Step-by-step commercial relocation checklist

Being in charge of a company is not an easy task. Many top-notch managers have a lot on their plates. Business owners need to take care of their clients, employees and ever-changing market climate, besides from making a perfect commercial relocation checklist. Market development and technological innovations are some of the reasons why companies decide to switch offices. Other reasons may include a need for bigger or smaller space or proximity to their clients.

Sometimes people just want to change their environment because of personal reasons, and they decide to relocate their company as well. Whatever is the reason for this change of surroundings one thing is certain: In order to achieve that relocation, the fastest and safest way possible, it is recommended to get services of commercial movers NY. This is one of the steps that need to be taken to complete the transfer of a company. To see what are the other equally important steps, take a look at our commercial relocation checklist. This is a powerful tool that will ensure you don’t forget a thing.

Reconsider the reasons for the move and make a good financial plan

Before you actually make the move, re-evaluate the reasons that justify that decision. Are you moving because you wish to lower the costs or the other space holds better opportunities for business growth? Either way, you need to think twice before making this decision, as it can have a great impact on the future of your company. If you do decide to move, make a financial plan. A good financial plan should include all the important aspects of the move:

  • Moving supplies. What is the price of all the necessary tools like cardboard boxes and tapes?
  • Moving quotes and other expenses. How much the actual move costs? Will you have other expenses like renting a storage unit? If you need this service, check out New York short term storage deals and find the one that suits you the best.
  • Requirements for your new office. This includes new office materials like lamps, tables, and chairs.
  • Period of inactivity for the company. You won’t be able to conduct business activities during the move. Don’t forget that.

    Every commercial relocation checklist should include planned moving expenses
    You planned finances and moving expenses must be on the commercial relocation checklist

Chose the location and design the layout of your new office

Before you relocate your business, you have to choose the location. You should arrange a meeting with your employees and discuss the best options. The proximity of your clients is a major factor when it comes to choosing the location, but don’t forget your employees. This change will make a big impact on them, so you have to hear their opinions and suggestions. Next, make a floor plan with the arrangement of new offices and sectors. See what is missing and therefore must be acquired.

Picture of location tag
Ask your employees to join the discussion concerning the future location of your offices

Get a blueprint of your new space and see if there are some modifications to be done. You might have to call an electrician or plumber before you can move in. You can let your employees do the finer part of the renovation like the decoration of the offices. Let them choose plants, carpets and wall art. This will help them to look forward to this change and make them feel like a part of the family.


This is the best time to throw out everything that you don’t need. Clean your offices and throw out all that unnecessary trash. Check the laws for recycling office material in your state before you throw out anything in order to avoid fines. Clean and organized space is something that is advisable regardless of the moving process. But in this case, there are several advantages of downsizing your offices. Firstly, you will save some money on moving quotes. Secondly, it will be easier to unpack when you arrive at your new destination. Lastly, you are starting a new chapter in the company’s life. You want to enter it without a large pile of redundant items. Also, remember that a minimalist office design creates an illusion of depth and more open space. Your employees will appreciate this.

picture of a laptop and notebook
Minimalist office design could improve the efficiency of your staff

Step number two on the commercial relocation checklist: Hire professional movers

While you can save some money by doing some of the things on your own, it is still necessary to hire professional assistance. Before you decide to hire a certain moving company do some research first. Learn what are the traits of a professional moving company. Learn how to spot scammers and amateur movers. The best way to do this is to read online reviews or to consult your friends who have experience. You should try to book the move in advance and according to your plan. By booking in advance you might get some discounts as well.

Assign the tasks from your commercial relocation checklist to your employees

You can assign some of the moving duties to your stuff. Divide moving duties by sectors so that everyone is in charge of something. You can ask the manager of each office to conduct the packing plan. Make sure that they label the cardboard boxes using a previously agreed labeling system. Every employee can mark his box with the corresponding letter, number or name. Make teams for every part of the relocation process, from packing the office equipment and organizing key documents to finding good moving insurance deals.

Moving insurance is very important because no matter how professional the moving crew might be, accidents can always happen. One important hint: Try to establish the office for the key sectors at the new location before the whole company moves. This way you can tone-down the loses in the off-period.

These were some of the most important steps that every commercial relocation checklist should include. In the end, remember that it is important to enter this process with the right mindset. You and your employees mustn’t look at this change as the end to an era but as the beginning of a new one. Have a safe relocation.

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