Preparing a moving day list of chores

Moving is not an event, but rather it is a process. Therefore, it is not just one day that you have to worry about. There are weeks, if not months of planning that go into relocations. However, even with all the effort, you put in the planning phase. The selection of movers, the route, the services, packing, etc… all of it comes ahead in one single day. D-day. Moving day. And you absolutely have to be ready to deal with all the chores you will have immediately prior to and on a moving day. Therefore, you should make a list of sorts. A checklist in order to track your progress. Which leaves us with today’s topic – moving day list of chores, why make them and what to put on them?

Keeping track of moving day list of chores with a checklist

So, first things first. If you don’t know why you need a checklist, you probably didn’t have to move before. Be it that you are in need of a long term storage New York, or a simple local moving service, you will none the less have to move a lot of stuff. And, to move that stuff, and then unpack it later, you will actually need to make sure that you know exactly what goes where what is packed in what, etc. Are there fragile things? What is to be thrown away, given, sold, donated? What is to be stored? Things to unpack first… There are a lot of things to keep in mind – so just don’t, and keep up with the moving day list of chores by keeping it on paper.

moving day list of chores on a paper
How to keep track of chores…

How to do it? Simply list all the items involved in the move and then categorize them by… well, by whatever you want, really. Categories can range from those marking fragility, over those signaling the room of origin, importance, and size, to weight and value ones… it all depends on your special needs. There is some rather useful advice for all those who want to move out there – but every move is still a little bit different. Be sure to adapt to your own circumstances.

Safety and an accessibility check

Brooklyn movers of your choice will do the relocation by the parameters you set, and provide services you need and are ready to pay for. However, that does not mean that you don’t need to help out. Now, when we say help out, we don’t mean to try and lift things for them. Movers will always warn you not to do this. Safety is their concerns, at least when lifting heavy furniture is the matter. However, you can do a lot to help them besides that.

Accept sign
Is your apartment ready for the moving day?

You can, and absolutely should, add to your moving day list of chores the job of making sure that your apartment is safe. That means that there is nothing on the floor for movers to slip on, nothing from the ceiling that could fall on their heads. Also a big aspect of safety – make sure nobody is around to get in their way, especially small children. Movers will do their job, you just have to make sure they have the environment to do so.

Parking and route

Furthermore, you also have to make sure your movers have access to your Brooklyn apartment before you get moving to Staten Island. We are talking about optimal traffic situation and parking. However, there is more. Be sure to measure the size of your biggest item compared to hallways, elevator or stairs. If there is no way to get it down, you are in trouble. Furthermore, you will want to do the moving during a time which will present the least inconvenience to your neighbors. Even if you don’t care much about them, inconvenience is a two-way street. Them running into your movers also means your movers running into them. This commotion is best avoided.

Documents and other essentials

A very important thing to make sure is that you don’t leave all of your things in that affordable storage Staten Island you have taken. You need some of the things by your side at all times, even during moving.

To do list next to a pile of documents
What documents to pay attention to?

These would include:

  • Medication. If you have prescription medication, they should be a priority among the moving day list of chores. For very obvious reasons, you don’t want to be left without them.
  • Drivers license and an ID. A must-have. You never know what may get lost. This is why they have to be on a person.
  • Toiletries. Moves sometimes take longer than expected. You don’t want hygiene essentials left in the truck during a long-distance move.


You don’t want to be stuck paying for a place you do not live in. Plain and simple. One of the important things to tick off the moving day list of chores is the utility discontinuation. It is daily work, but it is worth it. Be sure you provide them with your new address! This is also true for insurances. Oh, and don forgets gym memberships. Those sometimes have to be canceled in person.


Finally, when you make a to-do list, add one more thing at the end. Movers work hard. They are paid professionals but also go above and beyond in many cases. If you can, tipping them would be great. If your budget does not allow this, try offering refreshments and informing their manager about the great work of the crew. This will be appreciated.

To summarise

So, let us summarise what we went over about the moving day list of chores. First of all, do make a checklist. They are an excellent and easy way to keep track of what you are doing. Be sure the first thing you check off that list is safety and accessibility. Also, make sure you have your essentials with you. Call everyone and take care of utilities. Finally, do be sure to thank the movers in some way. With all of that settled, we wish you the best of luck and bon voyage!

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