Tips on how to avoid moving injuries

While planning their moving day, many people forget that safety is an important issue during relocation. Moving is a process that requires a lot of action and although it sounds rather harmless, it can, in fact, cause many injuries. So what can you do to avoid moving injuries and make sure your moving day goes by without anyone getting hurt? Don’t worry, there are numerous ways to make sure every person involved in your relocation goes unharmed. The most important thing is to stay careful and focus throughout your entire moving process. If you do this, and also apply some simple advice, there’s no reason why any moving-related injuries might happen.

The most useful of all the moving tips – hire professionals to take care of your move

There’s no secret about it – however skilled and resourceful you consider yourself to be, moving is something that should be left to the professionals. There’s a number of reasons why you should hire a moving company. First of all, they have the necessary experience. Professional moving companies have skilled and experienced staff who will take care of your moving with ease.

Tips on how to avoid moving injuries - hurt hand
Most common moving injuries can easily be avoided by being extra careful

Regardless of the service they provide, they will come equipped and ready to take care of your moving. And this might be the best way to avoid moving injuries. Just let professionals handle your relocation. This might be the first time in your life you are packing, stacking and moving. Your movers, however, have most likely done this sort of things hundreds of times. So let professionals take over.

What can I expect from a professional moving company?

A reliable moving company can take care of all your moving needs. So besides the fact that you’ll be able to avoid moving injuries, you’ll also have a trusted ally to make sure your relocation goes without any issues. A moving company will also provide any services connected to moving that you might need:

  • Packing (you’ll want to use this option, as packing takes up so much of your precious time)
  • Storage (don’t know where to store all the extra items during and after your relocation? Your movers will have the answer)
  • Senior moving (you have every reason to be extra careful here. Senior citizens can avoid moving injuries by hiring professionals to make sure their move is completed safely)
  • Piano moving (moving injuries are most likely to happen during heavy lifting. This is why you should have professional move heavy items such as your piano)
Moving injuries are most likely to happen during heavy lifting, so leave piano moving to professionals

Try not to overpack you boxes

As has already been mentioned, you should try to avoid heavy lifting. Yes, certain boxes can hold up to 100 pounds of weight. But it doesn’t mean that your backs can take it. You can avoid moving injuries to your knees or other joints by trying to pack lightly. Do not pack over 50 pounds of items into small boxes. And try not to lift more than you safely can. You are most likely not an experienced weight lifter. So take care of your back and your joints. Ask for help. Also, try as much as you can to lift with your legs, not your back. This especially counts if you have a previous back injury. Your health is the most important possession you have, so take good care of it.

Avoid moving injuries by dressing appropriately

This tip may sound silly, but it is actually rather important. All kinds of mishaps, bruises and scratches can happen during your relocation. And most of them can easily be avoided by a suitable choice of clothes for the day. So what should you wear on moving day? Keep your clothes comfortable, but not too baggy.

legs on stairs
If you are trying to avoid injuries, wear flip-flops on the beach, not on your moving day

You don’t want to tear your clothes by catching a nail or a hook while carrying boxes. Or even worse – baggy clothes could easily cause you to fall down and hurt yourself. Flip-flops or slippers should be avoided at all cost. Wearing this type of shoes could make you trip or slip and it is essential that you wear comfortable and closed-toe shoes on your feet.

Rest during your moving day to avoid moving injuries

In order to stay focused and careful, you must rest during your relocation. It may seem impossible, but there are always ways to make time for a break. If you have a couch or a bed that is left unpacked, you should use it. Lie down for a bit every once in a while. This will help your back and joints rest. Also, this way you can avoid feeling over-exhausted. It’s only normal to want to complete your relocation as soon as possible. However, this is not your number one priority. Your well-being is. So get plenty of rest and take frequent breaks. And most importantly, don’t forget to rest the night before your move. A good night sleep will do wonders for your focus.

hurt back old man
Back injuries happen extremely often during relocation, so take extra care

So as you can see, staying safe during your relocation is actually rather simple. All you need to do is stay focused and careful. And if you have a chance, it’s best that you leave things to professionals. This might be the best way to avoid moving injuries. Just try to contact a reliable moving company and you should have no problems at all. Stay well rested and dress appropriately. Plan everything in advance so you don’t have to rush things. Many of the moving injuries happen because relocation is done in a hurry. This can easily be avoided, so take your time. Safety comes first.

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