Week-by-week moving plan for beginners

So, you finally decided to move. That is great news. However, did you know that moving is not all sunshine and rainbows? Those things will come after the move. The moving process, in fact, is really difficult, complicated, and stressful. Even if you find the best and most reliable local movers New York to help you. Now you are probably starting to get scared. And that’s good. That means that you will take the upcoming process seriously. However, how to prepare well for your move if you never moved before? Easy. Just follow this week-by-week moving plan for beginners or use it to make your own plan.

Moving plan for beginners – 8 weeks before the move

Moving is a complex ordeal. Especially for newbies. That is why it is crucial to start preparing on time.

Prepare your moving budget by following our moving plan for beginners

Moving is not just complex, tiring, and stressful. It is also very expensive. That is why your first task is to prepare your moving budget. But how to do this if you do not know what awaits you? Simply, just follow this moving plan for newbies and you will learn all about booking moving companies Brooklyn, paying for additional moving services, buying moving boxes, paying for insurance, and more.

Coins and a calculator on a paper
Every moving plan for beginners should start with a budget

Follow this moving plan for beginners and declutter before you do anything else

After you prepare your moving budget, it is time to lower your moving expenses. One of the best and most effective ways to do so is to get rid of your excess items. Remove everything that you do not need, do not use, or plan to replace after the move. Of course, you will be most efficient by removing heavy furniture. But do not disregard smaller things as well.

Think what to do with your excess items

There are many ways to get rid of your items. Some are quicker. Some are more cost-effective. It depends on the number of items you have. And your will to bother with this. Here are your options:

  • Organize a garage sale if you have enough items to sell. This is done in the early stages of this moving plan for beginners.
  • Sell your belonging on the internet.
  • Sell your items to a used retail furniture company.
  • Donate your stuff.
  • Recycle

Prepare a moving inventory list

After you remove your trash, you can make a list of the items you are planning to carry to your new home. This will help you to calculate the required amount of packing supplies. But it will also allow you to get an accurate moving estimate from your Manhattan movers.  Make sure that the list is detailed with as much information as possible.

Finding reliable movers is one of the most important parts of this moving plan for beginners

Now that you are clear with what is your moving budget and how many items you want to move, you can start searching for reliable moving services New York.  Just make sure that your movers are trustworthy professionals before you hire them.

Moving plan for beginners – 6 weeks before the move

Start thinking about packing – get packing supplies

Now you already need to start thinking about packing. Of course, it is still early to pack everything. But you should at least acquire necessary packing supplies. Here is what to prepare:

  • You cannot move without moving boxes Staten Island. That is the essential part of your packing supplies.
  • A roll of bubble plastic should be enough to cover all your items.
  • Packing tape
  • Labels and markers
Bubble plastic and a packing tape
Bubble plastic is one of the essential packing supplies. Make sure that you get it.

Prepare your medical records

Visit your doctor. Notify them about the move. They will prepare your medical records and prescriptions. As they need some time to organize all this, it is important to do this early.

Follow your moving plan for beginners and notify your kids’ school about your move

If you are moving with kids, it is important to think about their school. Notify the institution about the move. And acquire your children’s school records. Also, bear in mind that sometimes you will need to visit different facilities to do this. So, make time in your moving plan for beginners for this.

Moving plan for beginners – 4 weeks before the move

Pack your non-essentials

To ease the packing process, you can split this to several phases.  So, start packing your non-essentials 4 weeks before the move.

Moving plan for beginners and dealing with utility companies

Now it is the perfect time to think about utilities. Notify your current providers about moving. Also, announce your future ones about your moving date. And when you expect to move in.

Do not forget to include pets in your moving plan for beginners

If you have pets, you should start thinking about them too. Visit their vet for advice. Also, prepare a pet carrier in which you will transport them.

Moving plan for beginners – 2 weeks before the move

Plan about your food supplies

Every moving plan for novices should contain a food strategy. Start using your food supplies. And make a plan to use everything until the moving date.

Food in a fridge
Start spending your food supplies

Get insurance

Moving companies will give you some sort of coverage. But this must not be mistaken for proper moving insurance. If your moving plan for beginners didn’t anticipate this, now it is time to get it.

Start with proper packing

If you didn’t hire professional packers, start packing this week. You still have enough time to do it slowly and in a more relaxing manner.  This will reduce stress and allow you to pack your items more securely.

Moving plan for beginners – Final week

By now almost everything should be packed. Now you only need to finalize with packing an essential kit and the rest of your items. Also, confirm with your moving company the date and time of your move.  Prepare your essential documents in a special folder and pack them in the bag you will be carrying with you. Finally, clean your former home, and your moving plan for beginners is done.

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