Tips to protect your floors while moving

One thing that people disregard more often than not is the fact that there is more to moving than moving itself. As strange as this may sound, there are countless activities people forget about when they are planning their relocation. This is, however, understandable. People get so caught up with the idea of moving that it is only natural that they forget the difficulty and value of things such as when you need to protect your floors while moving. This is precisely why we wished to get at least one of the items of your head.

Before we start

If you want to protect your floors while moving – you are not in an impossible task. However, it is a tedious one and it will have too many details to think about. Still, we deem that this is ok, and moreover, worth doing. This is especially important for when you are moving, for example, pianos. Wooden floors are sensitive, and dragging something as huge as a piano across it might do some irreversible damage.

One of the very important things people forget is that you should protect your floors while moving.
After investing so much into your floors, protect them.

However, every one of many piano movers Staten Island will give you the same piece of advice – you really want to protect your floors while moving. The relocation in its core is the most relevant thing to look at. But, if you fail to acknowledge the other elements as well as their value, you might be at a loss. This is why our advice is to take the research shown here and try to apply it to your relocation.

Protect your floors while moving – the why

You will have, unfortunately, two sets of floor to vanguard. The first one is going to be in the home (or office) you are moving out from, and the second will be the office (or apartment) you are moving to. It is up to you to determine which of these two scenarios has more value for you and your specific relocation. We, however, recommend that you protect both. You don’t want the new homeowners walking into a ruined floor just because you couldn’t set 30 minutes aside.

The process itself is nothing too difficult, nor does it take ages to do. It is, however, one additional task that you will have on your list of things to do. And rest assured, this list is already quite huge. All you needed were more things to do. However, relocating is much more than packing and using packing supplies Staten Island NY. It is much more than taking all your stuff into the truck. There are plenty of more things to do and think about. But, this is your lucky day since you will not have to worry about any of them. If you spend some time researching online all the additional elements will land at your feet, just like this one did.

Protecting your floors is not that complicated, but it is surely worth the trouble.
There are simple techniques that could help.

However, it can get slightly tricky if you don’t know where to look and what to look for. When I was moving, I was sure there were more sneaky little elements to it. However, I never would have imagined that there were this many. This is why it is clever to find someone’s moving assessment and try to figure out which elements this person was really focusing on.

The reasons why you should protect your floors

The fact remains – if you want to protect your floors while moving, you are not in for some incredibly huge job. This is even more frustrating when you realize just how little you can do in order to get such a huge return on investment. It takes a couple of hours maybe, total, to prepare for the entire thing. All you need to do is grab some easy to get materials, get your sleeves up and protect your floors while moving. After that, you can go crazy with packing and carrying stuff in and out.

When you have one thing less to worry about… Knowing that your floors are very safe, you can focus on other things surrounding your residential relocation. Otherwise, if you constantly have the notion that you could damage something, it becomes that much more stressful and long. If we focus on the little element, we are going to be able to see it through entirely.

The how

If you are wondering how you could protect your floors while moving, it’s actually really simple. It is really as simple as getting some old cardboard boxes and sticking them to the wooden floors with duct tape. I bet you had no idea it was this simple. This will prevent all the normally occurring damage when you are not carrying anything that isn’t super heavy.

The tools you could use to protect your floor are as simple as using a towel.
You could do it all with simply a towel…

If you have incredibly large items to carry around, you are bound to drag them, at least part of the way. There is a super easy, and super cool way to mitigate this. Simply, grab a towel and place it under the furniture that is to be carried about. Now, you are not having the furniture in direct contact with the floor, because it is being dragged on the towel. Keep in mind that the said towels will most likely be thrown away as soon as you are done using them. Having something that big and heavy on them will most likely ruin the floors. This is why the towel trick is golden!

The last thing you could do is to simply be careful. I know it is dumb advice to give, but as long as you decide against throwing things on the floor, or dropping them, the floors will be 95% okay.

Good luck!

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