Tips for moving with pets

Everybody knows that moving can be so boring, stressful and annoying. That is exactly why you need to make this experience the opposite of what everyone is saying. Make it fun and quick. You will manage to do this if you plan everything in a timely manner. If you have enough time, everything will be a piece of cake. When you are moving with pets, things can get a bit more complicated, but that is when you need to follow some simple steps that we will show you here.

Moving with pets 101

You can never be too careful when you are moving with kids, and the same goes when you are moving with pets. Safety comes first. So, what you need to do is to keep your pet away from where it all happens.

If you have moving companies Staten Island NY over to have you packed and moved, your pet needs to be somewhere safe. This has been said in a sense that someone can get injured if your pet runs around. There can be a situation where somebody is carrying a huge heavy box, and they can trip over your pet. You can imagine the rest of that story.

Visit the vet before moving with pets

When you are moving with a pet, even though your furry friend is healthy, you must go and visit a vet. This is because you need to be sure that he can handle the trip, whether you are moving far away or somewhere close. It is important to know that your pet is ready for the move. A simple check up is for your pet well-being.

cat at the vet
It is important to schedule a visit to the vet

Once you make sure that everything is in the order you can continue with moving. Some vitamins for your best friends are a good idea. Therefore, have some time to make this visit, you can eve do it a week before the actual move, it is not important to do it exactly n the day of the move. Simply make some time for this in the process of planning.

Have a night bag

Moving is not all about you and your items, you probably know that. When you are moving with a pet you should have another bag for him. For the first night in your new home, when you don’t feel like unpacking, you should have a bag for yourself and for your pet. Pet bag should contain:

  • Your pet food
  • His snacks
  • Toy
  • Blanket
  • The dish for water and food

Your overnight bag should contain:

  • Pajamas
  • Toothbrush and paste
  • A towel
  • Change of underwear and clothes

So, make sure to pack two bags. One for you, one for your pet.

Moving with pets – Transportation

When the time comes to move to your new home, and once everything is packed and ready to be transported what you mustn’t do is to have your pet in another vehicle away from you. If you have a dog you should drive with him as usual, if you have a cat, in that case, have a transporter because cats are not really known for enjoying car rides.

a dog in a blanket
Make sure you have all essentials close to you

Even in the transporter, your cat should be in the same vehicle as you. If you have fish and an aquarium, that is a whole different story. For now. Have your dogs and cats with you during transportation.

Moving fish and aquarium

When you are moving with a pet such as fish, rules are a bit different. There is no need for an overnight bag but there is a need for a bag with sand, plants and everything you had in your aquarium. Your fish shouldn’t be transported in the fish tank. It is dangerous because you won’t be able to pack the aquarium properly and eventually it will break.

fish in aquarium
Never transport a fish in the glass aquarium

Therefore, buy a plastic container for your fish with filter and it will be so much easier for you to transport them. It is not nature-friendly since it is a plastic type of tank, but it is only for transportation purposes. Afterward, you need to pack the aquarium properly and that is a whole special topic to investigate.

Keep your pet happy

While in the process of moving you shouldn’t forget about the feelings of your pet. You are feeling stress and he is too. That is why you should find a way to keep him happy. It is a good idea to connect the move with some good things. If you have a dog or a cat it is pretty easy. Have some treats during the move for them and give them even during the transportation and especially upon the arrival to a new home. They will connect these treats and a good feeling with the new home and it will be easier for them to adapt to the new surroundings.

New home

Being in the new home can make them uncomfortable for a while, that is why you need to find some time to introduce them to their new home. Firstly, have them in one room until they feel comfortable there. Once you see that your pet is more relaxed you can start walking through the other rooms. Of course, from day one you should create their base to which they will get used to in time. Treats should be given in the room where you want your pet to be.

Moving is hard, it is stressful when you are moving with kids, with pets, even when you are moving alone. You need to find the best way to surpass that and you need to take care of them all. However, do not forget about yourself and your needs. Moving can be somewhat easier when you have packing supplies Staten Island NY, so do not waste any time, and start packing and making sure that your pet is happy, he is family.

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