Moving with kids stress-free

Relocating your home is often challenging. More so if you have a big family and a few little ones to think of. There are many things to go through in the moving process by itself. And when we add to that the needs of your family members, it could seem undoable. But do not worry, we assembled a simple guide on how to prepare when moving with kids. Below you’ll find the essentials that will help you and your spouse to take care of everything efficiently.

Organizing the move

Everything begins with the solid organization of your move. You need to prepare everything to be ready for your moving day. If you have the option, you should start by choosing a moving date that is acceptable to everyone included. Then, setting aside a moving budget and calculating the costs would be your next step. A moving and inventory checklists are in order. And lastly, packing and decluttering. Do not neglect the fact that after years spent in your home, you accumulated a lot of unwanted items.

Money and notebook on the table
Calculate all the moving costs

We are sure that your garage, attic, and backyard has a lot of things you do not know what to do with. Pile them up and organize a yard sale or sell online. Maybe donate to a local shelter? Or simply rent the affordable storage unit and decide what to do with your stuff later. Check out storage Staten Island, we are sure you will find a suitable storage unit.

Preparing for moving with kids

You need to take special care when moving with kids. You need to inform your kid about the move well in advance. Try to explain everything as much as you can. Of course, this depends on your children’s age. Furthermore, you should find time to take a tour of your new place and bring your kids with you. Make a family trip out of it.

Try to keep everything positive and to spin the situation into a game of some sort. Give your children a sense of excitement. They should have the feeling that moving home is fun, and an opportunity to meet new friends. Hence, make a tour of your new place, local parks where they can play. Additionally, if its manageable take them to their new school to meet a few teachers and local kids.

Also, you can encourage your child to pack a few moving boxes and transport them in your car. Make them feel like their belongings and toys are equally important, and that move begins with them. Give your children a sense of importance, to take their mind of what they are leaving behind. When moving with kids, it is important to think about their feelings and their mental state.

Hire movers to help you when moving with kids

As soon as you decided to move, begin researching to find a proper moving company. You should do this well in advance, especially if you are moving at the peak of the season. Spring and summer months are the busiest. Hence, if you do not hire your movers on time, choices might be slim on your moving day. You don’t want to end up with whatever comes your way.

As many reliable moving companies there are, also there are few fraudulent moving companies. All in all, you need to book at least a few weeks in advance. Also, to do a background check of the company you chose. And here we will recommend Verrazano Moving as one of the reliable New York movers. With many years of service and countless satisfied customers, this is the movers you can trust.

Person doing a research on the laptop
Do a bit of research to find a suitable moving company

You are working a lot, or for any other reason can’t cover all the aspects of the move? Consider purchasing one of many moving services New York. This option is highly lucrative since you can have an immeasurable gain for a reasonable price. Since you are moving with kids, and move is stressful as it is, it would be nice to catch a relief. Moving companies offer a plethora of services like packing, unpacking, storing and more. This will even provide the opportunity to take your child on a vacation while someone else completes the job. Explore this option, it might be just for you.

A sense of involvement

Make an effort and explain to your child that the situation is not bad, but rather exciting and fun. Put into perspective the following factors and involve your child in the move if possible.

  • Opportunities – Explain that this type of change can bring many opportunities. Elevate the positive aspects of the move. Tell them that they did not lose their friends that are left behind. They can always contact and visit. And that with this relocation they can meet new friends and explore new places. This is a moment where you can teach your child that change can be good and positive.
  • Stay positive – Try to hide the stress and frustration you carry with you. You understand the complexity of the situation but your child does not. Keep everything positive as much as possible. One way is to make an adventure game out of it. Go on an exciting quest, where the goal is the treasure you’ll find on your new home location. Reward them with a toy upon arrival. This will create some good childhood memories.
Stay positive during the moving with kids
Spend quality time with your kid and stay positive
  • Be patient – Kids often get confused and their little worlds are shaken to the core. It is understandable since everything is changing. That is why you should always find the time to answer their questions and, be there for them.
  • Packing together – Make them pack a box of their own, or to carry few toys. This will provide a sense of involvement and a feeling that they are contributing. Also, they should unpack themselves as well. This will keep your children busy, in a familiar environment. This should be done even if you purchased packing services. It is a special box after all.

Safety is most important when moving with kids

We are sure that you will cover the physical aspect of your children’s safety. But what of their mental state? Relocation is a big change in everyone’s lives, and children can suffer from anxiety as well as grown-ups. They might express it differently. You need to be aware of this because the symptoms can be unnoticeable for a while. Or straight away. To prevent this, research online, ask a school counselor, or visit a licensed psychiatrist. Educate yourself on how to prevent and how to mend moving anxiety.

Mother and kid having fun
Show love to your kids during the moving process

To cope with the moving stress is not that easy. Do not show them that you are afraid or uncertain. Try not to transfer any negative energy. If the child senses your nervous state, they will act out in the same fashion. One thing is certain, enough love and support from family members can do only good. Surround your child with all the love and attention you can give. Family support is most important when moving with kids.

We reached the end of our moving adventure. Hopefully, now you know more about how to handle everything while moving with kids. It will be a hard journey, but if you stay calm and organized, you will emerge victoriously. Keep focused on the goal ahead, and that is the safe relocation of your family. There is no greater motivation. Good luck, we wish you a successful relocation.

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