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After deciding to move or declutter, you’ll quickly realize you simply don’t have enough room for all your possessions. It most likely took years to pile up everything you own – where should you store it all? Don’t feel troubled even for a second, because Verrazano Moving and Storage Staten Island has the perfect solution for you. Our New York short term storage units are precisely what you have been searching for. Our facilities offer you the ideal place to store all of your items – even if only for a short period of time. This means you are only a call away from the most reliable storage NYC!

new york city short term storage
Moving and decluttering often requires you to find affordable and reliable storage options.

New York Short Term Storage units we offer are the safest way to keep your items intact

With so many life events urging you to search for New York short term storage, you must do your best to find the most reliable storage facilities out there. And Verrazano is who you should turn to when in need of reputable, experienced and affordable storage Staten Island. When it comes to these kinds of facilities, we have got you covered.

Even though you only plan to store your belongings for a short period, you still need them to stay safe and undamaged. This means only the best storage options can and should be considered. And it is exactly why we have done our best to make our short term storage units secure and dependable. You can rest assured that your belongings will stay safe, as well as intact, regardless of how long you need them to remain stored.

Are there other storage options that Verrazano Moving and Storage can offer?

Whether you plan to store your household items or your office equipment, short-term storage options have proved to be more than useful. However, aside from the reliable short term storage units, Verrazano Moving and Storage has other storage-related options to offer.

painting supplies
Consider storing your precious artwork inside our climate-controlled storage facilities 

Sometimes your relocation can end up lasting more than you initially expected. Or you may decide to keep your office supplies in storage for a more extended period. Also, there are occasions on which you need to keep your items in special conditions. And you’ll be glad to hear that we have a solution for any storage issues you might have.

  • Climate-controlled storage Staten Island NY is the most appropriate option for those who wish to store temperature or humidity-sensitive items. In addition, should you happen to own pieces of great sentimental value which you wouldn’t want to risk exposing to extreme climate conditions – consider storing them inside a climate controlled unit. Humidity and heat could also be detrimental to your art pieces. So if you own and want to save any of these items, then our climate controlled storage is a perfect choice.
  • As we’ve already mentioned, there are times when you decide to keep some of your items stored for a longer period. And Verrazano offers you a solution for this particular issue. Our long term storage facilities are available any time you decide you want to store your belongings longer than you initially anticipated. Needless to say, our storage facilities offer safety and convenience necessary for any long-term storage option.

Why do people opt for short term storage facilities?

Renovating your home

There are numerous occasions whereon you might need to store stuff for only a short while. And obviously, every New Yorker needs to use New York short term storage at least once in their lifetime. You might not have been aware of this option at all, and sometimes it can make your life much simpler. For instance, what would you do with your household items during the renovation of your home? Out of every single solution that might come to mind, Verrazano short-term storage is definitely the most convenient option.

a house being renovated
The ideal way to handle the renovation is to store your household items

Changing your place of residence

And what happens if you plan to move locally, but you are unable to fit all your possessions into your new home at once? Again, a short-term storage unit is the perfect solution. You can just keep your items in our secure storage facilities until you manage to settle in your new home. And you’ll eventually find a suitable place for all your stuff, so there’s no need to keep them stored for good.

Getting rid of unnecessary household items

Decluttering. No one is a big fan of it. It is time-consuming and tiresome. But every once in a while, you need to downsize. And it’s never easy giving up on the things you own. So, until you decide what to do with your excess items – store them with the help of Verrazano. Short term storage units are the best way to declutter with ease. You don’t have to ditch everything at once. Store the redundant things away until you figure out what to do with them. Verrazano Moving and Storage Staten Island offers the ultimate solution to any moving or storage issue.

The solution is right in front of you!

As you can see, all your New York short term storage issues can be easily solved. All you need to do is contact Verrazano Moving and Storage Staten Island and let us offer you a glimpse of our reliable services. Our fair and honest pricing, along with our professional and experienced staff makes a perfect combination. And customer satisfaction has been our number one goal from the very beginning of our three-generations moving and storage adventure. So join the club of our satisfied clients. It is getting bigger by the day!

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