The ultimate Staten Island moving day checklist

Preparing well for the move is one of the most important things that you can do. The moving process is going to last for a long while. The preparations should begin the very moment you decide that you’re going to be moving soon. As a part of this process, you’re going to come up with a moving plan. Once you put down all that you need to take care of, you should divide that list of yours into segments. What is your division supposed to be on? The time. Make sure to make a thorough moving plan before your moving company New York arrives. Still, it’s also very important to come up with a moving day checklist. It is going to help you make sure that you know what your moving day tasks are and to complete them on time. Let’s help you come up with your moving day checklist.

Why is coming up with a moving day checklist so important?

The purpose of your moving day checklist is to make sure that you know what you need to take care of on that day. 

One of the mistakes that people make is that they decide that they are not going to need a moving day checklist in the case that they are going to obtain professional moving services Staten Island. This is not true. Regardless of the fact whether you are hiring professional movers to help you move away, you should have your moving day checklist ready for when the moving time comes. It is going to simplify the process pretty much.

Living room
Moving into a new house is easier with a moving day checklist

Therefore, you should not be taken by surprise. If you come up with a quality moving plan and a moving day checklist, the odds are that you are going to have a successful move.

What needs to find its place on your moving day checklist?

The checklist that you are going to create should be very straightforward. It should contain no clauses or long explanations. This is the list of tasks that you are going to have to deal with, one your moving day before, during and after your local movers Staten Island have come and left your premises.

Now, in the case that you are unsure whether you will have to deal with certain things, then you can write them down in an additional section. Still, you should make sure to keep the list as simple as possible. 

In order to make the list as comprehensive as possible, divide it into two sections:

  • What to do in the old home
  • Things to take care of in the new home

Now, move on to creating your moving day checklist.

Moving checklist with the tasks that you need to take care of in the old home

Once all of your items are packed, there is not going to be a whole lot left to do in your old home. Still, there are peculiarities that you are going to need to take care of. Some of them include:

  • Buy breakfast in a bakery
  • Packing the last bits of your belongings
  • Say good-bye to your house
  • Double-check that there is nothing left behind

Buying breakfast in a bakery

This is the last morning in your old home. Therefore, you will have no time nor the plates and utensils to deal with preparing breakfast. Therefore, before your Manhattan movers arrive, you should make sure that you have eaten. The best way to do it? Grab something from a nearby bakery. And take enough for everyone, for you will not be certain when you will eat again on your moving day.

Image of a bakery
Grab breakfast from a bakery

Packing the last of your belongings

By the moving morning, 95% of your items should already be packed. Once you have eaten, make sure to pack the rest of them.

Say good-bye to your house

It is important to make your kids feel like they have had closure in their old home. Therefore, after all, is ready for leaving, but before loading moving service NYC begins, take your kids for one last walk around the house. Tell them stories of why each part of the house is important. Say good-bye to your home with them by your side.

Double-check that there is nothing left behind

Who is the last person to leave the old place? You are! Therefore, before you turn the key for the one last time, make sure to take one more look at whether all has been packed and taken out.

What to do in your new home one the move-in day

Now that you are ready to leave your previous home in The Bronx for example, here is what you need to do in the new one on the day of your move-in:

  • Protect the floor before any of the items go in
  • Check the state of your items
  • Assemble basic furniture

Protect the floor first

The first thing that you need to do upon moving into your Brooklyn home is to protect the floors. The last thing you’d want is to have the floors damaged even before moving in. A carpet or cardboard would do just fine.

Protecting floors should be on your moving day checklist
Protect the floors before you start bringing your items in

Check the state of your items

Given the fact that you must have used the help of professional packers NYC, you should make sure that all of your items reached their destination intact. Bill them any possible damage.

Assemble basic furniture

Lastly, you should only assemble basic furniture on your move-in day. By this time, you are going to be pretty tired. The day will have felt long. Therefore, make sure that your family has comfy beds to sleep in and call it a day.


Coming up with a moving day checklist is not that difficult as you have seen. Adjust our suggestions to your needs and you should be just fine.

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