What to pack last on moving day

Moving is complicated. Would you expect anything less from an event that involved packing your whole life up and relocating it somewhere else? With that complexity comes a lot of stress and chaos. That’s why knowing what to pack and when to pack it is so important. This, of course, includes knowing what to pack last on moving day as well. To help you understand this specific of the moving process, we’ve compiled this guide. After reading it, you should be ready to prepare for the moving day packing like a pro. So, read on and soon you will be ready to take this task head-on.

Why you should avoid packing on moving day

Before we dive into what to pack last on moving day, we must first talk about another important point. That is, why you should avoid packing on a moving day at all. As industry professionals like interstate movers New York could tell you, the moving day is a very bad time to pack anything. With all the paperwork you will need to handle and important things to keep in mind, packing on the moving day itself will only create more chaos for you. After all, it would only increase the chances of you forgetting something important if you have an item more to think about.

A man checking his watch
When thinking about what to pack last on moving day, think about how you can avoid packing on a moving day completely.

With this chaos, your moving stress will multiply. So it would be best to pack at least a day before your move. Even more to the point, professional movers will advise you to leave six to eight weeks for moving preparations! This, of course, doesn’t apply if you chose to have your movers pack you. Seasoned movers will be able to do this quite easily. After all, it would be just another day on the job for them. Also, they will have far less to think and stress about than you.

What not to pack last on moving day

Before we take a look at what you can pack last on moving day, we should quickly go over some items you really shouldn’t leave for packing last. As fine art movers New York might advise you, packing your valuable art or collectibles is something you definitely want to do before the moving day. The reason is simple – with all the rush of the moving day, packing anything of great value puts it in danger of being packed badly. This can lead to damages which is something you certainly want to avoid.

a mirror
Packing fragile items can be risky and dangerous so it’s best done before the moving day.

The same tip applies for packing all kinds of fragile items, valuable or not. Having to pack glassware, for example, in a rush can be dangerous to both you and your items. You could easily break one of those items while trying to pack them quickly. This will have the added effect of creating a cutting risk for yourself. Simply put, sometimes it’s better to have at least some of your items prepared calmly and slowly than leaving them to pack on moving day.

So, what should you pack last on moving day?

With all of the above mentioned, sometimes you simply can’t avoid having to pack on moving day. After all, you might be dealing with a last-minute move and you may not have had the luxury of planning well in advance. On the other hand, maybe you had other obligations or just put it off for a long time. We won’t judge. Whatever it is, you will want to know what to pack last on moving day, and below we will take a look at just that.

Everyday items

One of the things you simply will have to pack last on moving day are the items you will be using right up to the move itself. In this category, we have items like personal hygiene and toiletries. After all, just because you have a move on your hands doesn’t mean your life will stop. Therefore, items that you use daily will be the same items you will be using on a moving day. Deodorants, cosmetics and body products like these will inevitably be one of the items to pack last on moving day.

pack last on moving day - a woman's bag
Items you use daily are best left for packing last as you will need them on a moving day too.

However, do make sure you only leave the essentials for packing last. As important as they might be to you, your personal rituals can be skipped on moving day. After all, it will be a small price to pay for staying organized and in control of the moving process. So if your morning routine involves making a nice espresso in a machine, maybe skip that on a moving day. Takeaway coffee will serve you just as fine and you will have time to clean the appliance and get it ready for relocation.

A change of clothes

When we talk about leaving a change of clothes to pack last on moving day, we don’t mean leaving to pick out an outfit for the moving day itself. Ideally, you will want your wardrobe packed up well before the move. Instead, you should leave a few outfits out to match the weather. Especially if you are moving during a changing weather season, like spring or autumn. This way you will be prepared for a sudden change in the weather. Not only that but you will have a spare change of clothes in case something happens to your moving day outfit during the relocation preparations.

First aid kit

Another thing you can pack last on moving day is a first aid kit. Having items like plasters, a disinfectant or even bandages at hand will be really useful. After all small accidents can happen on the moving day. Instead of having to go through your boxes with a cut, having a first aid kit out will help you be on top of any such misfortunate event.

Deciding what to pack last on moving day

There you have it. Having read through our guide you should be ready to decide what you will want to pack last on moving day. Since every move is specific, we had to keep things general. However, we are confident that reading through this you got the right idea on what to pack last for a relocation. We wish you good luck with your move and that you enjoy your new home!

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