Pack your Office for Relocation Like a Pro

Even though should be easy to pack your office, there are many reasons to be very careful. The office is not that complicated for moving like home, but you should pack it professionally. Do not forget that everything you need about your job is in there. Even the smallest mistake or lost could ruin your job.

  • Offices usually have a lot of small items inside, like paper clips and pencils – it would be hard to pack it without losing;
  • One of the reasons why is hard to pack your office is a lot of electric devices there – starting from the computers to printer and lamps – you should be very careful with them;
  • It is obvious that you do not have that much furniture in the office like at home, but there are still not of large things there that you need to take with you;
  • Do not forget that you have serious documentation there – you must not lose anything of them;
  • While moving office you must care about your job, so prepare a space where your people will work during packing and moving – provide needed comfort in that case.

Luckily, there are great commercial movers NJ that are skilled for these types of moving. You can hire them for the price that will not significantly affect your business, and protect your stuff during moving. Also, do not forget that only they can predict and help when problems occur.

Office with bunch of small items that make harder to pack your office
You can find very small items in the office that are hard for packing

Prepare carefully to pack your office

It is very important to make serious preparation and organization for packing your office. In some cases, it could take a month. You will need to organize job during moving, but all those people somewhere and stuff that you will need to the last day before moving. Make a list of the most important and valuable things and things that you do not use currently so you can pack them first.

Prepare proper supplies

Packing of the office is slightly different from the packing of the house. However, most of the things are the same. Especially packing supplies should be the same. The only difference is the size of the boxes and bags. You should prepare different sized boxes, but also small bags, bubbly paper, and Ziploc bags. Or, simply use packing services New York for this job.

Make an inventory list

This should be the easiest job, especially if your office is small. However, it is very important to sort out things in your office. It is not the same if you have a thousand paper clips and only one printer. Local movers New York also advice to make lists by offices, frequency of usage and importance.

Rent a storage

This could be a just-in-case option, but still, you should have a space that you can use if it is needed. However, it is very important to do it before moving starts. Otherwise, you can face with delaying when you are in a rush and with stuff that does not know where to put. It is much easier to find affordable storage Staten Island and preserve space for your stuff.

Organize business during this period

Moving delays and slows down your job. However, it should not be extremely bad. You can still organize your job from the other location. Move everything you can from office. Some jobs your employers can do from home. Also, you can rent an office in a close location for this.

Protect valuable things very carefully

Do not forget that you have many valuable things in your office. Starting from electric devices to even paintings on the walls, you will need to protect them during the moving process. The best way is to start by making a list of valuable items. You can add there which is the best way to protect them. Also, make sure that you have organized storage for the most sensitive things that you can take away until the moving is finished.

Office and computer
Since there are a lot of electric devices in the office you should declutter them

Detach electronics

Electronic devices should be the most important part of your office, so pack your office smartly. The first thing you should do is to declutter them carefully. It would be best if you have original boxes and packages for that job. If you do not, use large boxes and proper protection. Make photos of cables before decluttering, so you can easily plug them after moving.

Be careful with documentation

There is a way to make a document management system that works in offices. It will help you to pack and move your documentation properly and not lose anything. Also, protect them carefully, or it will be damaged and you will not be able to use it again.

You should organize the packing of your office smartly

Maybe the easiest in packing of the office is packing itself. The reason is so many people that you already have in the office who work there. Everybody can pack their own office or stuff. Also, you can share making an inventory list job with other employers. Give them assignments, some of them can make list, plan or simply pack items in the boxes.

People in the office
Share packing with employers in the office

Pack one office at a time

Do not pack without order and control. It is much better to organize packing so you and your employers pack office at a time. It will save your time and resources. Of course, there are things that you cannot pack on this way, like documentation. Also, pack sensitive and fragile items, like paintings and glass, separately. Since you do not use those things every day, you can remove them first.

Do not forget to clean before the move

We are sure that the first thing you have in mind is how to pack your office fast and run away. Every delaying affects the job. However, when everything is finished, you should clean up your mess. Pick up all the papers, remove old furniture if you have left. This is also a good way to pick up everything that you have missed when packing.


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