Tips for moving rugs and carpets

One would think that a post about moving rugs and carpets would not need much narrative. After all, it is pretty straight to the point issue. However, we don’t think so. With a post so obviously focused on one issue that is quite specific and unique we didn’t want to bore you to death therefore, we will paint you a picture, tell you a little story, that will keep your attention while you read through the (admittedly tedious) instructions on how one should approach the topic of moving rugs and carpets.

Therefore, with the topic at hand, clearly stated and our intention of making this as fun and readable as it can be while still staying on the topic and giving you, the reader, valuable instructions on how to pack your carpets and rugs, we can now proceed to the first step of our instructions. And, of course, the first chapter of our little story.

Let’s see what we are working with

The moving day is fast approaching. It looms over a household that is just going up and down the apartment, getting ready. Diligent (yet tired after going in detail of where to hire loading and unloading labor services NY with your roommates/family) you go room by room in search of anything you might have omitted when packing plans.

Checklist in hand you exit the bathroom where everything is A-ok and move through your bedroom and the hallways… and then you notice it. You are walking barefoot… and you feel nice… You realize you have forgotten to pack the carpet and the day of the move is quite near. So what do you do?

Cleaning before moving rugs and carpets
Clean it thoroughly!

Well, first, asses the situation. There are a couple of factors you want to keep in mind when you are preparing for moving rugs and carpets. 

  • Is the rug and/or carpet you intend to move with you clean?
  • Is it a particularly valuable or expensive rug/carpet?
  • Are you moving rugs and carpets that have been previously damaged?

The third factor is the most important one. And you know this! You crouch down and inspect it closer, reading your checkbook (as one should do – always have every item that is moving written down with their state clearly on display).

You see that the carpet has not been cleaned in a long time, but this is not the issue (and we will cover this in the next step). The price fits the quality. It is a relatively cheap rug, welcoming guests to your Brooklyn apartment. But, is it damaged?

This is the most important thing you ought to know. If you only inspect the carpet after they arrive and see that they have a tear or early stadium of mold – how will you know if it occurred before or during transportation?

But you know this and that is why you inspect the carpet diligently. And, to your relief, no damage is found!

Cleaning before moving rugs and carpets

Brooklyn movers are ever closer to the apartment and you better get started right away. You go into the kitchen and take out a vacuuming cleaner! But wait, why clean it now? Why not wait until later? After all, it is clear that time is of the essence!

This is because you know that a dirty carpet is a liability. While a carpet with little dirt from shoes and hair from that pet cat everyone loves is nothing to lose your mind over, it can be problematic when you have to relocate the carpet. As you will soon see, many obstacles are to be crossed before a rug or a carpet is ready to be moved, so you have to clean it and make the move without any damage possible.

The direction of the nap

Just after you cleaned and cleared out what moving discounts your grampa and gramma will have by using senior movers New York (or any others, senior discounts are nay universal), you return to your now remarkably clean carpet. What is your next step!

The direction of the nap
Let’s see what is the natural direction of the fabric…

You are to go back to the inspection mode of this whole operation. You kneel by the carpet and run your fingers up and down the fiber. What you are trying to do is to distinguish the sensations of both. You then nod your head, assured that you found the answer to the question at hand. That question is – “what is the natural direction of the fabric”. This will be important in the minute.

Flip it, roll it and tie it in position

Now, help comes. You asked one of the other roommates/family to help you out. On three you flip the thing. The partner begins to roll it up but you know better and stop them. They are doing it wrong. You need to roll against the grain! Knowing this you roll it up in no time!

Using a simple rope to secure it (bottom, top, and middle), not too tightly, of course, you are ready for a final step!

Wrap it up

All you have to do now is wrap it up in something that will protect it from its arch-nemesis – moisture! Moisture is the greatest enemy of any fabric, rugs in particulars. If you want that carpet ready for your house warming party in a few days you will need it undamaged. Therefore, wrap it not only to protect it from unnecessary friction, but also from any moisture (we prefer plastic).

Tips for more expensive rugs

As a bonus to this tale, we have some advice. There are many special services that movers will offer, like for example fine arts movers New York.

old and valuble
Is your carpet particularly valuable? We have some advice!

If you have a particularly valuable carpet, we recommend giving some money for such services.  They will save you a lot of money because they are guaranteed to perceive the value of your prized possession!

In conclusion

This concludes our little prose on how to moving rugs and carpets. We hope that the story made the things little less dull, and also shed some light on the issue at hand. Best of luck!

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