Tips to cope with moving stress

You realized you must move and stress is kicking in. You are not sure how to handle everything efficiently and on time. Do not worry, you are not alone. Everyone has been or it will be in this situation at least once in their lives. So, you should use the experience of others to release the pressure. We will help you with that by providing a guide on how to cope with moving stress. It won’t be easy, but we will do it together. In the end, the most important is to keep your physical and mental state intact.

Step by step plan is in order

Each big event should have a plan in line for easier execution. Firstly, as soon as you know your moving date, start organizing. A moving and inventory checklists are in order. Also, you should be aware of how much money you can spend on this occasion. Set limits of your moving budget and prepare for hidden costs, if you end up having any. Then, take a tour of your house and check on how much stuff you have.

A moving checklist will help cope with moving stress.
Make a moving checklist to avoid headaches.

Furthermore, check the areas around the house, if anything will make your move harder than it should be. Fine examples are the broken handrails or a door that is stuck. Finally, seek help in the form of a professional moving company. They can cover most of your needs for an affordable price.

Good preparation is how you cope with moving stress. You don’t want to be forced to perform a last minute move. But, if that is the case, that probably means you got a job offer you can’t refuse. Take a deep breath, because a bright future is ahead of you.

A reputable moving company will help

As we already mentioned, professional help might be a thing for you. But before you make a decision, do a bit of research. Like in any business, there are fraudulent companies that can bring more damage than good. Be sure that you check several moving companies before you decide which one to hire. You do not need additional stress caused by a scam. The proper information will set your mind at ease and you will easier cope with moving stress. So, check if your movers have a license to operate and if everything about them is legal. Also, if they have all the tools and a sizeable van to complete your task.

Moving companies offer a plethora of moving services to choose from. Check out the offer, you will probably find something of use. Remember that your time is valuable. And if there is something affordable that will save you a day or two, you should consider it. And since we are already talking about how to find reliable movers, let us help you with that. We can recommend Verrazano Moving as one of the best local moving companies. They have a highly skilled moving crew that will bring you the safety and stability during your move. There is hardly a better choice.

It is easier to cope with moving stress if you have a helping hand

At least a week before your move, check up on your friends and family. Maybe someone can help you with your move. Also, ask your neighbors and coworkers. Of course, how many people you need to help you depends on the complexity of your move. And how much stuff you have. A very few moves are performed by one person, and that is one more reason you should hire professional movers. Or at least gather all your friends and coworkers and make an event out of it. You can organize a barbeque and the end of it, to celebrate and reward your helpers.

The way you pack is essential

What will take the most of your precious time, is a packing process. This stage of your move has to be done right if you want to avoid stressing too much. Firstly, start with organizing your belongings. Dedicate a few piles for different things and keep them all categorized. This will make everything much easier when you start filling in your moving boxes. Also, you need various packing materials. Let us go through the list and check out the steps.

Packing materials on a moving box.
Make sure that you have enough packing materials.
  • Packing materials – Basic packing set includes scissors, box cutter, packing paper, and packing tapes. A bubble wrap and plastic bins are more expensive, but it will provide better protection.
  • Moving boxes – You’ll need a lot of moving boxes. Small, medium, and large. You can buy them or ask at your local grocery store if they can spare a few.
  • Improvised cushion – Old magazines and papers can be used as a cushion for the bottom of your moving boxes. Also, you can fill in the gaps between your items to prevent the collision. You can use old cloth and rags in the same manner.
  • Labeling – On your boxes write down the room that belongs to. But, on the label, you should write the content of the box itself. This way you will cope with moving stress. Your life is much easier if you know the exact location of your items. An important packing step, that will help you while unpacking.
  • Packing services – If you would rather skip the packing process altogether, think about purchasing packing services from your movers. You could be doing something else while supervising your move, instead of wasting days on packing. Just a valuable option to consider.

Inspect, secure, and downsize!

You should think about yourself, but also about your helpers. Being at many places at the same time is impossible. And that is why you can take a few precautions and be ready once your movers arrive. Check up on all the stairs and handrails in the house. Inspect the doors and pathways through the house. Also, check for any hazardous materials and liquids that might be lying around the house. Make a tour of the garage, attic, and your backyard, to declutter as much as possible.

While you are at it, maybe it is a good time to downsize as well. Think about all those items that you are hoarding. Maybe something can be thrown out. Or you can donate, sell, and recycle. But if you are not sure what to do with the pile of unwanted items, consider renting a storage unit. Storing is an affordable and highly lucrative way to keep your items and decide later what to do with them.

If you are healthy and in a good mood, you will cope with moving stress much easier

Keep yourself safe by not engaging too much if not necessary. Moving heavy furniture is a serious business and you can easily hurt yourself. Also, do not lift anything too heavy. While packing, keep in mind not to overstuff your boxes. Pack lightly and keep them under 50 pounds each. It will be easier for everyone.

A woman standing in the flower field.
Take time to relax, it will bring positive energies to your life.

Addition to that, you should think about how you’ll feel on a day of your move. It is good to think about your physical safety, but do not neglect the mental state. A healthy approach is required. Take enough sleep and eat healthy at least a week before moving. You should have your batteries full to endure such a stressful event. Drink enough fluids and take a relaxing break from time to time. Furthermore, check the weather report on your moving day, this will remind you how to dress for a moving day.

Hopefully, now you know how to cope with moving stress. After reading what we assembled for you, you’ll gain more confidence and feel much safer while on your move. And remember, your safety and sanity always come first. Good luck!

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