Post-move paperwork you need to handle

It may have looked like it would last forever, but you have managed to successfully complete your relocation. Moving takes a lot of hard work, this is a well-known fact. But you’ve finally done it. You have moved all your possessions to your new home and found climate controlled storage Staten Island NY. And now you can start enjoying the advantages of your new neighborhood and begin to settle. But hold the phone. It’s not over yet. Because you still have to take care of the post-move paperwork. That’s right, completing your relocation is not where your obligations end. There is still some paperwork to handle. So let’s see what you need to do after you move.

pieces of paper
Completing your move is not where your obligations end, there’s still some paperwork to handle.

You’ve changed your place of residence – make sure people know about it

Nowadays this is not necessarily considered as paperwork since there’s no actual paper involved. Nevertheless, one of your first post-move paperwork tasks is to notify people about your relocation. So after residential movers New York help you move, get your phonebook (these are usually part of our phones now, but some people still like to write things down) and go through it. Make a list of people who should know about the fact that you have moved. Make sure you notify all of them. Also. try to find out the relevant phone numbers for your new neighborhood. Your landlord’s number might be a good number to start with.

Let the government know you have moved – take care of your personal documents

Naturally, changing your place of residence normally means updating your personal documents. Depending on how far away you’ve moved from your old home, you might need to take care of the following:

  • You’ll most likely need a new driver’s license registration. And as long as you are dealing with all this, take the time to handle everything else –
  • You’ll possibly need a new license plate and/or tags.
  • A lot of people let it slip their mind, but make sure you remember to register to vote.
  • You shouldn’t forget to update your insurance.
  • Get yourself a new library card from a local library. It might seem irrelevant, but it’s best to take care of sooner than later.
an insurance document
Try not to get overwhelmed by the number of documents you’ll need to handle.

Your post-move paperwork involves dealing with the Postal Service

One other significant post-move paperwork task you should do is change your address and make sure that the Postal Service gets a notification about this change. This is supposed to be one of the most important duties after you relocate to a new home. This will enable you to avoid numerous issues and disturbances. People consider this to be a complicated task, but it is actually quite simple. All you need to do is fill out a request to change your address at your local post office. That’s all there is to it. No one likes to have mail issues, and undelivered letters are always an inconvenience. To avoid all these problems just handle the Postal Service issues immediately after you move.

Utilities are the kind of post-move paperwork you need to handle

Your bills and utilities are some of the post-move paperwork you should take care of. Your services providers should be aware of your change of address. This will prevent any misunderstandings and untimely paid bills. And something you definitely want to avoid is paying double for a single bill. You are able to have your utilities disconnected on the day of your move, and have them connected again at your new address after you move in.

Your local movers can perhaps give you some advice on how to handle things with your service providers. Some of the utilities and service providers you should contact and handle are:

  • electricity
  • gas
  • domestic waste collection
  • cable tv
  • telephone
  • internet
  • don’t forget about your newspaper and magazines subscriptions.

If you are moving with children, their educational records should be taken care of as well

We all know how complicated it can be to move with children. It is so difficult to explain everything and to help them settle. A new home, a new environment and a new school are hard to handle at once. And while we are at it, if your relocation is with children, you should take care of their educational records.

two children running around
If you have children and they are about to change schools, you should handle their educational records

They are about to transfer to a new school, which means you should visit the school prior to your relocation and check what documents you need to provide. It might take some time to gather all the necessary paperwork and documents, so make sure you do this in time. You don’t want your child to skip school after you move.

Don’t forget about your pet, if you own one

If you own a pet, you might need to transfer its files from your old vet to a new vet you find in your new neighborhood. This shouldn’t be a time-consuming task, so don’t worry about it. Just make sure you find a new vet for your furry friend as soon as you can.

It might seem like this is going to take a lot of effort. And you thought that transferring your belongings to a new home marks the end of your relocation. But don’t worry just yet. Post-move paperwork is perhaps tiresome, but it is something that you absolutely have to do if you want your life to move on stress-free. It is better to take several days and handle all of it at once than to do it one by one for weeks, maybe even months. So congratulations on your relocation and take care of your post-move paperwork as soon as possible!

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