the correct one, you and your preferred local movers NY will have no issues with executing your move. However, in the case that you realize that you are falling behind schedule, then, you will have to change something about the way that you are preparing for the big day.

As time goes by, you will know who well you are performing. In the case that you are running ahead of schedule, keep on running! After all, being ready a week before is much better than struggling to meet the deadline.

Start packing early

One of the key points to keep your mind on when you want to speed up the moving process is to commence it on time. In fact, you need to start performing preparations as early as possible. Packing early is one of the things to make sure to do.

Professional packers NYC represent a great way to minimize the time you are going to need in order to complete the packing process. However, having them around every once in a while is not going to do any favors to your moving budget. Therefore, you are going to have to start dealing with packing all by yourself.

Start by preparing the clothes that you are not going to be wearing soon. Winter’s clothes, for example, in the case that you are moving in the summertime. Pack as much as you can. That way you’ll be able to pack the rest when the time comes.


Knowing the difference between what’s important and what is not is really, well, important. So, when you start preparing for moving, know your priorities. Deal with the most important items first and leave the rest for later. In the case that you are already living in New York City, this should not represent an issue for you.


The last thing that we are going to be talking about today is decluttering.

old clothes
Declutter in order to move easily

This is an important part of moving preparations. Declutter thoroughly and you will not be burying your new home with unnecessary items. Also, you will need a smaller moving truck. Therefore, your waller will be thankful as well.

The easiest way to decide what you need and what you do not need is by taking a look at what you had been wearing for the last two years. And two years are pretty generous, trust us. Anything that you did not wear or use should go!

Are you ready to speed up the moving process?

We sincerely hope that the pieces of advice that we have given you will help you speed up the moving process. In the case that you come with an idea that we did not mention, make sure to let us know about it in the comments section below!

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