Last minute moving tips

Last minute moving tips are about the fact that you had a lot of obligations at work so you couldn’t manage to organize everything? You didn’t manage to pack your things and your home is in chaos? Moving day is tomorrow and you’re not ready for it at all? 

We believe you are nervous and stressful, but not everything is lost. There are many questions that bother you: How do you move in one day? How to pack your things in a hurry? What should you do on moving day first? If you have doubts and questions like this in your head, you will certainly want to read our article with last minute moving tips! Find out the best tips to help you deal with last minute moving and organize the moving day efficiently. 

Make a last minute moving list

Maybe this seems like a waste of time but, making a last minute moving list can help you organize the whole moving day and activities you need to do. The night before the moving day, take a walk through your home and write down all the rooms and the things you need most in them. In this way, you’ll pack the most important things and leave behind/get rid of unnecessary items.

You can also write down 3 columns: pack, give away and trash. You can fill those columns and tomorrow you’ll manage your stuff faster and easier.  Moreover, you can also find free download smartphone applications for moving. Where you’d just type instead of write on a piece of paper. Your phone is always near you, so no need to be afraid of losing a paper list in chaos in your house.  And in case you need a reliable moving company check our suggestion!

moving box with books in it
Smart selection of different materials and packaging boxes will speed up the packaging process when you do not have enough time to do this.

Get up early!

You know how they say „Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it“! Many people hate to get up early and have no habit of getting up early unless they have to. But when it comes to the last day of moving, every minute is valuable. Simply, everything that’s done at the last minute requires from you to be restful and well organized. Trust us, you don’t want to oversleep the last moving day. If you start early you’ll be able to finish everything or almost everything you want. You may also finish ahead of time so you will have extra time to think if you forgot to pack something. Check if all items are in boxes or if something is lost.

Ask friends/family members for help

There is nothing wrong with asking your friends and family members for last minute moving help. This could be a crucial tip if you are in a hurry. Few friends can speed up your packing process while you’re having fun together.

Last minute moving tips: Gather packing materials

When it comes to last minute moving day, even if you’re short on time, don’t just pack everything without any order and sense. If you overpack the boxes there is a chance you will damage, broke or lose items. Think about gathering various packing materials, starting from different boxes, packing paper, vacuum bags, bubble wraps, labels, hangers, trash bags, etc.  

Group of people planing for a last minute moving
Planning is the key to successful last minute moving.

Trash bags can be of great help when moving in a hurry. You can put clothes, towels, blankets, and pillows into trash bags. Trash bags can hold a lot of things, sometimes more than the boxes.  

If you don’t have enough time to pack your closet properly. It’s the best solution to leave some clothes on hangers. Lay them in your car or moving the truck or you can even place them in a trash bag or suitcase.  

You can ask your neighbors or local stores for free or used boxes, why wasting money? Bubble wrap, old blankets, and towels, packing paper can provide extra protection to your items! Label the boxes with fragile items, and mark the rest of boxes with names so you can find the items you need. This way, you can sort things from boxes later in your new home 

Get rid / leave behind things you don’t move

When you do not have enough time to move, and it’s the last moving day, you will definitely not be able to move and pack everything.  Of course, you will first pack things that are your priority, your valuables and things that are most needed to you, such as documents, techniques, jewelry, beds, clothes, etc. Of course, when you’re moving, you don’t need all the things from your home, so it’s time to get rid of / leave behind things you don’t need or you don’t move. Simply, the less you have to pack, the more time you’ll have.

Small and easy packing is a solution when it comes to last minute moving. Make sure you are objective and less emotional about some of the old and unnecessary things you do not want to relocate. Some things you can just throw away, other you can donate or recycle. If you need extra money, you can sell some items on auction or websites for used things. Why not! Also last minute goes with some storage options check our tip for a proper affordable storage company .

makeing a list and teamwork of people
Teamwork and cooperation can achieve all goals even when there is a short deadline for it.

Call last minute movers!

Well, sometimes people don’t have enough time and strength to pack everything on the last moving day. Sometimes the last minute moving tips from above can’t do much, so you have to find another solution. This is the case when you simply need to forget about your financial costs and call a professional moving company. Professional movers can load your stuff into the moving truck fast and without risk of damaging them. They can pack your whole place twice as fast as you. We must say that hiring professional movers is a great time and nerves saver when it comes to last minute moving. 

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