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Long distance moving can be a huge deal, but when you have Verrazano Moving and Storage on your side, you are worry-free. Our professionals are recognized as the best in the moving industry, and there is no distance we cannot conquer. We are your reliable long distance movers New York who can pack, move and store all your belongings safely and securely. With our professionals, your belongings will be timely efficiently delivered to your doorway. Stop your search for long distance moving company, reduce the risk of hiring fraudulent movers and call us at 718 -966 -15000 and we’ll start scheduling your move with the best movers you can find in New York!

Long distance road
Long distance movers New York will help you move no matter of the distance and size of your move

You can trust us with everything you possess

New York City is not called Big Apple for anything. In the big city like this, you can find many fraudulent moving companies which will bring you only headaches and big financial loss. When you hire our long distance movers New York you can be sure your move is in safe and capable hands. We are an honest, reliable, experienced, trustworthy, and dependable moving company. Here are a few reasons why we are your best choice:

  • Our long distance movers New York are registered with the Federal Department of Transportation and have a U.S. DOT number.
  • There are NO Hidden Charges at Verrazano Moving And Storage
  • We give you a copy of all the items to be moved, along with a written binding contract.
  • We have experience in moving households and businesses
  • New Yorkers rate us as one of the best moving companies
  • We offer you comprehensive moving and storage services
  • You can count on excellent customer support

How can long distance movers New York help you

As one of the few moving companies in NYC that know how complicated long distance moving can be, we are here to assure you that you are in good hands. Long distance relocation is done in multiple phases and we are here to give you a hand with each and every one of them. If you choose so, we can help you out from beginning to the end.

From moving preparations and packing to relocating and unloading. But, if you choose to tackle some of the moving projects by yourself, great. Just remember that as long distance movers New York, we are always a phone call away and that there is nothing more stupid than taking unnecessary risks when it comes to long distance moving.

Calling Long Distance movers New York
Just remember that Verrazano Moving is always just a phone call away.

Moving boxes

No packing is possible without moving boxes. While you can try to find free moving boxes in NYC, we strongly advise against it when long distance moving is in question. Poor quality boxes can be of service when you move locally. But, when your boxes need to survive a long distance move, you better find ones that are good quality. And, there is no one better suited to provide you with reliable moving boxes then long distance movers New York.

Since we know what can happen on a long distance relocation, we’ve ensured that our boxes are as safe as they come. There are no other moving boxes that you can get that will ensure your relocation like ours can.


Not even a local move is possible without planning. And this goes double for long distance relocation. Once you call our company, we will send our representative to give you a moving estimate. Once they come you will be able to have a sit-down and plan out your relocation. The sooner you call us the better we will able to help you.

There are many factors that influence the cost and efficiency of your relocation. This is why we need to start planning your relocation as soon as possible. If you give us enough time we will be able to make your relocation as cheap and as efficient as possible. Therefore, do yourself a favor, call Verrazano Moving now.


Proper packing is essential for long distance relocation. Without it, you cannot expect your relocation to go without issues. And who better to pack you than the people who know long distance moving in and out. Our packing team will ensure to pack your items as safely as possible.

We will only use the highest quality packing materials in order to ensure the safety of your possessions. This will prove to be quite valuable during a long distance relocation, as a small packing mistake can have disastrous consequences. Which is why we advise that you leave DIY packing for local relocations and storage.


And finally, the relocation itself. Our movers will properly load our moving trucks and drive your possessions on the fastest possible route. We will ensure that your possessions are transported safely and that nothing happens to them. Once we arrive, our movers will unload your possessions in the manner of your choosing. We can even help you unpack and make settling in much easier. All in all, come moving day, we will be there for you. Until you and your possessions are safe and sound in your new apartment, we will not rest.

A smooth road
Our long distance movers New York will make sure to take the fastest, smoothest road possible to your new apartment.

Special long-distance relocations

There are certain types of long-distance relocations that we feel we should mention. Not all long distance movers New York offer these services, but we are not one of those movers. Our moving company believes that there is no move that we cannot handle. Which is why we are proud to relocate items and work in circumstances that few long distance movers New York are able.


Helping out senior citizens is something all of us should do. Therefore, if you are a senior citizen or you are helping a senior citizen relocate, be sure to give us a call. We realize how stressful long distance moving can be for an elderly person. This is why we shall take extra care in order to shelter you from all the hassle and stress of long distance moving.

Helping senior citizens
Helping senior citizens move is something we are proud of doing.

Piano and Fine Art

Pianos and fine art are notorious as being extremely difficult to transport. Most movers have issues with transporting them locally, let alone long distances. Well, luckily, Verrazano Moving is not one of those movers. As one of the best long distance movers New York, we will happily transport any piano and any fine art that you might have in your current apartment. We will figure out how to keep your possessions safe throughout relocation so that they arrive in pristine condition. From dismantling to padding, wrapping, packing, and loading. We will deal with it all. All that we ask from you is to give us enough time and place your trust in us. Know that once you’ve hired Verrazano Moving, your relocation is as good as done.

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I can't say enough wonderful things about our experience with this company! The 3 men that moves us were so careful, neat ,fast, polite, caring. Not one nick on my walls! I was so impressed and highly recommend this company. Amazing people to deal with!

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