Tips for moving elderly parents

Bringing in the changes in the lives of elderly people is something that they are going to have a hard time accepting. After all, wouldn’t you have issues with working hard your whole life only to have all of that taken away from you once you retire? Retirement is about enjoying the fruits of your labor, not having to change and adapt. Still, sometimes changes are not going to be bad. There are certain things that can come as a benefit. Other times, however, it is the circumstances that change. Moving elderly parents, with the help of residential movers New York, is usually the product of circumstances and rarely their wish. Therefore, we are going to share with you some of the best tips for moving elderly parents with you today. Bear with us in the case that you might need to go through this process soon.

The things to bear in mind when you need to organize moving elderly parents

As we have already pointed out, moving elderly parents is not something that they would usually look forward to. Still, regardless of whether you may be doing it because it is their wish that you are looking to fulfill or you may need to adapt to the situation, there are certain things that you need to bear in mind.

moving elderly parents into your suburb is a good idea
You can help your parents move into the same suburb as you in order to stay close

However, before we focus on them, let us point out that you need to keep this information in mind even when the help from senior movers has been obtained. The sheer fact that the professionals are going to be helping you take care of moving elderly parents does not mean that you should stand by and watch. Obviously, you should not be doing any lifting for example. On the other hand, you should be the one tasked with the coordination and emotional support for your parents.

Therefore, stay engaged and focus on the following aspects of the move:

  • How much help are your parents going to need in order to relocate in a relaxed manner
  • Moving closer to you or into a retirement home
  • The layout of their new home and its functionality
  • Help them declutter

Let’s find out more.

How much help are your parents going to need in order to relocate in a relaxed manner?

The first information that you need to obtain is how much help your parents are going to need in order to move.

This is something that is going to depend directly on a few characteristics:

  • Their age
  • The health situation of your parents
  • Their will to move

Once you gather all of the abovementioned, you should start planning interstate move NY of your parents.

While your engagement is going to depend on the information gathered, you should make sure to be there for your parents regardless of how needed or unneeded you may be. The emotional toll is going to be pretty high on them. Therefore, make sure to be there for them and show the empathy that they are surely going to need.

Moving elderly parents closer to you or to the nursing home?

Once you have understood what kind and how much help your parents are going to need, you should make sure to decide, with them, where they should be moving to. In order to obtain help from local movers NY, you should choose one of the following:

  • Move your parents closer to the place where you live
  • Help your parents relocate to a nursing home
  • Have your parents move in with you

These are the options that you are going to have on your hands. Obviously, you are going to need to choose the best ones both for you and for your parents too.

Move your parents close to the place where you live

Moving your parents close to where you live is a great way for both parties to keep their privacy. At the same time, you are going to be able to reach them within minutes in case they might need you.

An elderly couple
Help your parents realize the benefit of moving into a nursing home

Help your parents relocate to a nursing home

Another option is moving your parents into a nursing home. This is a decision that people sometimes have issues with. However, bear in mind that for your parents, this is, sometimes, the best option.

The functionality of the new home for your parents

The next thing on today’s agenda is the layout of the new home for your parents and its functionality.

Obviously, elderly people’s needs are pretty different from what the young people are after. You need to take this into account when you are choosing the place for your parents to move to.

To choose the best place, you should focus on their needs. Take into account what they are capable of and use it as your guidelines.

Before moving your parents, help them declutter

Lastly, you are going to help your parents move with as few items as possible. In order to do this, you should help them declutter.

Decluttering at an elderly age can be a pretty hard thing to do. After all, they have been working all of their lives to be able to afford the items that they have. On top of that, it is not the monetary value of their belongings that is going to be holding them attached to their belongings. It is emotions and memories. Such items are what makes them feel like they have been alive.

A cluttered counter
Make sure to help your parents declutter before moving away

Therefore, help them let go of the material items and embrace their new lives.


Moving elderly parents can be a hard thing to do. However, it is not impossible. Still, it is important to remain empathetic throughout the process. The most difficult part is going to be the emotional attachment that they have to their surroundings. Help them see the benefit of moving and you are going to be on the right track to help them relocate.

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