Ways to reward movers for a job well done

A move is a stressful and demanding time in anyone’s life. And, while more 30 million Americans move each year, and an average American will do so 12 times in their lives, it is always demanding and stressful. Every time! What helps is the industry that sprung from this problem! A moving industry! These professionals offer services of packing and transport and will make this day so much safer, manageable and when you think about it, bearable! The task doesn’t get easier, but they are experienced and professionals and will make it look as easy as possible if they do it right. A move like that is a job well done. And, if you know just how much hassle they saved you from, you might want to reward movers for a job expertly done! Well, we have some pieces of advice on how to accomplish just that!

Positive reviews

When you aim to reward movers for a job well done, think about what they truly need. They are professionals, and their company is probably in a lot of competition with numerous other moving companies available. You would truly “do them a solid” by leaving them a good, public review.  Where they on time? Is the staff friendly, approachable and helpful? Do they offer special services like piano moving and New York short term storage? All of this you can praise in the sparkling review!


Are you happy enough to leave a five-star review?

You might, rightfully so, ask yourself if this is really of any actual help to the movers you intend to reward for their good job. After all, while you are happy with the work of the company, you are thankful to the actual workers who do the work! Will this do anything for them?

Yes, it will! It will not only open them up for more jobs, making their wages higher as the company grows, but they will also very much appreciate that you have the time of your busy schedule to write a review that speaks of their good manners and hard work. Everybody likes good praise, so go on and reward movers for a job well done!

A word to a higher-up

But you are not pleased with this. Reviews are good, but not good enough! You want to praise the workers who helped you with those special, valuable possession at storage 10312 in another way. You aim to make sure that their work is appreciated not only by you, the customer but also by their employers!

A noble idea! And, a very doable one at that! You can reward movers for a job by speaking with their boss/bosses! This will have an immensely positive effect on their perceived value to the company, possibly leading directly to higher wages and/or moving up the ladder!

When speaking to or e-mailing the boss, however, be sure to:

  • Be honest – pretty much a must if you want to reward movers for a job in any way possible
  • Don’t be too much… of anything – don’t overemphasize small problems to try balance the good with the bad and seem more genuine but also don’t pretend that everything is perfect unless it absolutely wasn’t. Still, if you do mention something bad, then…
  • Be thoughtful – you don’t want to get them in trouble. If there was a problem that was out of their hands, be sure to represent it as such!

Reward movers for a job with a tip

If you fancy something little more traditional, why not go with a tip? It is practically a must to leave a tip in our culture these days, and it is a good tradition. It directly, monetarily and momentarily rewards the workers that made your service as efficient and smooth as possible. Movers are no exception, and they will happily accept tips.

Tipping is always welcome.

However, and this is important when you tip in order to reward movers for a job well done – do it with money! Seriously, this might seem obvious to you, but many tend to offer things from their possession to the movers instead. Don’t do this. Most of the time these paid professionals will simply feel that is not appropriate and will not take it. It is also not hard to assume that it might go against company policy. Furthermore, tastes vary, and the chance they wanted what you are giving to them is small indeed. So, when moving to New York or anywhere else, except in very special cases, go with money.


Are your local movers New York city working hard on a particularly hot and humid day? Why not serve them some lemonade and cold drinks. They will very much appreciate it and will make them a good break before they continue with their job or before they leave for another move.

Refreshments as a reward movers for a job
Refreshments as a reward mover for a job

But, do be reminded that these are professionals, and those working on a job that can sometimes be unsafe and includes heavy objects. So absolutely no alcohol. 1. They will not accept it. 2. They really should not accept it even if they want to.

A good host

A good way to reward your movers is to provide them with a couch to rest or take a nap in, cooking good food for them, serving them drinks, making sure that everything is decluttered and prepared… those kinds of things. They are there to do a job, but they are also in your home (for how short it stays yours). Be kind and be a good host to your very helpful guests.

In conclusion

The final and best way to reward movers for a job well done is this. Drum roll, please… Say “thank you”!

This should be paired with any of the options above. Everybody likes to know they done a good job. So, shake their hand, smile, and say you praises right there and then! Assured them that the job was expertly done and that good reviews and a word to their boss is on the way! In other words, make sure they are the first to know just how much you are happy with their job. This will be a reward in its own way!

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I can't say enough wonderful things about our experience with this company! The 3 men that moves us were so careful, neat ,fast, polite, caring. Not one nick on my walls! I was so impressed and highly recommend this company. Amazing people to deal with!

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