Pack your kitchen like a pro

Packing your bags and leaving for another town or state is a big change in one’s life. Before you pack your properties you must first make a bulletproof plan in order to avoid stress or forgetting something along the way. Some of the items in your possession are easy to pack, while others might require professional assistance. For safe relocation to New York, it is advisable to study moving boxes Staten Island. For instance, packing your clothes shouldn’t present much of a challenge while transporting heavy furniture and fragile items can prove tricky. One of the best ideas is to break the packing process to separate rooms. In this article, we will provide you with some basic trick of how to pack your kitchen like a pro and avoid any inconveniences. So get yourself a cup of coffee and let’s start.

Some of the things to do before you decide to pack your kitchen

  • Throw away anything that is redundant. The timing couldn’t be better for you to throw away anything you don’t plan on using anymore. You should consider donating or selling some of the dishes or appliances online. You will be surprised how much money you can earn by doing this.
  • Clean everything. You don’t want to ruin your new kitchen with dirty dishes or home appliances. Thoroughly clean everything before packing, you want your new kitchen to look better than the last one.
  • Don’t pack your food. Find a way to utilize all the food that you have in the fridge or in your pantry. Food is susceptible to spilling and going bad and you want to avoid this.
  • Get all the packing logistics. This means to estimate how many boxes you will need. That depends on the size of your kitchen. Also buy labels and markers, sealing tape, bubble tape, screwdriver, and other tools you believe might come in handy. You can pick some of your older clothes to use when packing fragile items.

    Picture of a tidy white kitchen
    Before you decide to pack your kitchen, you should clean everything properly

When you pack your kitchen leave all the necessary items for the end

That’s right. You will probably need some of the kitchen items until the very last day. So we advise you to prepare a separate box for those items only. A couple of coffee mugs, some utensils, and dishes, you know what is essential to you. In addition, you should pack items you won’t need in some time first. This way you can cross them off your list and concentrate on packing. Those items probably won’t be needed in the beginning when you arrive at your new home, so you can also unpack them the last.

Home appliances are delicate, so be careful

Do you still have the original boxes for all those toasters, blenders and juicers?  If you do, now would be the best time to reuse them. If you have thrown them away, no worries just use those cardboard boxes you bought. Make sure you apply bubble tape of packing paper to cushion your appliances in boxes in order to prevent them from scratching against each other.

Picture of a blue rustic fridge
Packing of big kitchen appliances like fridges should be left to the professionals

This is especially important if you plan to pack more than one per box. For large kitchen appliances like fridges and ovens, you should probably ask for professional assistance. If your new living area is not ready for moving in consider placing your large appliances in storage facilities Staten Island.

How to pack your kitchen silverware

This is one of the easier jobs assuming you don’t own enough silverware to equip a hotel. The best strategy is to use a shoebox or some sort of wooden box if you have it. The first thing you should do is to empty all cupboards and drawers and put all the silverware in one place. Next, use a rubber band to form separate piles of different silverware types. Weight of silverware can easily add up so strengthen your boxes additionally by wrapping them with sealing tape.

Glasses are very fragile and need extra attention

You don’t want those expensive wine glasses to break during transportation, do you? That is why you need to protect fragile items from damages. So hears us out and you won’t have to worry. First of all, place your glasses in the box in an upright position. Place bubble wrap between the glasses or better yet some old clothes if you have them. Anything made of soft fabric will do the trick. Be careful and don’t overstuff your boxes because they can break and you will also make the job easier for the person carrying them. For additional security of your glasses strengthen the bottom of the box with some duct tape.

Pans, pots and other items

One of the problems you might encounter when decide to pack your kitchen is an insane number of different items. It can get very confusing and it’s easy to forget something in all that mess. So we advise you to create several misc boxes with a simple label of “kitchen-misc”. Fill those boxes with all those various tools you have scattered around your kitchen.

When you pack your kitchen you will have to sort out many different items
Your kitchen is full of various items of different shape and sometimes it is fairly hard to organize them

Again try not to overfill the boxes as they might break and ruin your hard work. You will also make the job easier for professional movers if you don’t overstuff the boxes. For pans and pots, our advice is to place the vertically in the boxes. This will save some space and give the items better stability. Don’t forget to use packing paper or bubble wrap in order to prevent any damage.

Additional tip

Even if you take all the precaution measures, accidents can happen. Therefore we advise you to look up for some moving insurance. Having insurance will help you to organize a stress-free relocation. Be wise when choosing insurance and don’t overpay for something you don’t really need.

So there you have it, know you know where to start and how to pack your kitchen successfully and relocate like a pro. We wish you a safe relocation and to use your new kitchen with pleasure.

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