The packing supplies you will need for organizing a storage unit like a pro

Do you have need of a storage unit? Whether you are downsizing your home, cleaning up or moving to another city, you might need to put your things somewhere. This somewhere is usually good and reliable storage 10303 if this somewhere in Staten Island. But before you do that, you will need to prepare your items for their stay. These units can sometimes get messy and overcrowded, but with some good organization, you will be able to control this mess and save your money on the space! In this article, we take a look at the packing supplies you will need for organizing a storage unit like a pro! With these, you will be able to protect your items while making sure your storage unit is clean and tidy!

Make sure you can fit everything into the storage unit before you start looking for packing supplies you will need for organizing it

This is one of the priorities that people often forget about. Sometimes, you will arrange for a storage unit, packing service New York and even the packing materials, but then you will realize that you just cannot fir everything in the unit you are renting. This then leads to searching for another unit and – if you are unlucky – doing the whole process once more if the unit is nowhere to be found. To make sure this doesn’t happen, double-check your storage unit. Measure it up and then decide how much space your items will take as well. It might also be a good idea to try and spacially plan it beforehand.

a list
Create a list of the items you are packing for storage, as well as the packing supplies you will use!

If you do not have the time for this, then at least make sure you have a list of items you are putting in the storage unit. Then, estimate how many boxes you will need for this – as well as any larger items you are including inside the unit. Before you start buying packing supplies you will need for organizing a storage unit, make sure to jot down just how much space these items will take. After some calculations, you should be able to figure out if you will be able to place everything inside. Remember – you can put a lot if you organize well. But, you will need to go through the organization steps for this to happen!

Divide the packing supplies you will need for organizing a storage unit into smaller groups

The next step would be to start looking for the packing supplies and moving boxes you will use. However, even here, you should organize everything well before getting stuff. Different items will require different materials, as well as ways in which to store them. This is a challenge – but you can also use it to your advantage! Once you know what you need and what you should avoid, it will be easier to get the supplies! So, when getting the packing supplies you will need for organizing a storage unit like a pro, these are the groups you can divide it up by:

  1. furniture packing supplies;
  2. appliances packing supplies;
  3. electronics packing supplies;

Let us take a deeper look into all of these separately. This way, you will be able to plan our your shopping ahead of the time, but also understand just what goes into planning your storage unit.

Avoid using plastic when packing your furniture

When you are putting your furniture in the storage unit, you need to take a lot of care. People are sometimes less careful with these items than with electronics and appliances, but furniture items can get damaged easily as well! For example, make sure to avoid plastic! It suffocates the furniture, and can get mildew to appear easily! An exception is a bubble pack for fragile items, which offer protection, of course.

couch and coffee table
You want to avoid moisture and mildew when packing up your furniture items for storage.

Instead of plastic, use cloths. Things like quilts and old sheets are perfect for this, as well as blankets. And if you need to tape something up – make sure you’re not taping stuff directly to your items! This can damage them in the long run and again, create some mildew. What’s more, you can end up removing the paint or fabric, which ruins your item!

Prepare your appliances for a storage unit before you get packing supplies you will need for organizing it

Appliances need some prior preparation. First, you will want to drain them from any liquid. Again, this is to stop mildew from appearing in your storage unit! Then, remove fragile pieces like glass. You will pack these up separately from the main thing. There aren’t really any special packing supplies you can use here – other than a desiccant. Also, consider a climate-controlled unit to stop rust and fissures.

Electronics need special attention

Put a lot of thought into packing your electronics and which packing supplies you will use. If you are able to, use the original packing supplies for your items – as well as a climate-controlled unit. They will protect the item from any bumps or tremors, as well as any moisture. Before you put the items in the unit, make sure you take photos of the setup. This way, you can keep everything organized once you take them out of the unit.

a cable
Make sure you know where each cable goes!

To protect them further, wrap them in packing paper. You can also use linens to ensure your items have protection even if the box gets damaged. Things can sometimes slip off the shelves to this is always a smart idea. Finally, do not leave your electronics on the floor – this will ruin the batteries.

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