Ways to reuse packing materials

In order to move safely everything you own to the new home, you will need to gather different kinds of packing materials… and lots of them! Your oddly shaped items, breakables, and other pieces that you own need to be packed properly. This is exactly why it’s necessary to have wrapping materials, cushioning materials, moving boxes in various shapes and sizes… However, there’s a downside to having that many packing materials. Yes, all of your precious possessions will survive transportation to the new home. But, after the move, our new home will be drowning in cardboard, packing peanuts, and other materials you’ve used during the move! So, you’ll have to get rid of them, and you’ll want to do it fast. Fortunately, you can reuse packing materials in so many ways!

So, after you unpack the last of your moving boxes, consider following some of our ideas on reusing cardboard and other materials. We’re sure you’ll love the tips we’ve prepared for you so make sure to keep reading! And who knows, you might get inspired and come up with your own idea on how to put those leftover boxes to good purpose!

Clever ways of reusing packing materials

As we have already told you, you can reuse your leftover packing materials in many different ways. However, we will write only the most common ones for which people opt after moving with the help of New York movers. You should read all of them carefully! Only after you’ll know which idea of reusing leftover boxes should you choose. So, grab your pen, a piece of paper and start writing things down!

Repurpose the leftover packing materials

It’s true that relocations can be chaotic. No matter how organized you are, at some moment, all of your rooms will be filled with cardboard, plastic, the items you’ll move, the items you’ll get rid of… And, once you relocate everything, you will have to deal with this moving chaos once again! And, your home will be drowning in packing materials.

Repinting the walls in the kitchen
Cardboard and wrapping materials can be great protection for your floors during the remodeling of your home

Since you’ll have lots of cardboard and plastic, you should find them another purpose. You can place some of your boxes in the garage or any other room and use them as storage. Small moving boxes can serve as gift boxes. And, you can use your leftover wrapping materials and create different decorations out of them.

Also, if you plan to remodel your home, you can use all of that cardboard to protect the floors, door and window frames. All you have to do is tear those boxes and cover every inch of your floor. This way, even if you decide to repaint the walls, you can be sure that the paint won’t ruin your brand new hardwood floor.

Reusing packing material for its original purpose

In case you still have the original packaging of your electronic devices, kitchen appliances, or other items, keep them! Find a place in your home where you can keep these boxes without damaging them. This way, if you need to relocate again, you’ll be able to pack all of these expensive items in their original boxes. As you can see, original packagings are necessary for packing and moving IT equipment in the safest possible way! However, if you plan to use these boxes once again, inspect them at the end of your move. Even if they’re slightly damaged, they shouldn’t be kept in your home for the next move. Instead, find them another purpose or get rid of them.

Pass it on

If you’ve heard that your next-door neighbor is moving just a couple of days after you, ask them whether they need additional boxes. Trust us, these extra moving boxes will mean a lot to them! And since you’ll be bringing them your leftover materials, consider sharing with them some of the moving tips that were useful to you during the move. You can even recommend them local or long distance movers New York that can help them have a hassle-free relocation.

Fist bump
Consider giving your leftover moving boxes to someone else who has to relocate in the near future

Reuse packing materials in a more creative way

Are you feeling crafty? If so, you’ll be able to create lots of different things out of your leftover packing materials! This can be your little DIY project in which you can include your whole family. We’ll write only some of the DIY projects for which you’re going to need cardboard and other packing materials. So, here are a couple of suggestions on how to reuse packing materials in a creative way.

You can create:

  • Jewelry boxes – this is the best way of reusing small moving boxes. Find some cute fabric and decorate your box with it.
  • Cute boxes for toys – this is the best way of reusing big moving boxes. Are you sick and tired of your kids’ toys lying all-around your home? Then make with your children a box in which they’ll be able to place all their toys at the end of the day.
  • Toys and costumes – is Halloween getting closer? Then you’re in luck because you can create a Halloween costume out of leftover packing materials! The easiest costume ideas include a robot, car, SpongeBob SquarePants, and so on.
  • Castle – if you’re in search of a family DIY project, consider building a castle out of cardboard boxes. This is a quite simple project but we’re sure all of you will have fun while building it.
  • Bed for pets – your little friends deserved to get a new bed for your new home. Find some sturdy cardboard box, decorate it, and place inside a pillow or your pets’ favorite blanket. They’ll love their new bed!

    Written "be creative" on a piece of paper
    Think outside the box!

As you can see, you can reuse packing materials in so many different ways! So, which of these ideas you liked the most? Comment and let us know!


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