The difference between binding and non-binding moving quotes

There are a lot of strange terminologies used in moving. And, while people who move often do recognize the meaning, many are rather rightfully confused as to what means what in the world of moving. Quotes are one of them. First time encountering the word you might think about quotes from famous people, and not about their actual meaning: estimates. And furthermore, you might reasonably ask, what is the difference between binding and non-binding moving quotes? How can I tell the two apart? What does this mean for my move and how does it reflect on my budget. And, most interestingly, what does this means about my movers?

For all those questions and more, read further!

First – some terminology to get out of the way

As we said before, the moving industry uses language that is not all-to-known to those who are having to move rarely or for the first time. It doesn’t matter if you are moving to another country, down the street, or simply relocating your business or possesions to storage 10303… it all uses the same exact language you are better off understanding.

First - some terminology to get out of the way
Lets is what in the world of movers

So what are those particular terms you ought to understand? Well, we compiled a small list.

  • 110% rule – we didn’t mention this one first by accident. This simple rule actually serves as the main difference between binding and non-binding moving quotes. How so? Well, binding moving quotes are actually made with the promise of 110% in mind. This rule goes as follows: The final cost of the move won’t go over 110% of the (binding) estimate. All legitimate moving companies stick to this rule and will not try to hide it.
  • Moving quot– just to reaffirm. Moving quote is an estimate your movers give you on how much will moving your stuff to your new location (with all the services requested) cost. There are (obviously) two kinds and we will discuss both later.
  • Bill of lading – is something of a receipt, though this is a really important one. It contains all the information on the move. Your address, both old and new, inventory, the route that is taken, etc… Be sure to check that everything is there once you get to your stuff and return the bill of lading signed. ..

Good movers

Now, how would you know if moving services Staten Island are legitimate? How could you tell that any kind of quotes given by this company can be relied upon? Simply follow a few simple steps. First, check the website of any company you are currently interested in. Is the website presentable, with information available in a straight forward-not convoluted way? Are there any positive experiences of previous clients (aka reviews) displayed here, or on any other reviewing app or site? If there are negatives, what are they saying and has the company addressed the issue?

If you are happy with the results, move forward and call them. Staff should be responsive and welcome all of your questions. You should call them and tell them that you require a moving estimate. They will (if a good business) offer to come to your apartment, house or a condo and do an on-spot assessment. This is a generally only thing you should agree for. Alternatives are not welcome.

And then, he will give you one of two kinds of moving quotes…

Binding moving quotes

Without spoiling the pros and cons section of his post, we will just say that it is the binding moving quotes you are searching for. So how does it look like? There is a previously mentioned hands-on inspection by movers. Depending on if you are moving locally or long-distance (400 miles is usually a point in which a local move becomes a long-distance one, though this is more of a guideline than a rule) commercial movers NY will measure weight (for long-distance moves) or estimate time needed for services asked (for local moves).

budget difference between binding and non-binding moving quotes
Pay attention to a moving estimate and save money

If you want any additional services such as packing or piano transportation or anything in that order, you have to request it by now. After the quote is done, it is binding and hard to change, and any changes to the plan will likely be denied for legal reasons (110% rule and the whole binding part of the deal).

Non-binding moving quotes

Nonbinding moving quotes are generally not a good sign, but we will discuss that aspect a little bit later. For now, here is what there is to know. Non-binding quotes can also be done after an inspection, but they are not a clear or concrete indication of what will occur on the move day. Movers that give these are under no legal obligation to stay anywhere near that price and will, if possible, add different services that you might have not even asked for to jack the price up…

However. There is also a legitimate option for these, and that’s for local movers. Companies like local movers New York will sometimes, though admittedly rare, and for very short distance moves, use this method as it is easier and faster. Still, we recommend caution if you do not trust the mover.

Pros and Cons

So what are the pros and cons of these different moving quotes? Well, for the binding quotes, pros are easy. You can count on it! This is the most important thing. The price tag will not surprise you. A con is only that you are not allowed to change the deal afterward, meaning no additional services you haven’t come up with before.

Pros and Cons
What are upsides and downsides of both kind of quotes?

For the non-biding. Cons are more numerous. These kind of quotes are unreliable and sometimes a red flag of a scam. They are only to be used for extremely local, flexible moves with truest movers.

Summing up the difference between binding and non-binding moving quotes

We hope that now the difference between binding and non-binding moving quotes is clearer to you. We wish you the very best of luck in your move!

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