What to do on the first day in your new home

Congratulations! You are now on your first day in your new home! 

You have, no doubt about it, survived a lot. There was picking out the town or a city to live in. Then, the finding of a new house and job. Saying goodbye to friends and family. Saving up for the move. Hiring a moving company. Checking the moving costs, quotes, and estimates.  Going over insurance, services, and prices. Signing a deal with reputable movers. The hassle of parking. Providing access to movers on the d-day itself. The long road. The stress and anxiety, and of course, the happiness of seeing all those boxes with your valued possesions on their destination point on time!

You have been through it all! And while some other guides will say that it is not over (and they are somewhat right), we are here to say that you do deserve to ease up. It is over. You have moved. What you have now are tasks that are completely under your control. There is no reason to be under stress, only to have a level head!

With that in mind, let us see what you need to do on your first day at your new home!

Unpack the essentials

While some of your possessions are most likely temporarily stored at storage 10312 address, essentials are almost certainly with you. These include:

  • Hygiene – first day in your new home you will certainly need what you need every day. Toothbrush, soap, shampoo. The essential of essentials.
  • Broom and a dust bin – you will need it.
  • Paper towels – and the rest of the bathroom necessities.
  • Bedsheets and pillows – you earned some good sleep, and you should have what you need for one right there from the get-go!
first day in your new home
Let’s check everything!

Getting these out and ready will have a double effect. First and foremost, they will enable you to do basic things and establish some semblance of normality in your recently shaken daily/life timetable. On the other hand, it will, as an inevitable conscience, make you feel at home.

Knowing that you can sleep, take a shower and brush your teeth at this house will be a first, major step into turning it into a home. Furthermore, you will find that it will probably calm you down a little after all the hassle…

First day in your new home – time for inspection!

Now that you have arrived, most likely via services of some of the interstate movers New York, you ought to check everything there is to think about the house. Don’t do it in a hurry, and no need to be too worried. After all, before the move, you certainly have already taken a good look. This is more of a just to be sure kind of thing.

What you are mainly aiming to check is for any problems with the electrical or water utilities, or any other house utilities considered essential. You should also look for mold, the functionality of all the doors and windows, the effectiveness of all the locks, cameras should the house have any, etc.

This is also a good moment to check for a place for your pet, should you have any, and see if all the places in the house are babyproof (if you have children).

Things like wi-fi are also there to be checked, but obviously not the priority.

Check your stuff

While some of your stuff might have gone to the city of New York short term storage, most of the stuff is, no doubt, with you. After doing what we said in the previous steps, it is a good idea to check if all the items are a-ok. It is possible, however unlikely, that some may have damaged on the way, and some like home appliances and other electronic devices might not show as much at first.

Inspect your possessions and turn on your devices. That is a good way to be assured everything is in order.

Assemble the most important

If you have time, you should work on making fully operational three main rooms in your house: 1. Bathroom; 2.Kitchen; 3.Bedroom.

Definitely an important room

The bathroom is essential for obvious reasons, and it is fairly expected that you will have basic things like sinks and toilets already present. However, showers, bathtubs and the rest might require assembly, and of course, some esthetic changes.

The bedroom is a necessity on the first day already. Or, the bed is, at least.

The kitchen is also up there with the most necessity rooms to have fully operational. While you can always order food, making it in your own home just makes it more of a home, really.

A toast

And finally, you just (most likely but not necessarily) finished moving to New York! If this is not a cause for celebration, few things truly are.

Toast yourself, you deserve it!

Call your new neighbors or friends for food or drinks in a few days. For now, this is your first day, and it is yours alone. Have a small company. Call a friend or too or celebrate with family. It is your success, and no reason exists not to give yourself a reward!

In conclusion

There are a lot of things to do on the first day in your new home, but don’t let that scare you. These tasks are not complicated, and in some cases, not crucial. Nothing terrible is going to happen if you don’t do it on the first day. Do it on the second, or a day after!

What we are trying to say is that there is no more room for stress and pressure. If you feel like you need to slow down after a turbulent week – do so. These are not missions, but pieces of advice on how to make your house feel like home as soon as possible. But this is only advice, not some kind of rules. Everyone is different, and everybody has slightly different moving experiences and post-moving priorities. Be aware and mindful of yours, and do pat yourself on the back! You deserve it. You moved!


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