Top ideas for an NYC housewarming party

Getting settled in in a new house is a moment that you would want to come sooner rather than later. In order for this to happen, there are different tangible and intangible things that need to come to fruition. This process can really take a long while before you can really call your new house or an apartment a home. The real question that you need to ask yourself after having moved in is whether you can do anything about turning the new place of residence into a home. The answer to this question is yes. Then, you need to ask the next one: have you already done everything in your power to turn the new space in which you eat, sleep shower in and go to after work into a real home. If you have not done it already, you need to throw a true NYC housewarming party.

The best ideas for an NYC housewarming party

New York is a large city. This is a place that is going to provide you with a large pool of opportunities when it comes to choosing what to do in order to throw the right type of NYC housewarming party. What you need to take into account are a few personal things characteristic to yourself and to the group of people who are going to come over.

Dinner table
Dinner is a proven way for a housewarming party

However, before you even start thinking about an NYC housewarming party, you should make sure that there are no leftover items of yours at your chosen New York short term storage. It would not feel right having people over before you have found a place for all of your belongings. Only after you bring them in should you try to get the house warmed.

Choosing the theme of your NYC housewarming party

What do you think would be the right thing to do in order to welcome your friends to your new home and what would you enjoy doing? Here are some of the top ideas for an NYC housewarming party:

  • Go with the classic idea and invite your friends over for dinner
  • In the case that you moved into a house, organize an all-day barbecue
  • If you are into them, organize a board game tournament
  • If you are a musical bunch, wait for your piano movers Staten Island to bring deliver piano and have a musical improv night

As we have said, the options are basically limitless.

Go classy and have your friends over for dinner

One of the go-to ideas for an NYC housewarming party is to have your friends over for dinner.

Regardless of how big or small a party you are looking to throw, dinners never let you down. After residential movers NYC have left and all of your belongings have found their place in your new home, it is the right moment to define who you are inviting over. With the right chemistry, your whole bunch is going to have a pretty good time sitting together at the same table, talking about what is new and what has come to past.

In the case that you are looking to bring a large group of people over, then a dinner party with self-service is probably the best go-to option. This way, people will get to move around and mingle. Letting everyone get to know each other is easy when nobody is sitting, but roaming around freely.

If you have what it takes, organize a barbecue

If you’ve just settled in Manhattan, you’ll probably not going to be able to throw a barbecue party. On the other hand, other borrows offer so many possibilities. In the case that you might have been moving to Brooklyn, the chances are much higher that you have bought a house. Where’s a house, there’s a back yard, right? So, a barbecue party is not out of question.

Prepare barbecue for NYC housewarming party
Throw a barbecue party to welcome your friends in your new home

Barbecue parties are great for all ages. No matter whether you have just moved with family and wish to have friends with kids over or you might have just graduated and have invited college colleagues for a housewarming party NYC, getting the fire going while sipping a beer is a great way to celebrate moving in.

A board game tournament is a great option for an NYC housewarming party

Another great option is to organize a board game tournament. If you guys had been into this before your moving to Manhattan, then this is a great way to celebrate the good old days. 

Also, this is one of the most low-maintenance parties that you would have to deal with. All that you need is a selection of games, some snacks, and some drinks. Clean up the place and there you are, ready to party!

Have a musical improv night

In the case that you are looking to go with a more unusual option, you can organize a musical improv night in your new crib.

People sitting on the porch
If you have a house, throw a housewarming party in the backyard

If you are a musician, you may want to bring baptize to your new place with some new sounds. In the case that you indeed are really in this musical world, some of your friends will probably be playing music as well. Therefore, you can invite them over for a drink/snack/jam session. Perhaps, you can organize an NYC housewarming party in your apartment or even in the garden. With all the music, you would perhaps even get to know your new neighbors easily. And who knows, perhaps some of them are musicians too.


Throwing an NYC housewarming party is a great way to bring the mojo to your new place of residence. There are different ways and types of housewarming parties. In this article, we have taken a look at a portion of them. Hopefully, you have found the one that suits you best. If not, all that you need to do is get a bit creative. Think about what you have been into with your friends. Choose the one characteristic thing that you have been enjoying together. This is the best option for your housewarming party.

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