How to store collectibles safely

The fact is that living in the consumer society that we are members of today means that we are buying a lot more items than before. Now, this would not represent an issue if only we had enough space for all of them. So, one of the problems that people are going to be facing in the future is the lack of space. In situations such as those, you are going to have to find alternative places for your items. Some of your collectibles are going to remain in your home. Others will need to find their new homes in storage units or vaults. No matter what the situation is like with you, you should find out the best ways to store collectibles safely. Once you do, get in touch with long-distance¬†movers New York to help you relocate them safely. Here’s how to store them the right way.

What you need to do in order to store collectibles safely

To keep them in the right state, you need to store collectibles safely. Obviously, you should find out how to do this before packing service New York comes and pick them up.

To store collectibles safely, do not wash them
Do not wash your vintage toys and dolls

Following are some examples of what to pay attention to:

  • Store them in the right climate conditions
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Do not wash what can be washed

Let’s find out more.

To store collectibles safely, keep them in the right temperature

The first thing that we need to point out is the fact that most of the collectibles require storing in the right climate conditions. If you have something that fine art movers New York are going to come to pick up, you surely need to be aware of climate conditions that your collectibles are in.

There are many storage providers that have storage units with climate control. So, think about renting them. Obviously, you should be aware of the fact that climate controls are not the same as temperature control. Humidity plays a big part in damaging the art. Therefore, rent only storage units with climate control. 

Avoid direct sunlight

The next thing to be mindful of is the sunlight. Direct sunlight can affect collectibles in a bad way. Therefore, it is your job to keep it out of direct sun exposure. Also, bright light such as flashes can damage artwork too. Therefore, you should make sure to protect it from such effects.

Sunlight can damage your collectibles

Do not wash what can be washed

Art pieces are not only collectibles on the market. Vintage toys and dolls are collectibles too!

This one is very important to know. It is important to know it because a lot of people do the opposite and wash their collectibles. Obviously, by doing that, they diminish their value. Furthermore, more often than not, they damage their vintage belongings.

Therefore, whatever you do, do not wash your old toys. They are worth so much more even if they are dirty.


To store collectibles safely, follow the pieces advice given above. This way, you will not damage your belongings.

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