What to do with kids and pets on moving day

Moving from one place to the other can, in some cases, be quite challenging. People who relocate with their families and their four-legged friends are those who’ll need to prepare for their move the best they can. If you are one of those people, then you’ll want to stick to our blog and follow the tips that we’re going to write. Keep reading and you’ll learn what to do with your kids and pets on moving day. Trust us, with our help, you’ll relocate as smooth as possible!

Consider the timing of your move

In order to move successfully and with ease, everything needs to be planned and organized ahead of time. One of the first things you’ll want to do is choose the moving date. Since you’ll be moving with your kids, it’s necessary to go for the date that suits your whole family the most! If your schedule is flexible enough, it would be best to move during the summer. Even though this is the busy season for movers and you might need to rent storage Staten Island way ahead of time, the relocation will be easier for your kids.

A white clock.
Timing is crucial for every move and not just when moving with kids and pets.

Researches show that if you move with your kid during the summer, they adjust to the new surroundings easier than kids that have relocated in some other part of the year. This is because they’ll have more time to meet new people and make friendships before the start of a new school year. With friends by their side, they’ll adjust with ease! So, summer is the right time for the move with kids, but what about your pets?

If you decide to move during the hot months, you’ll want to do everything in order to help them survive the heat on a moving day. Place them in the shade, make sure they have enough water, and pet them often. Also, you can ask your friends to bring your pet to their home until the big move is over.

Research your new area ahead of time

Okay, this is not exactly the tip on what to do with kids and pets on moving day, but it will help you relocate with them easier. When moving in this number, you’ll want to research your new area as much as possible! For example, if you’re moving to Staten Island, use your laptop to find pet-friendly places, best schools, and parks that’ll be great for your whole family! Of course, as soon as you move, you’ll be able to explore your new neighborhoods more thoroughly, but this will give you a good heads-up!

Prepare your kids for the moving day

Apart from learning all of the useful packing tips for busy moms and preparing yourself for the move, you’ll want to prepare your kids too. Find the time to talk to your kids and explain to them what will be going on during the move. If your kids are feeling bad, help them overcome their fears and let them know that there are many positive things about your upcoming relocation.

A mom and daughter looking at a laptop
Try explaining to your kids there are many benefits of relocating to the new neighborhood.

If you are moving with teenagers or young adults, then you should sit together and plan their role during the move. Your older kids can help you label boxes, sort some things, or spend time with your pets. In addition to this, if they have younger siblings, they can take care of them. This way, with their help, you’ll be able to focus more on your relocation.

Strategies to take into consideration when moving with kids and pets

So, these were more tips on how to prepare for the move. Now, let’s find out what are the best things you can do with your kids and pets on moving day. These strategies will help you have an easy and stress-free move!

Help your kids have fun during the relocation

It’s no secret that kids find relocations boring. If you want to help them survive the boredom during the move, you should come up with some interesting activities! There are so many ways of entertaining your kids! Older ones can help you during the move while the youngest will want to play. In case you are moving with a toddler or a newborn, you might want to keep them out of your home until the move is over. If it’s possible, ask your family members or your best friend to take care of them while you deal with your relocation. There’s no need for exposing such small kid to dust and noise.

And what about those games? Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Give your kids the boxes you won’t use during the move. They can use cardboard to create a maze or even a castle! If you have a cat, we’re sure it will get comfy in one of those boxes.
  • Let your kids draw on your moving boxes and label them with their own drawings.
  • Play hide and seek before your movers arrive.┬áHaving a house filled with moving boxes is a great place for the hiding game. Your kids are going to love it!

    Playing outside is only one of the fun activities for your kids and pets on moving day.
    If your child is old enough, they can take care of pets during the big move.

Make your pets feel comfortable

So, how can you help your pet feel comfortable during the move? Well, it’s quite simple actually. After hiring reliable local movers, you’ll have a couple of options. First, you can ask some of your closets loved ones whether they can keep an eye on your kids and pets on moving day. Next, you can get a pet-sitter, which is also a great option. And finally, you can create a cozy surrounding for your pet in your home. Since movers will be all-around your home, you should place your pet in the room that’s already empty. Bring in this room their bed, favorite toys and give them lots of water and food. Check on them regularly and everything will be fine. With these tips, your relocation will be as simple as 1-2-3!

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