Tips when signing a moving contract

Planning out a relocation can take a while. It can leave you overwhelmed with the number of tasks you need to complete before you even start moving. But luckily, you have decided to hire a professional moving company. This means that your moving process will be less demanding and perhaps even stress-free. Knowing that professionals will take care of your relocation probably makes you feel less anxious and more confident that everything will be done properly and in time. But before you start moving, you need to take care of some other issues, such as signing a moving contract. So what should you be careful about before signing a contract with your movers?

People signing a moving contract.
There are many things to consider before you sign a moving contract.

Have you chosen a reputable moving company?

How will you know if the moving company you have chosen is reputable? First of all, you have every reason to hire a moving company. But before signing a moving contract with a company, ask yourself several questions:

  • Did you get a recommendation for the movers you have chosen? It is very important that you ask around before deciding which movers to hire. Check if your friends or family members have any experience with a moving company? Are they satisfied with their service? Do they have a bad experience to share with you?
  • Have you read any online reviews of the moving company in question? Reviews of their former clients may prove to be rather useful, whether they are positive or negative. Why not learn from other people’s mistakes? Or take their recommendation? That’s what reviews are for.
  • Make a list of what you think are makings of a reliable moving company. If your movers have those qualities, then you have nothing to worry about.

Do your movers have necessary licenses?

Before you even start to think about hiring a moving company, you need to make sure they have proper licenses and insurance. How can you check this? If you are moving interstate, your movers must have a USDOT number. This means that without the license in question, movers cannot cross the state border. But even if you plan to move locally, you should still check your company’s license and insurance before signing a moving contract. Better safe than sorry.

Interstate road in Arizona
In order to cross the state border, movers should have a valid license.

Are they asking for unusually high advance payment before signing a moving contract?

Nowadays most moving companies offer a free moving estimate. This means that you can contact your movers and let them know about the details of your relocation. Based on this, they will be able to give you an estimate of your moving costs. This type of estimate is not binding, however, it can give you a rather good insight into how much your relocation could end up costing. But be careful. If the moving company asks for an unusually high advance payment before signing a moving contract, you could be dealing with fraudulent movers. Do your research and don’t settle for anything less than reputable and experienced movers.

Does signing a moving contract mean getting end-to-end moving services?

In order to make sure the movers you choose are the most suitable choice for your relocation, you need to plan in advance. This means avoiding any sort of moving stress related to movers. So if you want your relocation to be done properly, there are multiple services reliable movers can offer you. This way you’ll be able to know exactly what you can expect from them before signing a moving contract. So think about what sort of moving services you might need.

  • Are you moving locally or long-distance? Do your movers even have a long-distance moving service? Is it possible to move interstate if so, can you check their USDOT number?
  • Are you moving to a new home or it is your office that needs relocation? Do your movers have proper resources and experience to move your office and all of its equipment with ease?
  • Does the moving company you are about to hire have a suitable storage facility? You will most likely need a storage unit during and after your relocation. You don’t want to find out that you have no storage option after you have already signed your moving contract.

What is the quality of their moving equipment?

Yes, before signing a moving contract the final issue to check is whether your movers have the necessary equipment to complete your relocation. If their vehicles are not in the best of shape, perhaps it is not a good idea to use them. Ask about their packing equipment. You should make sure that all your possessions are properly packed and safe during their transfer. Reliable movers will be able to make you feel confident that signing a moving contract with them is the best choice you can make. And they will even be able to offer top quality moving boxes, so you can be certain all your belongings will find their way to your new home 100% undamaged.

A large truck on the road.
Your movers’ vehicles must be reliable, especially if you are moving long distance.

So, before you decide whether or not signing a moving contract with the movers of your choice is a good idea, go through our list and see if you’ve made the right choice of movers. If your long distance or local movers are reputable and experienced and they have every necessary license, then they may just be the right option for your relocation. If their moving equipment is in good shape and they don’t ask for a large downpayment, perhaps signing a moving contract isn’t a bad idea. These movers are most likely a reliable team that will take proper care of your moving process. And of course, your packing, moving and storing will be in good hands. If not, then keep on looking. Movers worth hiring could be just around the corner.

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