What is a binding estimate?

When we think of the relocation, most of the people picture a bunch of workers carrying boxes around. But there is much more to it. There are more stages in the preparation than we can count. There is a process of cleaning, downsizing, packing, researching to find the best solutions, etc. And one of the stages in that journey are the legalities. A binding estimate and the deal you make with your moving company. Hence, we prepared an educational piece that will provide the information you need.

Things you should know about the binding estimate

There are many reasons to hire professional movers. Why not? They are highly useful and many people can’t imagine the whole process done without them. But like in any other business, there must be an agreement to the terms of service. Movers will provide services that they charge and there are rules on how those services are conducted. Therefore, you should be 100% sure that you know what you are agreeing to. That is why you need to know that there are a few types of moving estimates.

Communicate with your movers, and make the best deal possible

Moving estimates, or commonly known as moving quote, is the price of the complete service. Moving companies will evaluate the task ahead and calculate the moving costs. For instance, this will depend on the size of your cargo, the distance of your move and how many hours are required, etc. There are many forms of estimates but most popular ones are binding and non-binding estimates.

How does binding estimate works?

Roughly said, a binding estimate is the quoted price on how much you must pay for the service. After evaluating your cargo and the complexity of the move, movers will make an offer. Whatever you agreed on will have a price and remain unchanged until the work is done. Here are the things you should cover.

What you shook on is what you’ll get – This part is simple. You should communicate with your moving company representative before signing anything. Clearly, state what services you need. How many hours will be invested in the move, and if there are any special items to be transported. Also, if you need extra tools, and who will pay legal fees. This is the moment to negotiate with movers before you bind yourself to a deal.

Payment method – Binding estimate is usually charged upon delivery unless otherwise specified beforehand. Also, you need to know the payment method. Ask your movers should you pay with the credit card, by check, or in cash. We will advise about avoiding paying in cash and use any other method. This will strengthen the trust between you and your movers.

Bag of coins
Choose a payment method that suits you best

Clarity – Be sure that on your moving date, you honor your deal of the bargain. You shouldn’t have more items to transport than initially agreed. Movers can refuse service if suddenly you have a piano to move. Movers will make a copy of a binding estimate and attach it to a bill of lading. They shouldn’t undertake any other job that is absent from the original agreement.

Additional services – If you at any time before the move decide that you need to add something, you should notify your movers on time. If you need services of packing, or you have to add a few more boxes to your cargo. Or you decided to rent a storage NYC to stash away excess items. You can do all of it and movers will add this service to your estimates and bill you separately.

A hard-copy – A binding estimate must come in writing, and you should always make a copy, just in case.

The very best option

What concerns most of us, is the moving budget. We ask ourselves, what is the best and cheapest time to relocate, where will I put all my belongings, and who will move me? Most of the ideas we get seem costly at first, and we tend to lower the costs as much as possible. You should know that there is a middle ground between binding and non-binding estimates. And that is binding not-to-exceed estimates. In lament terms, this means that even if your cargo is slightly heavier than originally agreed, you won’t have to pay extra. Addition to that, what makes this deal appealing, is that if your cargo is lighter, you will pay less.

This will give you the space to maneuver around your moving budget and save your hard-earned money. Also, while home decluttering, you won’t have to be rigorous and throw much away. It is good to know that you won’t be charged extra if you have few boxes more than initially agreed.

A moving company you can trust

Legalities are hard to work with, especially if you are new at it. This is why you should take some time to research and find a trustworthy moving crew. Choose a couple of moving companies and perform a background check. Be sure that your movers run an honest business. A clear sign is if they have a physical address, an official website and a logo of the company. We are sure that after a few hours of searching online, you’ll find a match.

Therefore, we will recommend checking one of the commercial movers NYC. The local moving company is the way to go. Not only that they are familiar with the area and the other partners in the moving industry. But you can easily check up on them to confirm the legitimacy of their business. Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

You should have a moving contract

Just to be on a safe side, you should carefully assemble a moving contract. Every legit moving company will make one and list all the terms of use for you clearly to see. Here you can cover all steps in the moving process, along with the moving costs, fees, and obligations. This way you will shield yourself from fraudulent moving companies. Binding estimates should be attached to your contract and both parties should make a copy. It will be clear as day and provide legal security and safety for both sides.

Be sure you understand binding estimate before signing a contract
Be sure you understand binding estimates before signing a moving contract

This is it. Now you know more about the pros and cons of a binding estimate. Remember to communicate clearly with your movers. Ask all the questions you need and read your moving contract several times before signing. There is nothing more precious than a piece of mind.

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