Move your home office with ease

Working from home is a dream of many. Instead of having to commute every day and deal with traffic and road rage, you can work in your pajamas from the comfort of your own home office. Whilst it is a big privilege to be able to do so, that can become a bit of a burden when moving house. Why? Well, because most people claim that moving the office is one of the top three most difficult rooms to pack and move. Alongside the garage and the kitchen, this room will simply have the most stuff to pack. Books, important documents, electronics, desks, chairs… All of that has to somehow fit into a moving truck. Don’t fret – we’ll give you a few tips and tricks on how to move your home office stress-free!

How to begin to move your home office

The most common question everyone asks themselves before moving is “Where to start?”. You’ve surely been in the same situation as well. Standing at the door, hands on your hips, cluelessly looking around the room. You’re not the only one! What most moving companies Brooklyn will advise you is to start by making a detailed plan. Write a checklist and slowly start checking those boxes off. Clearly, it is easier to move if you have fewer things, so maybe think about decluttering your home office. Sort through your drawers and cabinets and throw away anything you are no longer using. This will not only lower your moving expenses, but it is a great opportunity to minimalize your office and see what you really need.

Organizing documents and books

Even though they are easy to sort into boxes, too many of them can get quite heavy. Make sure you get the right type of moving boxes or you risk its contents ending on the sidewalk. While going through your bookshelf, think about donating or gifting unwanted copies. Any local library will be more than happy to take them on! When it comes to documents, be very careful about how you’re disposing of them.

Stacks of books on a wooden bookshelf
Organizing and sorting your home library will likely be one of the biggest tasks when it comes to packing your home office.

Unfortunately, identity theft is very common, and this is why you should pay more attention. If it is something that contains important personal or business information, rip it in pieces before tossing it in the trash can. Even better, buy an inexpensive paper shredder and use that to your advantage.

If you’re not throwing it away – back it up!

While we always recommend hiring a reliable moving company, anything can happen on the road. Even if the movers are being super careful, there are numerous accidents that can occur. In order to make sure that you always have access to your documents, back them up. An external hard drive or a cloud-based service is great for file storage.

Binders with documents
Don’t let your documents get lost or damaged! Instead, upload them on cloud storage to keep them safe during relocation.

Digitalization can also be risky (i.e. there is always a possibility that someone can hack the cloud service), but there is no mistake with using a hard drive. To keep your valuable work files safe, don’t load them onto the moving trucks, no matter how reputable the company is.

Get the right packing supplies before you move your home office

Because you will have a whole bunch of stuff to pack, it is important to get the right packing supplies. Sturdy cardboard boxes of various sizes are crucial in this moving phase. Not to worry, you don’t have to buy brand new boxes! There are plenty of ways to get free cardboard boxes and still stay on track with relocation expenses. Check with local stores if they have any boxes they no longer need, or with friends and neighbors. On the other hand, when packing electronics, it’s always best if you can use the original packaging. Due to its size, it provides the best protection for your more expensive electronics. If you threw them away, try to find boxes of similar sizes and will them with bubble wrap or foam so they don’t move around. Other things you will need for packing:

  • Bubble wrap or foam to fill up boxes
  • Good quality markers for labeling
  • Strong and durable tape – you don’t want things falling out!

Moving office furniture and art

When it comes to relocating your home office furniture, it can get pretty expensive. Some desks are heavy and bulky, as well as shelves and cabinets. In some cases, it may be more expensive to move it than to buy new pieces. Although that’s one option, some people have antique furniture that they wouldn’t like to leave behind. If you’re prepared to cash out a little bit more money, anything can be shipped. Old, valuable art can also be moved, but carefully. There are fine art movers New York who are experienced in what they do. They will take good care of your valuables and make sure they arrive at the destination safe and sound.

Framed paintings on a wall
Any valuable art should be moved by a professional.

Move your home office stress-free and easily!

To sum up, even though your home office is one of the most challenging rooms to move, it can be done easily and efficiently. When you make an inventory list, you will be able to track all your belongings and know that you haven’t lost a thing. De-clutter the office and embrace the minimalist life. Not only will fewer boxes save your relocation expenses, but it will also speed up the moving process. With the right packing supplies, you can easily sort and pack everything into carefully labeled boxes. The most important thing here isn’t boxes, but the help of others! Heavy boxes filled with books and old, bulky desks require multiple hands to carry them. Start planning to move your home office on time and you’ll be all set!

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