Moving with seniors – tips and hints

Moving with seniors can be quite frustrating. They say everything is much easier when you’re young, even when it’s about moving. Moving is a big life change, both young and older respond emotionally to it. Of course, young people are better in accepting changes and they can faster and more easily adapt to the new environment. Older people react more emotionally to relocation because they have many years of their own habits at home, old friends and neighbors and have become accustomed to space and things in it. It’s not easy to tell even a small kid that you’re going to move, let alone older people. You may encounter disappointment, shock, and the misunderstanding of the reasons why are you moving. 

Moving with seniors definitely represent a real challenge to deal with. There are various factors and things that you need to pay attention when moving with the elderly. We are sure that you have some dilemmas and worries. And if you’re looking for some tips and tricks, you’re in the right place, because we’ve put together some of the most important tips that will ease your moving challenge. 

 Moving with seniors starts with an early plan:

Don’t leave everything for the last day of moving. Be smart and start with an early plan. Arrange transportation ahead of time. You can ask family members and friends to help you pack your senior’s stuff in time. Talk to seniors and see what they want and need in their new home. You can take them to a new place to visit and meet their new home. Let them settle in their new room. You can let them design their new room or a garden. Make them feel important. Their opinion is very important and try together to move easily and less stressfully. Also, consider hiring professional movers to help smooth things along the way.

Don’t forget about healthcare:

This is probably the most important thing when you’re moving with seniors. If you’re moving with seniors who need special care, make sure you hire a specialist during transportation. Also, if you’re moving to a new place, you should find them a new doctor. It’s not early to call and find a new one, a months ago before moving, you never know what can happen. Before moving, it’s mandatory to visit a doctor with elders. They will advise you about relocating. The day before moving, check their medications and visit a pharmacy if needed to provide them with supplies.  

two elderly woman check up before moving with seniors
When it comes to moving with seniors, healthcare is the most important thing to have in mind.

It’s highly recommended – hiring professional movers. 

When it comes to moving with seniors, forget about DIY relocating. Although it may be possible, to people with no experience who move, many things can go wrong. So, it’s highly recommended to hire a professional moving company. First of all, they will ensure that their belongings and memories make it safely to their new home. Many professional movers will offer loading the truck, packing and unpacking services which are great. We know that you, your friends and neighbors have the best intentions, but sometimes it’s better to let a specialist do their job and help with moving your seniors. They will assist them in everything, from walking and care during transportation. Also, some last minute moving tips are in order here also!

Before moving with seniors, prepare their new room:

It is not advisable to move with older people to a new house without having previously equipped their new room. We highly advise you to prepare their new environment before you’re moving with seniors. Some elderly people have special needs in the form of orthopedic supplies or special beds. Take care of their needs and plan your new space in advance. Do everything to accommodate your elder’s needs. You can relocate their favorite furniture, TV, things from their room and make them feel comfortable. Take care of plugging in night lights. Clean a new room from dirt and dust, and put some fresh air into it. Sometimes elders require installing a walk-in bathtub, or stool for sitting in the tub, so make sure you have all their needs in mind. Do not forget to protect their valuables!

monitor check of the elderly animated
Elders accept changes and moving more emotionally, consult a psychologist about the way in which you will tell them the news.

Let them keep their memories:

Memories are an important part of our lives. And seniors have a lot of good memories made during their lifetime. Moving with seniors – to them can mean, leaving all good memories at home. As they accept moving more emotionally, it’s going to be harder for them to leave the home. Elders get attached to places, environment, and things more easily and emotionally. Because of that, there are going to be a lot of things from the house that represents memories to them. Don’t judge them for that.

Have respect and understanding of their desires. Of course, you can’t take all the stuff from your old home to a new one, but if they want most of the things from their room, try to agree with that. Keep in mind that these things will help them feel at their old home. It will be easier to overcome moving if you let them keep their memories.  And in case you consider hiring professional movers here are some tips on makings of a reliable moving company.

elderly couple holding hands prior to moving with seniors
Hiring professional movers is crucial when you’re moving with seniors and their well being!

Throw them a farewell party:

A farewell party for seniors? Why not?! We are sure that the seniors with whom you’re moving,  have their long-time friends and neighbors who will miss them. Pleasant surprises will delight your elderly and help them overcome bad feelings about moving. Choose the most suitable day and gather all their dear friends and relatives. Moving with seniors requires patience and care. You will send off your seniors with great memories. Take a lot of pictures with them or make a video of a party. You can buy them surprising gifts with their friends. Take some time to relax together and talk about all the happy memories they’re sharing. It’s going to be a day to remember!


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