Prohibited items – the items movers won’t move

If you’re planning to move your household and have decided to get the services from a reputable moving company, you’re in the right place! This guide is just what you need in order to move with no problems along the way. It’s necessary to know in advance that there are specific items that movers won’t move due to legal, safety, or other reasons. But how to know which items your movers won’t move? Fear not, our guide is here to inform you about these prohibited items and to help you get rid of them the right way. Therefore, make sure to keep reading and learn all about this important topic!

Why it’s important to know which items are prohibited items to move?

So, you’ve listened to the advice from people who have already dealt with relocations and you’ve hired long distance movers New York to help you organize your move. Good job, this will make your relocation much easier! However, some people aren’t aware of the fact that movers can’t and won’t move everything you own. There are some items that your movers won’t move because these items are on the list of the prohibited items. Therefore, before packing your home, it’s necessary to inform yourself about these forbidden items. But why does this list even exist? Why are some items prohibited?

Man trying to find which are the prohibited items online
It’s necessary to learn which items you won’t be able to move well in advance

Despite your movers’ readiness and willingness to meet all of your moving requirements, some household items are considered too dangerous to be relocated to the new location. So you see, it’s all about safety! Your Brooklyn movers might not want to transport a specific item because it could put in danger:

  • The moving company’s representatives and their equipment
  • Customer’s precious valuables 
  • The whole environment and general public

It’s important to point out that almost every moving company has its own list of prohibited items they won’t move. Therefore, you should ask them about that list before you start preparing your household for the packing process. By asking this in advance, you’ll have just enough time for disposing of forbidden items according to the rules and regulations.

The list of prohibited items

Figuring out what will your movers move and what they won’t move can be quite confusing. But hey, now is not the time for feeling down. Our list will give you an idea of which items you can and which ones you can’t move. Read everything carefully and don’t pack the items that are on this list. After all, you certainly want to avoid having to repack your belongings on the day of the big move.

Hazardous materials

Whether you’ve hired long-distance or local movers NYC, you can be sure they won’t move any kind of hazardous materials! And, did you know that moving flammables, explosives or corrosive items is forbidden by federal laws? Such dangerous items shouldn’t be transported and that’s why it’s necessary to dispose off them before the move and according to regulations.

A warning sign
Hazardous materials present major risks to people who are involved in the move, to the property, and to the environment.

We want to provide you with the general list of things you shouldn’t pack due to their hazardous nature. However, make sure to consult with your movers before starting to pack your household. So, which items are dangerous and illegal to transport?

  • Guns and ammunition
  • Fireworks
  • Black powder, smokeless powder
  • Lighter fluid/matches
  • Signal flares
  • Gasoline/Kerosene or other petroleum products
  • Yard equipment containing fuel
  • Motor oil/Antifreeze
  • Acids/Ammonia
  • Pesticides/Fertilizer/Weed killers/Poisons
  • Propane tanks
  • Pool chemicals
  • Dangerous or unidentified liquids
  • Paint, paint thinners, and other paint-related materials
  • Charcoal
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Aerosol cans (deodorant, hair spray)
  • Scuba diving tanks
  • Car batteries


Even though perishables are definitely not as dangerous as hazardous materials from above, they can still make a huge mess during the relocation. Perishable food can easily spoil, release unpleasant odors and attract uninvited guests, such as rodents and insects. All of this can ruin your precious belongings. Therefore, don’t put them in danger by trying to relocate perishable food with you, especially if you’re moving over long distances.

Perishables include:

  • Fresh foods
  • Frozen foods
  • Open containers of non-perishable foods
  • Refrigerated foods

Plants and pets

In case you didn’t know, plants can’t be transported more than 150 miles without a special license. In addition to this, some countries even have the list of prohibited plants you can’t bring into them. Movers just don’t want to deal with these regulations and that’s why they won’t move them.

And do we really have to explain why movers won’t move pets? After all, would you really give your best friend to strangers? No matter how professional your movers might be, keep your pets next to you and make them feel comfortable during the relocation.

A black puppy
Pets can get anxious during the move so make sure to keep them by your side to make the relocation easier for them.

Movers advise against packing items that are irreplaceable

Getting this kind of advice is something you can expect from professional movers only. After all, you’ll want to keep some of your most personal belongings by your side and move them on your own. This goes for items that are irreplaceable and items that mean a lot to you. This is why every moving expert will advise you to have these boxes in your car instead of putting them inside the moving truck. These guys are professionals, listen to their advice!

So, what to do with prohibited items if you can’t move them?

Now you know which are the prohibited items or items you wouldn’t be able to relocate to your new home. If you can’t move them and you can’t leave them in your old home, what should you do with these items? Well, when it comes to hazardous materials, you should check the list of the best hazardous waste disposal in New York and get in touch with some of these companies. Let professionals get rid of these dangerous goods in a proper way. And what about perishables? You have to great options. The first option is to donate food that’s not opened. Helping someone in need is a great feeling! The second option is to throw a goodbye party and prepare some delicious snacks for your friends and family. As you can see, getting rid of these items is quite simple!

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