What should you wear on moving day?

Your relocation is coming closer by the day. Naturally, you must feel a bit stressed. There are so many decisions to make and so many tasks to fulfill. Having that many things on your mind can be really exhausting. But your moving day is almost here and you need to complete some final tasks so everything could go as smoothly as possible. Perhaps you haven’t thought about it yet, but you do need to decide what to wear on moving day. It may seem completely irrelevant. However, you should know that the wrong choice of clothes could make your relocation more difficult and complicated than you would want it to be. So in order to avoid making this kind of mistake, try following some simple advice.

Nwe clothes is not something you wear on moving day
Choose to wear your brand new clothes after, not during the relocation

Comfortable is the only way to go when picking what to wear on moving day

It is quite simple, really. You have some hard physical work to do during your moving days. This suggests you should find a way to feel as comfortable as possible. Avoid any clothes that prevent you from feeling ready to move in any direction. All of this means that most people choose to be in their most comfortable sweatshirt and sweatpants on their moving day. This will make you feel comfortable and enable you to lift, stack and pack whatever is necessary. Also, your shoes should be equally comfortable. This usually means wearing sneakers. Choose your most comfortable pair to wear on moving day.

Make sure that your shoes are not open-toe

Speaking of shoes, you want to avoid wearing open-toe shoes altogether. Moving day can bring you some unwanted accidents or mishaps and you do not want your toes to feel threatened in any way. Keep them inside your sneakers or whichever type of shoes you find most comfortable. There are other reasons to avoid all kinds of open-toe shoes – slippers, sandals, flip-flops. For example, flip-flops would be a terrible choice for more than one reason. You do not want your shoes accidentally slipping off. Furthermore, a flip-flop could make you trip and fall while carrying heavy boxes. You should also definitely avoid any sort of high-heeled shoes. The reasons are more than obvious. Keeping it safe is an important part of a relocation.

Avoid wearing open-toe shoes during relocation
Sneakers are the best choice of shoes for your moving day

Try not to wear too loose-fitting or extra close-fitting clothes

There are several safety reasons for this. While moving, extra loose-fitting clothes could get stuck in between items or boxes. You want to be able to move and slide through any narrow space in your house full of bags and boxes. Close-fitting clothes would be a good choice, but don’t overdo it. What you wear on your moving day should let you move around freely and feel as comfortable as possible.

When choosing what to wear on moving day avoid wearing anything white

You probably know this already. Wearing white just invites clothes mishaps to start happening. On your moving day, you will be moving around a crowded house a lot. There will be a lot of boxes and piles of tools lying around. Moreover, packing and stacking will probably get you properly dirty. This is why avoiding white clothes would be a good idea. Keep those for after the relocation. If you choose to hire professional moving services, you will notice that they never wear anything white while working.

Do wear something disposable

Keep in mind that whatever you wear on moving day might get irreversibly ruined. As has already been mentioned, there are a lot of mishaps and small accidents going on during moving day. You may rip or tear your favorite t-shirt. You could get your sweatpants dirty beyond repair. Your

shoes could get ripped or damaged. All of these are very common situations during the moving day. What you wear on a moving day should be something you are willing to get rid of. Choose something old and disposable. Find the type of clothes that you will not regret damaging. Just in case. But you can always avoid these sort of issues by hiring Staten Island movers to help you out.


Wear old shoes and clothes just to be safe
Old and disposable clothes are the best choice for moving day

What should you wear on moving day if it’s extremely hot or cold?

Of course, weather conditions are the most important factor when choosing what to wear on moving day. If it is too hot or too cold, dress accordingly. Most people move during the warmer months. However, keep in mind that you can get sweaty while working and moving around even if it is cold outside. Also, try not to wear shorts or skirts even if it’s very hot. This way you can avoid any kind of accidental scratches or injuries. Bare legs are never a good idea during relocation. If you ask your local professional movers NY, they will tell you that you should never wear shorts on moving day.

List of things you should avoid wearing

After getting a few tips on what you should wear and that it is supposed to be something old, comfortable and dark in color, there are several items you should definitely remember to avoid wearing.

  • Baggy clothes
  • Brand new clothes
  • Flip-flops, high heels or sandals – anything that might cause you to lose balance or trip
  • Any kind of uncomfortable shoes – avoid getting sore feet or blisters
  • Any sort of jewelry – there is a long list of reason to avoid jewelry altogether, just keep in mind that it could end up harming you or it could get damaged easily

So, there is no need to wait any longer. Your moving day is almost here. Go through your wardrobe and pick an outfit according to our tips. Don’t let a silly thing such as your choice of clothes for the day ruin your relocation. What you wear on moving day should only make things easier for you. Get your clothes ready and the relocation can finally start.

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